2BrightSparks Freeware History of Changes

Our software has undergone extensive development and user testing since its inception. This page shows bug fixes and feature improvements that have been made since the official release dates.

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SyncBackFree V8.3.6.0 (25th September 2017)

Fixed: Minor user interface fixes

SyncBackFree V8.2.18.0 (22nd August 2017)

Fixed: DST time conversion
Fixed: Try to fix SQL error 5 for the selections DB by enabling shared caching and WAL
Fixed: Threaded copy sometimes got stuck

SyncBackFree V8.2.11.0 (11th July 2017)

Fixed: The notification platform is unavailable error (which caused schedules to fail to run)
Fixed: On profile configuration if you edit an existing schedule and cancel it then schedule was deleted
Updated: Fewer installer prompts when updating or upgrading

SyncBackFree V8.2.8.0 (7th July 2017)

New: Optional Windows Notifications for profiles starting and finishing
New: On group config window can filter to show only profiles not already in a group
Fixed: Missing DLL's for Gmail authentication
Updated: When a profile is set to force file dates and times to be correct then it will be as accurate as Windows allows
Updated: Czech translations
Updated: French translations

SyncBackFree V8.1.1.0 (12th June 2017)

New: Start the task only if the computer is on AC power option added to scheduler
New: Proxy server support for email
Updated: Korean translation
Updated: Simplified Chinese translation
Fixed: Uninstall bug (multiple prompts and access violation)
Fixed: Other minor fixes and updates to help file

SyncBackFree V8.0.1.0 (1st June 2017)

New: Ransomware Detection
New: Can specify to abort profile run if too many files are going to be updated
New: Gmail OAUTH2 email authentication
New: Central cloud OAUTH credential storage
New: Can choose to delete unticked folders from destination (or source) when profile next run

SyncBackFree V7.6.74.0 (15th May 2017)

Updated: If too many log files for pop-up menu (>=30) then a pop-up window is displayed so can choose log to display

SyncBackFree V7.6.64.0 (27th March 2017)

Updated: Update check is now every 30 days instead of every 15 days

SyncBackFree V7.6.50.0 (16th January 2017)

New: Greek translations by Kostas Basileioy
Fixed: Help window was not automatically closed when new SyncBack window closed or opened
Updated: Uses less resources when file icons shown in Differences window

SyncBackFree V7.6.45.0 (8th November 2016)

Updated: Windows XP is no longer officially supported
Updated: When using screen reader the auto-collapse option in profile config window is not enabled
Updated: Warning text in profile config window now a tab stop to help with screen readers
Updated: New pop-up menu and shortcut keys to select source (Ctrl-F2) and destination (Ctrl-F3) versions from Differences window
Fixed: On Vista and newer, if profile was set to run on logout, shutdown or restart, and it was Windows shutdown aborted, then SyncBack did not close properly
Fixed: French help file may not display
Fixed: The attributes and dates are now from the target file when compressing symbolic link files

SyncBackFree V7.6.36.0 (3rd October 2016)

New: -debugon and -debugoff command line parameters
Updated: If a directories attributes are set to be copied, and it is NTFS compressed, then destination folder will be NTFS compressed if created
Updated: The variables SYNCBACKFOLDER and SYNCBACKBACKUPFOLDER have different values if SyncBack run from an external drive
Updated: Uninstaller now gives option to keep profiles and settings
Fixed: In some cases the date and time of a file may be set incorrectly
Fixed: Detection of renames is now correctly disabled in some cases, e.g. when using compression
Fixed: Could wrongly delete shared settings that are being used
Fixed: Improved help integration so Ctrl-F now works when help file being displayed

SyncBackFree V7.6.28.0 (4th August 2016)

New: In file and folder selection window can now open selected folder in File Explorer via pop-up menu
New: In file and folder selection window there are new main menu options to ignore or include all new files and folders
Fixed: Windows 10 task scheduler error: The requested operation requires elevation (0x800702E4)
Fixed: Visual issues related to high DPI
Fixed: Search in profile configuration
Fixed: GROUPNAME and VISUALGROUPNAME variables were not set to an empty string if not run as part of a group
Fixed: CRITICALERROR variable now set in Run After
Fixed: The File and Folder Selection tree was not using the display filters
Updated: The main menu option to only show groups and profiles not in group is now enabled by default

SyncBackFree V7.6.18.0 (7th July 2016)

Fixed: Visual issues related to high DPI

SyncBackFree V7.6.14.0 (28th June 2016)

New: Romanian translation by Cătălin Truţă
New: Korean translation by Jongun Ha
Updated: Cleaned up start menu on older versions of Windows so URL links no longer listed
Updated: Installer no longer gives option to visit Twitter page
Updated: Link to 2BrightSparks Facebook page from Help menu
Updated: Improved performance when a directory cannot be scanned
Fixed: Profiles getting variables from actual parent when manually run as part of a group within a group

SyncBackFree V7.6.8.0 (27th April 2016)

Updated: If an empty group is imported an error message is now displayed

SyncBackFree V7.6.4.0 (15th March 2016)

New: SyncBackFree users can now optionally enable Runtime Intelligence (disabled by default)
New: If a profiles settings cannot be loaded, and it is in a group, then the display will show this
Fixed: Corrupt message shown before actual note when copying a profile that has profile notes and is configured to show notes when copied
Fixed: File and folder selection problem with files wrapped in quotes
Fixed: In some situations a local files date and time was displayed one hour off
Fixed: Stop constant update checks when it repeatedly fails to check for an update
Updated: Differences window updated so Action column clearer if version is being restored
Updated: New code signing certificate
Updated: Profiles are not automatically removed from groups if they are corrupted (or the settings file is locked)

