When, Insert

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When, Insert

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A profile can be configured to run whenever an external device is attached, e.g. a USB key is inserted. If Windows is assigning a random drive letter to the device when inserted please use the %LABEL% or %SERIAL% Variables. If you use these options you may want to configure SyncBack to start automatically when you login to Windows.


Run this profile when…: This set of options enables this profile to be automatically run whenever an external device is connected or USB memory key, etc. is attached to your computer. You can configure it to be broad, e.g. any device into any drive, or very specific, e.g. a drive with a specific label, serial number, and with a certain drive letter. You can use Windows environment variables in the label and serial settings, but you cannot use user defined profile variables. Note that there important differences between volume serial numbers and hardware serial numbers. See the HWSERIAL description in the Variables section for more details.


Run unattended, i.e. do not prompt me: If a profile is run via a device insert, by default it is run attended, i.e. dialog box and prompts related to the profile will be displayed when required. If this option is ticked then the profile will be run silently without any prompting. Note that if this is a group profile then all the profiles in the group will be run attended or unattended, i.e. for a group this setting overrides the profiles setting.



You can use wild cards for the label and serial numbers. For example, you can set the label to MyDisk* and then any disk inserted with a label that starts with MyDisk will start the profile. Also, the labels and serials are compared without case sensitivity.



When mounting a Bitlocker drive or image, then a notification is sent to SyncBackPro twice: once when it is mounted/attached but no password has yet been supplied (so it cannot be accessed) and again once the correct password has been supplied. In the first call, the drive has no volume label or serial. Therefore, if you are watching for a Bitlocker drive/image to be mounted/attached, then it is recommended that you set the correct serial and/or label on this settings page.



Finding Problems


While on this settings page, if any drives are inserted or attached then a window will appear at the bottom of the settings page with details. This lets you check to make sure a drive can be detected correctly when it is attached or inserted.



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