When, Touch

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When, Touch

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This settings page is only for groups. To run a profile when a device running SyncBack Touch is found see the SyncBack Touch settings page.


Run this profile when SyncBack Touch starts on the device: If enabled then the group profile will be run automatically if the device running SyncBack Touch is found on the local network. SyncBack will send out a UDP broadcast on port 24671 every 3 seconds, so if this UDP port is being blocked by a firewall then it won't be possible to find the devices. If a Touch device reconnects to the same network within 30 minutes then the profile will not be automatically run again.


Run unattended, i.e. do not prompt me: If you want the profile to run unattended when the device is detected then enable this checkbox.


For details on firewalls and networks, refer to the SyncBack Touch settings page.




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