SyncBackFree V7.5.19.0 (18th January 2016)

Fixed: Rare crash related to inter process communication
Fixed: Skipping files in root of base folder if base folder is a junction point and file and folder selections have been made
Updated: Base folder not deleted if option to automatically create them is not enabled
Updated: All executables are now dual signed (SHA-1 and SHA-256)

SyncBackFree V7.5.5.0 (November 2015)

Updated: The mirror profile type images changed to make them different from backup image
Updated: Technical Support wizard zip file now also includes debug output for new profiles

SyncBackFree V7.4.0.0 (October 2015)

Fixed: Leading and trailing space characters were being trimmed off when saving passwords and the standard settings encryption was being used
Fixed: Custom colours loaded and saved when setting profile background colour in main window
Fixed: Installer was putting debug.ini into wrong folder
Fixed: SQLite3 Error 21 - library routine called out of sequence.
Fixed: File and folder exclusions from Differences window not saved correctly
Fixed: Partial selection not shown for all parent folders in file and folder selections windows when a folder untick
Fixed: Selections may fail to be used if case does not match
Fixed: File and folder selections may not have been converted correctly, will now reconvert
Fixed: Windows 10 does not allow a schedule to be created with the Do not store password option unless process running as administrator
Updated: Reduced program start-up time when there are many profiles
Updated: Profile settings conversions now protected by mutex to stop multiple SyncBack processes converting profiles at the same time
Updated: If there are profiles in same folder as SyncBack and cannot be used because of access rights then user prompted to export them

SyncBackFree V7.3.10.0 (September 2015)

Fixed: File and folder selections were not always being used or saved correctly
Fixed: Some installer command line parameters were not used if already installed

SyncBackFree V7.3.8.0 (September 2015)

New: Can now create tech support Zip file with main debug logs from previous run
New: File and folder selections speed greatly improved as now using a database instead of INI file
New: Forward and backward navigate mouse buttons now supported in some windows
Fixed: When submitting support ticket it now checks if there is an email client
Fixed: Used wrong modification date and time when restoring from Touch where files were compressed
Fixed: Installer was not using UpdCheckDays command line parameter
Updated: Various help file updates
Updated: Calculate hash values for comparison now quicker

SyncBackFree V7.3.4.0 (August 2015)

Updated: Disabled option to delete all empty folder with cloud services
Updated: Help file section added about environment variables and elevation
Updated: The default command line when importing profiles by double-clicking them now makes it interactive instead of silent
Updated: Latest SSL libraries

SyncBackFree V7.3.3.6 (July 2015)

Fixed: Sometimes cannot create schedules in Windows 10

SyncBackFree V7.3.3.3 (July 2015)

Fixed: Access violation when scanning drive
Updated: Help file

SyncBackFree V7.3.3.0 (July 2015)

Fixed: FTP help file page was missing text
Fixed: Decision on what to do if files same was not being used unless hashing comparison was also enabled
Fixed: Being able to go Back on restore wizard when nothing to go back to
Fixed: Renaming a profile may not always update the schedule
Fixed: Using a key file for encryption of the settings
Fixed: Memory leak when selecting files and folders in profile configuration
Updated: If an absolute path is entered into filters then it is left unchanged
Updated: When scheduling a profile that uses mapped drives by default the schedule is set to use a password
Updated: Performance improvements when FTP server does not support SIZE command
Updated: Choosing a version in Differences window now displays a pop-up window to choose version
Updated: Getting and setting file and folder security improved to reduce chance of access denied error
Updated: Main page of log file will show username used for UNC connection if connecting as default user
Updated: Non-critical error recorded if NTFS security cannot be retrieved for a file or folder
Updated: Can use wildcards for When->Insert settings
Updated: Will detect if copying compressed versions and will rename the uncompressed version so it is valid
Updated: Default is now to automatically check for updates instead of prompting on second run
Updated: Will not prompt user about visiting online tutorials when first run
Updated: Will not prompt user for location of other SyncBack if it cannot be found when first run
Updated: When making Windows network connection will check if can scan files to see if already connected

SyncBackFree V7.3.2.9 (June 2015)

New: Log now shows total number of files in both source and destination
Fixed: When deleting some shared settings it was switching off the option, e.g. deleting FTP shared setting would switch off FTP
Fixed: Mistake in Swedish translation that could cause problem when modifying a profile
Updated: "Failed to scan files" critical error now says which location the failure was with
Updated: Rollback has been improved on the Differences window
Updated: Italian translations

SyncBackFree V7.3.1.29 (May 2015)

Fixed: Was trying to set file creation date and time on FTP servers that do not support MFCT
Fixed: Some buttons had corrupted graphics for some users
Fixed: When->Insert settings now shown correctly (were saved and used correctly)
Fixed: If SyncBack minimized to tray and run another instance then tray instance was not automatically appearing
Fixed: WARNINGSTOTAL variable value was not always correct
Updated: When a profile is imported a check is made to make sure the shared settings used exist
Updated: The update check default is now every 15 days instead of 30 days
Updated: Improved FTP performance when using safe copy
Updated: Restore Wizard now has a Back button
Updated: "Warning: the schedule is set to run as a different user" now not shown if scheduler just reporting username without computer name
Updated: Help file

