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In some situations you may want to record some free-format notes about a profile, e.g. what the profile does, what needs to be done before the profile is used, etc. This settings page lets you enter those notes and optionally have them displayed when the profile is imported. Note that the notes are rich-text, which means you could copy & paste the notes from Microsoft Word, for example, and it will retain the font styles, sizes, colors, etc. Images cannot be used. The Notes feature is not intended to be a full blown text editor and is intended for entering a few simple notes.


Show these notes when this profile is imported or copied: If this checkbox is ticked, and the profile is exported and imported into another installation of SyncBack, then this note is displayed. The note will also be displayed if the profile is copied and also if the mouse cursor is over the profiles name in the main window. This is useful when distributing profiles and you want to tell the user what the profile does or if they need to change something before using it, for example. Note that if a profile is imported in unattended mode then the note is not displayed.




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