When, Login/Logout

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When, Login/Logout

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Expert Mode: When, Login/Logout Settings


When | Login/Logout


Run this profile on Windows shutdown/logoff: If this option is enabled, the profile will run when you shutdown, restart, or logoff from Windows. Please note that when using Windows XP, or 2003, then SyncBack cannot differentiate between a shutdown and a restart (there is no problem with logoff). So after the profile has run, the computer will shutdown even if you selected to restart, which is the default. This is due to a limitation in the way Windows informs applications of a Windows shutdown. You can change this via the Global Options settings. This is not an issue with Windows Vista or newer versions of Windows. If you wish to be prompted before profiles are run on shutdown, restart, or logoff from Windows, then there is a Global Options setting to enable this. Also, by default, SyncBack will warn you there are profiles set to run on shutdown/logoff when you exit SyncBack. This is because SyncBack must be running at the time of logoff or shutdown for the profiles to be run.



Starting with Windows Vista, Microsoft introduced many restrictions on how programs can react to and handle the shutdown or restart of a computer. Due to these restrictions Run Before and Run After programs will silently fail and not even start if the profile is set to run on shutdown/logoff and the computer is shutdown or restarted (the programs will still be run as per normal if its a logoff).


Also, on Windows Vista and newer, if the profiles that are run on shutdown/logoff take more than a few minutes then Windows will abort the shutdown/logoff.


On shutdown/logoff run unattended, i.e. do not prompt me: If this option is ticked then the profile will be run silently with any prompting. Note that if this is a group profile then all the profiles in the group will be run attended or unattended, i.e. for a group this setting overrides the profiles setting. By default it is run attended for pre-Vista versions of Windows and unattended for Vista and newer. Due to changes introduced in Windows Vista, a profile set to run on shutdown/logoff must be run unattended.


Run this profile when I login to Windows: On Windows Vista and later a special entry is created in the Windows Task Scheduler (this avoids receiving UAC elevation prompts). On Windows XP, or 2003, a shortcut to SyncBack is created in the Windows Startup folder so when you login the profile will be run. Note that a profile set to run on login will be run unattended. Due to the nature of this setting it cannot be set to be on by default. However, unlike in earlier versions of SyncBack this setting can now be exported/imported and copied to another profile.



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