SyncBackFree V7.3.1.12 (April 2015)

Updated: Can copy multiple profiles in one step
Updated: Improvement in program startup time
Fixed: Progress was not showing correctly if copying over 2TB

SyncBackFree V7.3.0.5 (March 2015)

Fixed: Expansion of Windows environment variables

SyncBackFree V7.0.32.0 (January 2015)

Fixed: Some high DPI fixes
Fixed: No Install versions missing file for FTP
Fixed: Differences window not shown if only changes were new folders
Updated: Group log links and profile log links to parent group log are now relative links
Updated: Windows Environment variable expansion first uses the new method and then the older method
Updated: Dutch translations
Updated: Options for the encryption method used for storing passwords in settings files

SyncBackFree V7.0.14.0 (November 2014)

Updated: Faster scanning when using file and folder selections
Updated: Windows network connections will not reconnect if already connected and no username supplied, will also not disconnect in this case
Updated: Log file will show username used to connect to Windows network
Updated: Saving the fast backup and smart sync results at end of profile run may not be faster for some

SyncBackFree V7.0.10.0 (November 2014)

Fixed: Was not showing Differences window when doing a Restore if only folders changed
Fixed: Directory decisions wrong on Restore with a Mirror profile
Fixed: Slow when configured to try and delete all empty directories
Fixed: Sometimes stuck on Closing Log when using text log files
Fixed: Error code 1 in scheduled task when profile scheduled
Updated: Faster at deleting empty directories
Updated: If no FTP username is provided then will not attempt to login to FTP server

SyncBackFree V7.0.5.0 (October 2014)

New: The FTP test function outputs more details and can copy result to clipboard, e.g. for tech support
New: Can test filters in the Filters windows
Fixed: Scan of FTP server may fail if it cannot get the date and time of a file
Fixed: If using FTP proxy and prompting for password then failed
Fixed: Sometimes skipping junction/mount points when should not
Fixed (Free): This feature is not supported in this version error message in log

SyncBackFree V7.0.1.0 (October 2014)

Fixed: Profile wizard window going to background when going to third page
Fixed: Sometimes fails to unzip level-1 LZMA compressed files
Fixed: Failed to import file and folder selections from very old versions of SyncBack freeware
Fixed: Recording Unknown Error when running a profile that is already running

SyncBackFree V7.0.0.46 (October 2014)

- Group profiles now have log files
- Support for Microsoft Exchange for sending and receiving email
- When->Insert profile settings page will show drive inserts and removes
- When using option to delete all empty folders it will now record deletion and failure to delete in log
- Can export differences from Differences window
- Can specify filters for what files to verify or not verify
- On Differences window can now choose to abort just that profile in group from Abort button
- On Differences window can now choose to skip Differences window in future from Copy button
- Pro: DiffWindows.vbs script
- Pro: PreCopyExample script
- 20% improvement in scan performance when using DOS filters (the default)
- Email Support Ticket menu item in Help menu. Auto-fills product and Windows version and searches online KB.
- Numerous items fixed when using high DPI display and scaling
- Resume on FTP upload/download if connection lost and start profile again. Also works with standard Windows file copy.
- Better checking to see if trying to close SyncBack with AutoClose. Also does not record a warning or error if trying to close self.
- Setup->Warning profile settings page
- Checkboxes for run before and after
- Option to not replace non-empty files with empty files
- Better chance of detecting if profile is already running in another process and session
- Search for profiles by their name and source and destination folders. Can use wildcards.
- Rollback feature on Differences window
- Can now select folders when doing backup of email
- Sparse files are copied correctly using Backup file copying method
- Option to use backup copy method when copying sparse files
- Can specify idle time for periodic background runs
- Can specify idle time for on changes runs
- OneDrive placeholder files are ignored (must be using Windows 8.1 or newer)
- Option to not use current username and password for Windows network connections
- Profile history column widths and hidden/not hidden state saved
- Finding files in Differences window
- Windows environment variables are now read from the current state instead of from when the process was started
- Uses profile run history to pre-allocate file and directory lists in memory and possibly use database immediately
- Use large cache option for faster network scanning
- Search online knowledge base (via Help main menu)
- Manifest updated for Windows 8.1 compatibility

SyncBackFree V6.5.49.0 (October 2014)

Fixed: The Microsoft Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit will no longer give a DEP mitigation warning

SyncBackFree V6.5.48.0 (September 2014)

Fixed: Left/Right arrow keys when moving profiles to and from a group
Fixed: Wrong button highlighted after changing profile type
Fixed: Using volume GUID in source or destination
Fixed: Was deleting base folder when set to delete folders if file moved or deleted from a folder
Fixed: If a profile was aborted because it was in a group that was aborted because a profile in it was already running then the abort reason is now set correctly

SyncBackFree V6.5.38.0 (June 2014)

Updated: The restore wizard option to "not delete destination only files" has been modified so it only changes the action to skip for files and folders if the original action was to delete
Updated: Xceed Zip DLL is no longer registered via installer or by SyncBack. Manifest file is relied on.
Updated: German translations
Fixed: Renaming or deleting a profile in a run queue would cause an error message when that profiles turn to run came

SyncBackFree V6.5.30.0 (February 2014)

Fixed: Scan failed (1): Incorrect function is caused by incompatible NAS drives. They are now detected automatically and alternate method is used.
Fixed: SyncBack would not start on login if a profile was also set to run on login.

