Expert Mode

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Expert Mode

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To modify a profile either use Modify button on the toolbar in the main window. Spend time getting to know what options are available under the many pages in the Profile Setup window.




SyncBackPro provides two modes to view and change your Profiles: Easy and Expert. Easy mode presents far fewer options to modify your Profile making the choices you make less complex than in Expert mode. To access the Expert mode, when modifying a profile, you'll need to select the 'Expert' mode item located in the Burger Menu burger


Which settings are listed depends on the profile type. For example, a profile that performs a backup to the cloud will not show options for backup of email, FTP, etc.



Burger Menu burger


The Burger menu allows you to:


Select Easy or Expert mode

Save profile settings as a default profile

Copy profile settings from an existing profile

Load defaults

Revert to factory settings


Expert Options


The left hand Options List contains a range of settings and choices that provide a great deal of flexibility in the way you can perform and control tasks, many of which are not available in the default Easy Mode.


Spend time getting to know what options are available.



Expert Mode


Simple, Performance


Simple, History


Media Transfer Protocol






Compression, Encryption


Compression, Advanced


Compression, NTFS


Compression, Compressed




Intelligent Synchronization


Decisions - Files


Decisions, Folders




FTP, Advanced


FTP, Proxy


FTP, Firewall




Cloud, Advanced


Cloud, Proxy


Backup Email


Backup Email, Proxy


SyncBack Touch




Network, Advanced


When, Hot-key


When, Login/Logout


When, Changes


When, Insert


When, Periodically


When, Time Limit


When, Program


When, Touch




Copy/Delete, Folders


Copy/Delete, Advanced


Copy/Delete, Locked


Copy/Delete, Network


Copy/Delete, Warning




Versioning, Delta


Integrity Check


Compare Options


Compare Options, File Size


Compare Options, Date & Time


Compare Options, Attributes


Compare Options, Security




Log, Pushover


Log, Proxy


Log, Advanced


Log, Email Log




Misc., Media


Misc., Speech


Programs Before


Programs, After










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