When, Time Limit

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When, Time Limit


In some cases, you may want to limit the amount of time a profile can run for. There are some important point to keep in mind when using this feature:


The time limit setting is ignored for simulated runs and when the profile is run in restore mode.


It cannot be guaranteed that the profile will be terminated within the time limit. For example, if the user is being prompted (e.g. the Differences window is being displayed) then the profile is only terminated after the window is closed. Also, during some situations the profile cannot be terminated, e.g. if there are network issues.


The time limit includes any paused time. For example, if the profile is run as part of a group (run sequentially, which is the default) then the profile is started paused and only continues once the previous profile in the order has finished.


If a profile is stopped because it has reached its time limit, and is run as part of a group (run sequentially), then all the other profiles in the group will also be stopped (which is the same as if the profile had been stopped manually).


When a profile is part of a group then the earliest time limit is used. For example, if a profile has a time limit of 20 minutes, but the group it is in (and being run as a part of) has a time limit of 10 minutes, then the profile has a time limit of 10 minutes and not 20 minutes. This makes sense because the profile is being run as part of a group, and the group has a time limit, so the group itself will be terminated before the profile will be.


Stop the profile if it runs for more than...: If enabled, this is the maximum amount of time that the profile can run for.




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