SyncBackFree V6.5.22.0 (January 2014)

Updated: Application manifest updated to fix blurry text on high DPI displays
Fixed: Spurious FTP licensing errors when running multiple FTP profiles in parallel
Fixed: Open Source/Destination will now use supplied network credentials
Fixed: Items on File collision window may be drawn in wrong place in some situations
Fixed: Help window automatically closed when a window is opened or displayed (to stop help window locking-up)

HashOnClick V2.5.0.0 (January 2014)

New: Now checks to see if filename contains hash value
New: (licensed version only) Also calculates hash values of alternate data streams (Vista and newer only)

PatchOnClickV3.1.0.0 (January 2014)

Updated: V3 patch files can now be created using the 64-bit version

SyncBackFree V6.5.15.0 (November 2013)

New: Able to revert from a V7 installation (currently in beta)
Updated: Global settings option to prompt when running profiles on shutdown or restart is now not available on Vista and newer
Fixed: In some cases Open Right/Destination opened My Documents folder if actual folder did not exist
Fixed: 509 error when restoring from a single zip file and nothing was restored
Fixed: Greatly reduced CPU usage while idle and have hundreds of profiles
Fixed: File and folder selections when a filename was wrapped in single or double quotes
Fixed: Improved error handling when scanning file systems
Fixed: Directory attributes and creation date were not copied when moving a file due to a rename
Fixed: File icons sometimes do not appear on Windows XP in the Differences window
Fixed: Restored missing Abort and Help buttons on File Collision window
Fixed: Was not using Email Service settings if they were using encryption

SyncBackFree V6.5.4.0 (August 2013)

New: Option to tell Windows not cache/buffer a files contents in memory when copying it
Fixed: Was not expanding and selecting profiles when started
Fixed: May fail if FTP server disconnected during creation of large Zip file
Fixed: Groups were not run in reverse when supposed to, e.g. during restore
Fixed: Time shown for dates and times where time is exactly midnight
Updated: The FTP alternative file list parser can now also be used when using MLST
Updated: Open Right/Destination will also open optional full backup directory

SyncBackFree V6.4.3.8 (June 2013)

Updated: Profile schedule window on Vista and newer redesigned to reduce height
Updated: Help file
Fixed: If a profile run as part of a group and set to abort if too many files deleted then it did not abort group if run as part of group
Fixed: In rare cases, and only on Windows 8, if an HTML log file or other external program is run from SyncBack then it waited for external program to terminate before continuing
Fixed: Was not running profiles on logout when set to (bug introduced in V6.4.3.0)

SyncBackFree V6.4.3.0 (May 2013)

New: Run a profile without allowing changes (useful for Fast Backup profiles that use Versioning)
New: New "Run task as soon as possible after a scheduled start is missed" option in Vista and newer task scheduler
New: Restore wizard now also checks when a profile was last run successfully
New: Option to copy short filenames
New: Encryption on SMTP now supported as per SE and Pro
Updated: SyncBack now opens and reads the local files when sending via FTP instead of component
Updated: The file system properties list in the log file expanded to include more file system attributes
Updated: ReFS support
Fixed: Problem with Technical Support Wizard if profile name is sorted before *Program* entry
Fixed: Tray icon will reappear if Windows shell (explorer) is restarted
Fixed: Does not prompt twice in succession to remove blank password restriction
Fixed: For FTP if automatically switching to active mode from passive mode then active settings were not being used
Fixed: Looping forever in some file operations when file system lies, e.g. about having removed read only attribute
Fixed: FTP looping forever reconnecting when a non-data transfer command is sent
Fixed: Eject and Load of media was wrong for restore
Fixed: The details for a file or folder that is a symbolic link will be from the destination and not the symbolic link itself
Fixed: When creating FTP backup profile in wizard, and FTP settings tested, then an invalid Fast Backup profile is created

SyncBackFree V6.3.13.0 (February 2013)

Updated: Progress column is not visible by default
Updated: Will not run imported profiles that are Fast Backup or SmartSync profiles
Fixed: Sometimes get access violation when importing profiles

SyncBackFree V6.2.30.0 (December 2012)

New: Wake to run option when creating and editing schedules on Vista and newer
Fixed: Was not correctly modifying profiles to remove features not supported
Fixed: Watch Programs settings corrupted if profile edited, could cause high CPU usage when profile run
Updated: If a folder or cannot be scanned because the folder cannot be accessed (apart from not existing) then now a critical error instead of non-critical
Updated: Default filters updated
Updated: Help file

SyncBackFree V6.2.26.0 - First Official Release (December 2012)

SyncBackFree has every feature that the old SyncBack V3 freeware had and far more besides. No features have been removed.

Unicode: The old SyncBack V3 freeware could not cope with non-English filenames without tweaking settings in the Windows operating system. Even then it could only handle filenames in English and one other language. SyncBackFree can cope with filenames in any language.

Unlimited filename lengths: The old SyncBack V3 freeware could not use files whose total filename length was over 260 characters long. SyncBackFree has no practical restriction on filename lengths.

Selections and actions: SyncBackFree allows you to select, in detail, which files and folders to include in a backup. The options are far more powerful than were available in the old SyncBack V3 freeware. You can now also review the actions that will be performed and change them.

