When, Periodically

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When, Periodically

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Running profiles in the background is similar to running profiles via the Windows Task Scheduler, except SyncBackPro must be running for background profiles to run. Also background profiles usually run much more frequently than scheduled tasks, e. g. every 30 minutes. If you use these options you may want to configure SyncBackPro to start automatically when you login to Windows.


For example, you could create and configure a profile to run in the background every 30 minutes that makes a backup of the documents you are working on. This helps ensure that you lose the least amount of work possible if, for example, there was a power cut. For more details see the Automating SyncBackPro section.


Run this profile every...: This is the interval at which the profile will be run, e. g. every 30 minutes.


Only run the profile if the computer has been idle for at least...: If enabled then this specifies the amount of idle time must have passed before the profile is run. Idle time is the amount of time that the keyboard, mouse and any other input device has not been used. For example, you can specify that the profile is run every 30 minutes but only once the computer has been idle for 10 seconds. That would mean that even if it has been 30 minutes since the profile was last run it will not run until the computer has also been idle for at least 10 seconds. This setting is useful to make sure profiles are not run while you are using the computer.


Run interactively, i.e. prompt me if required: If a profile is in the background by default it is run unattended, i.e. dialog box and prompts related to the profile will not be displayed. If this option is ticked then you will be prompted as and when required. Note that if this is a group profile then all the profiles in the group will be run attended or unattended, i.e. for a group this setting overrides the profiles setting.


Warn me when exiting SyncBackPro...: If this option is enabled, and you exit SyncBackPro while a background profile is waiting to run, then you will be prompted as a reminder.


Queue Profile: If this option is enabled, the profile will not be executed immediately and will instead be added to the queue.


Only run the profile between these times: If this option is enabled then the profile will only be run between the times you specify, e.g. you may only want it to run in the early morning.


Only run the profile on these days: If this option is enabled then the profile will only be run on the days of the week you select, e.g. you may only want it to run on weekdays (Monday to Friday).


It can be difficult, or impossible, to calculate when a profile will next run based on the settings used. In such cases the main window will not be able to state when the profile will next run.




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