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Define what programs will close before running a profile by entering the contents of their title bar.


This profile settings page can use and create shared settings.


Although SyncBackPro can copy locked files (under the correct circumstances) it sometimes cannot copy files that are being used by other programs. For example, you cannot copy a Word document while it is being edited in Microsoft Word and the file is on a network drive. One option available is to automatically close those programs so SyncBackPro can copy the files being used. These settings allow you to choose which programs to automatically close before the profile is run.


To add a program to the list, click the Add button. You are then prompted to enter the words that appear in the application title bar of the program you want closed, or select one from the drop-down list. For example, if you want to close Microsoft Word then type Microsoft Word. An important point to remember is that it is case sensitive. For example, if you use microsoft word then it would fail. You only need to enter a fragment, i.e. you do not need to type in the exact title but just a portion of it. To be sure the setting is correct try running the program you wish to close then click the Test button.


To remove entries from the list, click on them and click the Remove button.


Before a profile is run, SyncBackPro will try and close all the programs with those words in their title bar. If you are using Microsoft Word at the time then Word will prompt you to save the document before it closes. However, some programs may not prompt you and refuse to close, or you may want them closed even if they prompt. In this case you must tick the Forcibly close programs that will not close gracefully option. If this option is enabled then SyncBackPro will forcibly close those programs if they don't close gracefully.



Note that this will very probably result in you losing data, so this option should not be used without careful consideration.


Due to security changes introduced with Windows Vista, auto-close will not work with scheduled profiles (unless they are set to run only if the user is logged on). This is because processes that are run via the scheduler are run in a different session and have no access to the desktop processes.



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