Newer versions of Windows: The old SyncBack V3 freeware was never tested or designed to be used on anything newer than Windows XP. SyncBackFree is designed for and tested on all versions of Windows from XP to the latest Windows 8. As SyncBack V3 freeware is an old program, it will work on Windows 98 and 2000 (neither of which are supported by Microsoft). SyncBackFree cannot be used on Windows 98 or 2000. Also, SyncBackFree cannot be used on server versions of Windows. If you are using a server version of Windows you must use SyncBackSE or SyncBackPro.

Interface: The old SyncBack V3 freeware had an interface that was designed in the days of Windows XP and never moved on from there. SyncBackFree shares the same user interface as the more modern SyncBackSE and SyncBackPro.

Logging: The old SyncBack V3 freeware logged everything in the HTML log files as they occurred during a profile run. This made the log files difficult to read as errors were mixed in with non-errors. SyncBackFree uses the same logging format as SyncBackSE and SyncBackPro which means you can easily find the errors and see what was copied and what was not.

Portable: The old SyncBack V3 freeware used the Windows registry which meant it was not portable, i.e. you couldn't put it on a USB key and use it on another computer. SyncBackFree is portable.

Compression: SyncBackFree uses a modern compression component so compression is faster.

FTP: SyncBackFree uses a modern FTP component so it works with a wider range of FTP servers.

Much more: SyncBackFree includes numerous other new features which you'll discover as you use the new version and read the help file.

SyncBack V3.2.26.0 [Freeware] (November 2010)

New: Hebrew translations by Meir Kanal
Updated: Spanish translations
Updated: New option (as in SE/Pro) to optionally set local files date and time to match the file on the FTP server have the same Title.

InfoHesiveEP V3.3.0.0 (October 2010)

Fixed: Cannot make a Clone for File Article and URL Article.
Fixed: New URL Article does not have the default URL text.
Fixed: After the SendTo Hotkey is activated, the clipboard retains the Article content.
Fixed: File Article does not show the file path as a hint.
Fixed: Can delete the original while clone exists.
Fixed: Deleting an article which is next to an unopened topic expands the Topic, but the Topic image does not reflect this.
Fixed: Double-clicking on a File-Article Clone does not open the associated file.
Fixed: Renaming a Clone does not change the original Article's title and other Clone's title.
Fixed: Changing an Article Image is lost when InfoHesiveEP is restarted.
Fixed: The Sort menu is enabled even when there is only one Article to sort.
Fixed: Ctrl + F5 does not open the Manage Keywords dialog Window.
Fixed: Esc does not cancel and close the Replace dialog Window.
Fixed: Clone of Locked Articles can be edited.
Fixed: Cloned Articles can be cloned.
Fixed: Keywords of the cloned Article do not match the Original Article.
Fixed: A Template created from a cloned Article does not contain the contents of the Original Article.
Fixed: Cloned Articles can be changed to a Topic using "Change Article to Topic".
Fixed: SendTo of a Cloned Article does not send the content of the Original Article.
Fixed: The Item Hotkey of a Cloned Article does not open the file associated with the Original Article.
Fixed: If a search result is available at the root node, searches are not highlighted.
Fixed: Hotkey F6 does not popup the InfoHesiveEP Shortcut Dialog the second time in Vista.
Fixed: On Closing a WorkSpace, some of the Search Results belonging to the current WorkSpace are not removed.
Fixed: Exported HTML have absolute links to images.
Fixed: Clear Tag does not clear all the selected Article's Tags.
Fixed: When there is an exception error when saving to HTML, the File > Exit command does not close InfoHesiveEP.
Fixed: The F6 Hotkey does not paste the text into the window that has an empty caption.
Fixed: When the cursor is within a word, the Bold button does not make the entire word bold.
Fixed: The History graphics do not display the eBook icon.
Fixed: The Search Conditions box does not align to the right when the Outliner is widened.
Fixed: The Settings Menu's graphics disappear.
Fixed: When the File Article's associated file is modified, the save button is not enabled.
Fixed: The "Change Article Image" menu is not available in the Outliner's right-click menu when the selected Article is a clone.
Fixed: InfoHesiveEP does not store the Outliner Width when restarting.
Fixed: InfoHesiveEP does not store whether the Outliner/Editor is hidden.
Fixed: When an Article is Tagged, it does not tag its clones.
Fixed: Within iPhone's Stanza, the font name and size of the InfoHesiveEP exported ePub file could not be manipulated.
Fixed: Remove Text Styles does not remove the text styles of the word where the cursor is pointing.
Fixed: Removing the Tag of the Cloned Article, does not remove the tags of the associated clones.
Fixed: Copy Article modifies the WorkSpace file and enables the Save Button.
Fixed: Changing an Article image is not reflected in its clones.
Fixed: Changing the file associated with an Article, is not reflected in clones.
Fixed: French characters do not show correctly in the Outliner and Header of an InfoHesiveEP document.

