Compare Options, File Size

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Compare Options, File Size

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Note that SyncBackPro has no limitation in regards to the size of files. However, some file systems, e.g. FAT32, do have limits on the size of files.


Do not replace non-empty files with empty files: If ticked then non-empty files are not overwritten (replaced) by empty files (files with a size of zero). This option is not available if the Ignore file size changes option is enabled.


Ignore file size changes (not recommended): You can tell SyncBackPro to completely ignore any differences in file sizes. Ignoring the file size has no impact on performance except in some circumstances when using FTP servers. Note that this option is not available if your profile is an Intelligent Synchronization profile.


Ignore files less than… and ignore files more than...: To ignore files of a certain size, or within a size range, set these options as appropriate. A value of zero is ignored, e.g. you cannot ignore all files over zero bytes in size. Note that the size applies to both files (left/source and right/destination) if they both exist. For example: you want to ignore files less than 10 bytes in size. If there is a source file of 9 bytes and a destination file of 11 bytes then it will not be ignored (as the destination file is over 10 bytes in size). If there is a source file of 9 bytes and a destination file of 9 bytes then it will be ignored. If there is only a source or only destination file then only it must match the size requirements.



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