Compression, Compressed

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Compression, Compressed

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To increase compression performance SyncBackPro can be configured not to waste time trying to compress already compressed files, e.g. MP3's, JPG images, etc. Instead of compressing files of these types it will instead store them (without compression) in the Zip file. Note that they are still stored in a Zip file but are not compressed within the Zip file.


This profile settings page can use and create shared settings.


To add a file type (not to be compressed, but just stored) click the Add button. You can then enter the file type, e.g. JPG. There is no need to prefix it with a period (.) as it will be added automatically.


To remove a file type, select it in the window then click the Remove button. While selecting, you can use the SHIFT and CTRL keys to make multiple selections.




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