InfoHesiveEP V3.2.0.0 [Freeware] (August 2010)

Fixed: Cover page does not revert to the InfoHesiveEP Splash page immediately.
Fixed: Hot key setup's check for availability performed for Option A when Option B is selected.
Fixed: Image does not display in the Preview area of the Annotations Image Properties Window.
Fixed: Hotkey does not work for newly added workspace in Vista.
Fixed: Inserting an image in the Editor when the zoom is not 100 percent causes the image to change its resolution.
Fixed: Exporting a WorkSpace to PDF/CHM/HTML/EPUB changes the image resolution.
Fixed: Exporting a WorkSpace to CHM replaces the image with the word "graphic".
Fixed: Printing InfoHesiveEP documents causes changes in image resolution and dimension.
Fixed: Hotkey for "Moving Outliner Items" crashes in Windows 7 and Vista.
Fixed: Load most recently opened WorkSpace reloads older opened WorkSpace.
Fixed: Executing InfoHesiveEP while it is minimized in the System Tray does not show InfoHesiveEP.
Fixed: Duplicate Hotkey allowed for the HotKey "Go to Editor" in "WorkSpace Settings > Program Settings > Configure Hotkeys".
Fixed: Hotkeys interchanged within "Workspace Settings" > "Program Settings" > "Configure Hotkeys" are not allowed.
Fixed: Hotkeys when held for longer than 2 seconds crashes in Windows 7 and Vista.
Fixed: Editor-Right-Click > "Lookup" menus do not work on the word that is at the cursor position.
Fixed: Editor-Right-Click > "Add to Keywords" menu does not add the word that is at the cursor position.
Fixed: Outliner-Right-Click > "SendTo" is enabled even when there is no submenu.
Fixed: Outliner-Right-Click >> "SendTo" Menu sends information to the wrong Window when two or more windows have the same Title.

InfoHesiveEP V3.1.0.1 [Freeware] (July 2010)

New: eBook Branding Option: Workspace Settings > "Load Icon" defines the icon of the eBook .exe file.
New: eBook Branding Option: Workspace Settings > The Title, Description, Comments, Copyright, and Publisher Name of the WorkSpace are added to the resource properties of the eBook .exe file. This ensures the publisher's name and details are displayed when reviewing the .exe file's properties when hovering the mouse over the .exe file, and when viewing the file in Windows Explorer.
New: Save image button in the Image Properties Window for the eBook
Fixed: Exiting InfoHesiveEP does not shutdown the help file.
Fixed: Links in the generated Contents and Index Articles exported to HTML fail to work appropriately.
Fixed: Chinese Characters appear when the Insert > Insert/Edit link is clicked after text is highlighted.
Fixed: Exception "Unable to create Directory" raised when trying to change the Temp Folder.
Fixed: Exception "File cannot be accessed because it is being used by another process" occurs on Clicking Help.
Fixed: Access violation occurs when trying to open single Article ePub files.
Fixed: Strange characters appear instead of quotes and hypens when opening ePub files.
Fixed: Exception caused when importing ePub files that do not have a "Table of Contents".
Fixed: Help button can be clicked repeatedly when Help file is being opened.
Fixed: Access violation sometimes occurs when closing a WorkSpace when Articles are listed in the Search Results.
Fixed: Executing InfoHesiveEP WorkSpace File from Explorer while InfoHesiveEP is loading causes an exception error.
Fixed: Loading a WorkSpace file while a file is being loaded causes an exception error.
Fixed: Loading an InfoHesiveEP File from the Core Page causes an exception in Windows 7.
Fixed: Image Properties does not show the image preview when the image is not available in the original location.
Fixed: Executing InfoHesiveEP again while InfoHesiveEP is loading opens a blank main form.
Fixed: Loading a WorkSpace file while a file is being imported causes an exception error.
Fixed: The Settings Window exceeds the size of the screen resolution 800X600.
Fixed: InfoHesive files are no longer accepted within InfoHesiveEP.
Fixed: InfoHesive V1 files when converted to the latest format loses the default Zoom value which is 100 percent.
Fixed: Image Properties does not show PNG files in the Image Preview window.
Fixed: Part of the eBook's Splash Image does not display appropriately.

InfoHesiveEP V3.0.1.7 [Freeware] (June 2010)

NIn line with this release as freeware, the Serial Number requirement has been removed.

