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This page is for miscellaneous settings that don't fit into other categories.


Priority: These are the priorities used when running this profile. You can define the priority used when run manually, and also when run automatically. A profile with a higher priority will run faster than a profile with a lower priority, if both the profiles are run at the same time. There are seven levels of priority from Idle (the slowest) to TimeCritical (the fastest). It is not recommended that you use TimeCritical as it may cause your entire computer to slow down or lock up. If you want a profile to use the least amount of CPU time, then select Lowest. If Idle is used the profile may never be run. Note that the -priority command line parameter will override this setting.


Flush all open files before running profile: If enabled then all changes to files that are still in the cache are written to disk. This will add a few seconds to the time taken to run a profile.


Stop Windows from sleeping while this profile is running: In some situations you may not want Windows to sleep while a profile is running. If so, enable this option. Note that this option does not stop a user from putting Windows to sleep. It only stops it sleeping due to the power saving settings in Windows.


Pause for…: In some cases you need to give Windows time to reinitialize network connections and devices (or spin-up CD's) once it comes out of hibernate or standby. This option lets you have the profile pause for a number of seconds before the profile starts running. The pause will be ignored if the profile is set to run on shutdown/logoff and is run at that time (otherwise it would delay Windows shutdown). You can achieve something similar by using the command line parameter -countdown


Password protect this profile from modification or deletion: To protect the profile from modification or deletion enter a password here. If a password is entered then whenever any attempt is made to modify or delete the profile then the user will be prompted for the password. Note that if a password protected profile is using shared settings then you must take note that those shared settings could be changed via an unprotected profile. Important: It is your responsibility to remember the password.



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