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Using this window you can specify which Runtime scripts will be used with the profile, and also if the destination/right files are managed by a location script. You must first install the script.


Destination/right files are managed by the following script: If the destination/right should be managed by a location script then tick this checkbox and then select the location script.


Scripts that should be used when this profile is run (and in the order specified): Tick the runtime scripts you wish to use when the profile is run. You can define the sort order by clicking on a script then using the up and down buttons to move it.



The order in which the scripts are set to run is important. This is because, in some cases, only one script can perform an action. For example, if you have a runtime script that renames a file then obviously a file can only be renamed once. This means the first script to rename a file is the one that will rename it. Any following scripts cannot rename the file.



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