Fixed: Settings are not saved on Exit of the Settings window.
Fixed: Error on Update when the network is down.
Fixed: Context menu does not open if an Item is not selected.
Fixed: Misprint 'Thankyou' in the publishable trial window.
Fixed: Send to profile - Text does not fit in the allocated space.
Fixed: The temp directory is created recursively.
Fixed: Improper icon file format causes crash.
Fixed: Can now activate the Editor mode on the "Index" page.
Fixed: Insert and "Format" menu for Index and TOC pages.
Fixed: Root node with Index and TOC can be copied.
Fixed: Default location for documents is wrong for Vista and Windows 7.
Fixed: Clone Article' item is disabled for Articles.
Fixed: Organize Templates - elements overlapping.
Fixed: Manage keywords - exception.
Fixed: Manage keywords - Enter key closes the dialog.
Fixed: Search input not in focus.
Fixed: Deletion warning needed in 'Organize Template(s)'.
Fixed: Export to chm fails without HTML Help Workshop.
Fixed: Need to register SendTo Profile again for the article.
Fixed: Problems with WorkSpace reading in EPUB format.
Fixed: Link text field is inactive.
Fixed: Top node not expanding in exported CHM file.
Fixed: Pictures can not be imported to HTML.
Fixed: Exported RTF does not contain images.
Fixed: Odd symbols after export to plain text.
Fixed: Links are missed after export to TXT.
Fixed: Orientation setting does not affect print preview.
Fixed: Formatting is not displayed in annotations editor.
Fixed: Exception on opening file of improper format.
Fixed: History of Articles not cleaned for closed files.
Fixed: Disk space not checked while saving a file.
Fixed: Flexible content width does not work for top node.
Fixed: TOC and index page can be deleted without publisher key.
Fixed: Loading Options do not affect application behaviour.
Fixed: Register file types does not work appropriately.
Fixed: Text overlapping in Fact sheet dialog.
Fixed: Case insensitive search works in English only.
Fixed: Reduced text in 'Setup Article Help Context Number'.
Fixed: Non-Latin article names on Index page.
Fixed: Error on multiple launches of InfoHesiveEPViewer.exe.
Fixed: No shortcut to Viewer.
Fixed: Files and folders not removed after uninstall.
Fixed: Hide Editor menu item.
Fixed: Duplicated top node in EPUB.
Fixed: Crash on opening WorkSpace settings with no open file.
Fixed: Closing WorkSpace after performing search causes exception.
Fixed: Cursor position changes after clearing the Search Highlights.
Fixed: Some formats of ePUB are not imported within InfoHesiveEP.
Fixed: Imported CHM has quotes in Article titles.
Fixed: Annotations not getting saved in InfoHesiveViewer.
Fixed: Imported CHM does not contain images.
Fixed: Edit source. Source code appearance is poor.
Fixed: Remove Print Designer button.
Fixed: Can not skip one item during 'Replace all'.
Fixed: Clicking "Next" in "Search" tab causes exception.
Fixed: Opening inexistent file - no errors shown.
Fixed: Importing inexistent file. InfoHesiveEP now responds to non-existent file names.
Fixed: Paste incorrect path to Image properties dialog.
Fixed: Unlocked button is active while no workspace is open.
Fixed: Close/Rename context menu appears for Outliner items.
Fixed: Can not filter annotations by user.
Fixed: Show/hide search highlight changes element's size.
Fixed: Duplicated items in Annotations menu.
Fixed: Can not open file using File reference link after application restart.
Fixed: Unable to unselect items created using hotkeys.
Fixed: Misprint 'Compter Name' in Macro dialog.
Fixed: Grid redraws poor in Macros manager.
Fixed: Thesaurus. Need to select word before launch.
Fixed: Thesaurus. Trailing space should not been replaced.
Fixed: Does not export single article to EPUB format.
Fixed: Does not export single article to MOBI format.
Fixed: Does not export single article to CHM format.
Fixed: Font field is blank if it is defined in HTML & does not exist in the System Font list.
Fixed: Outliner's right-click opens up the WorkSpace Popup menu instead of the Outliner's Popup menu.
Fixed: Exception caused when opening a file using File > Recently opened Workspaces.
Fixed: System-wide Hotkeys of the newly loaded workspace are not registered with windows.
Fixed: Article's Hotkey Item does not work if that article is within a different workspace.
Fixed: Inserted image is at times deleted from the editor when the image source file is not available.
Fixed: Closing a WorkSpace does not unregister the system-wide hotkeys belonging to that WorkSpace.
Fixed: Closing a WorkSpace that has a system-wide Hotkey assigned to an Article does not free the hotkey.
Fixed: Editing an image without first selecting it causes the duplication of images.
Fixed: Removing Hyperlinks from an image deletes the image from the editor.
Fixed: Ctrl+V Paste operation causes the cursor to remain in Hourglass in Windows 7.
Fixed: The WorkSpace node is not added to the browse list used by the Forward and Backward buttons.
Fixed: The same Topic/Article is duplicated to the browse-list.
Fixed: Edited Articles of the search results are not saved.
Fixed: If text is changed in the search view, then the user selects a new article, then returns to the original Article in the search view, the edited changes are lost.
Fixed: PDF links in exported documents do not work appropriately.
Fixed: Exporting HTML to PDF causes "Ran out of Memory" error.
Fixed: The double-click event over text does not select it.
Fixed: Double clicking an image within a table causes the program to crash.
Fixed: Double-click event over multiple tables or images will create a popup menu for easy editing.
Fixed: Format > Table > Insert Table creates a new table if requested within a table.
Fixed: Exported PDF hyperlinks do not follow links when clicked.
Fixed: Image Properties Window crashes when the height parameter is changed.
Fixed: The Editor Header information does not change, even when there is a change in the Outliner's node.
Fixed: Nested tables are not independently editable.
Fixed: If the Header and Footer is enabled and saved, the next edit of the Article will display duplicate headers and footers.

SyncBack V3.2.21 [Freeware] (May 2010)

New: Danish translations by Jesper Carlén Winther
New: Can prefix a filter with a greater-than symbol (>) to ignore sets
Fixed: When stating a new version is available it shows the new version number and not version.dll
Fixed: Buffer overflow with Zip files that contain filenames longer than MAX_PATH (thanks to Lincoln from Corelan Team)
Updated: Simplified Chinese translations

InfoHesiveEP Viewer V2.3.0.0 [Freeware] (May 2010)

Fixed: Settings are saved on exiting the application.
Fixed: Check for Update causes exception if network is down.
Fixed: Context menu does not open if item is not selected.
Fixed: Hide Editor menu item changed to Hide Viewer menu.
Fixed: Clicking "Next" in "Search" tab causes exception.
Fixed: Opening inexistent file - no errors shown.
Fixed: Can not filter annotations by user.
Fixed: Absent pictures for CHM view.
Fixed: Annotations are not saved.
Fixed: Formatting is not displayed in annotations editor.
Fixed: Exception on opening file of improper format.
Fixed: Orientation setting doesn't affect print preview.
Fixed: Quotes in CHM article titles when importing CHM files.
Fixed: Error reading some formats of ePub files.
Updated: Version number changed in-line with full version.

