When, Hot-key

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When, Hot-key

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Run the profile when this hot-key is pressed: To run the profile when a certain key combination is pressed, click this edit box and press the hot-keys you want to assign. For example, if you want to run the profile whenever you press Ctrl-Shift-P, then press those keys. Now whenever you press Ctrl-Shift-P, no matter what application you are using, and even if SyncBackPro is minimized, the profile will be run. Please note that SyncBackPro must be running for hot-keys to function (you may want to configure SyncBackPro to start automatically when you login to Windows). To remove a hot-key, click the hot-key edit box and press the Backspace key. If you try to use a hot-key that is already being used (either by another profile or as a hot-key in another application) then the hot-key will be set to None.


Run unattended, i.e. do not prompt me: If a profile is run via the hot-key, by default it is run attended, i.e. dialog box and prompts related to the profile will be displayed when required. If this option is ticked then the profile will be run silently without any prompting. Note that if this is a group profile then all the profiles in the group will be run attended or unattended, i.e. for a group this setting overrides the profiles setting.



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