SyncBack V3.2.20.0 [Freeware] (January 2010)

New: Japanese translations.
New: Finnish translations by Jarkko Mäkineva.
Fixed: Root folder in folder selections sometimes not automatically ticked when sub-folder ticked.
Fixed: Various minor bug fixes and tweaks.
Fixed: Sometimes uses wrong date and time format on Windows 7.
Updated: Installer, certificates, and help file.
Updated: Dutch translations updated by Sander Lambregts.
Updated: Simplified Chinese translations by Zuo Weiming.

InfoHesiveEP Viewer V2.2.1.7 [Freeware] (December 2009)

Updated: Version number changed in-line with full version.

InfoHesiveEP Viewer V2.2.1.0 [Freeware] (November 2009)

Updated: Version number changed in-line with full version.
Updated: Help File

InfoHesiveEP Viewer V2.1.1.4 [Freeware] (October 2009)

Updated: Version number changed in-line with full version.
Updated: Help File

InfoHesiveEP Viewer V2.1.0.7 [Freeware] (September 2009)

Fixed: Adding Annotations deletes the images within Articles.
Updated: Version number changed in-line with full version.
Updated: Help File

InfoHesiveEP Viewer V2.1.0.1 [Freeware] (September 2009)

New: Annotations: add notes, images, bookmarks, and reference files in-line.
Updated: Version number changed in-line with full version.
Updated: Help File

InfoHesive Viewer V1.5.2.0 [Freeware] (April 2009)

Updated: Version number changed in-line with full version.

PatchOnClick V2 [Freeware] (March 2009)

New: Patch files are compressed to reduce their size.
Updated: Can now patch files over 2GB in size (no longer any practical limit file sizes).
Updated: Overall faster creation and patching of files because the CRC32 calculation is no longer required.

InfoHesive Viewer V1.5.2.2 [Freeware] (February 2009)

New: "Show/Hide Search" Highlights button in the search tab.
New: " Clear Search Highlights" that clears Search Highlights from the browser content area available via the right-click menu.
Updated: Version number changed in-line with full version.
Updated: Updated Help File.
Fixed: Find's "Find next" and "Find Previous" does not always function.
Fixed: Searching a word within a very large document can take a very long time.

InfoHesive Viewer V1.5.2.0
[Freeware] (December 2008)

Updated: Version number changed in-line with full version.
Updated: Updated Help File.

InfoHesive Viewer V1.4.0.0
[Freeware] (August 2008)

Updated: Version number changed in-line with full version.
Updated: Updated Help File.

SyncBack V3.2.19.0 [Freeware] (August 2008)

New: Option to ignore file date and time changes due to DST (enabled by default).
Fixed: Installer sets SyncBack installation folder permissions so files can be created and delete there, e.g. log files.

InfoHesive Viewer V1. [Freeware] (June 2008)

Updated: Version number changed in-line with full version.
Updated: Updated Help File.
Fixed: The Search box receives the focus when the search page is clicked.
Fixed: Some hyperlinks in the InfoHesive Viewer do not function approrpriately.
Fixed: Llinks, when clicked, sometimes take the user to the bottom of the page.

InfoHesive Viewer V3.1.2.0 [Freeware] (June 2008)

New: Open and browse any InfoHesive document.
New: Advanced Search.
New: View file properties.
New: Print Designer.
New: Print Article.
New: Print WorkSpace.
New: Zoom from 10% to 500%.
New: Browse history (previous, next, and list).
New: Find any text in the current article.
New: Extensive Help File.

SyncBack V3.2.18.0 [Freeware] (February 2008)

New: Make safe copies option
Updated: Profile names cannot contain a hash characters (avoids problems with HTML)
Fixed: corrects a Vista scheduling problem

(April 2006)

New: Create patch files for any Windows file with a three stage wizard
New: Patch files with a three stage wizard
New: Progress bar
New: Summary of patch information window
New: Warning dialog window if patch already exists
New: Integrated OnClick Utilities Help file

SyncBack V3.2.14 (October 2006)

Fixed: For some files incorrectly gave error "The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process."
Fixed: Norwegian release (was using IT instead of NB folder)
Updated: New icon
Updated: Minor changes in preparation for Vista
Updated: Minor user interface changess

SyncBack V3.2.13 (September 2006)

New: Norwegian translation by Kjetil Birkeland Moe
Updated: Source file is checked to see if it is locked before it is copied
Updated: Warning when configuring profile to delete files
Updated: When deleting a file on the Differences screen it goes back to the page and item instead of first page
Updated: Small user interface changes

SyncBack V3.2.12
(July 2006)

Updated: Warning when using FTP about MDTM
Updated: New graphics in profile setup

SyncBack V3.2.11 (June 2006)

New: Czech translation
Fixed: Steals focus when run from scheduler
Fixed: Buttons on Group window are now moved correctly when window is resized
Fixed: Compressing to single zip file may say file added when file did not exist

SyncBack V3.2.10 (February 2006)

New: Help file has been updated to CHM format from old HLP format
Fixed: URL typo in help file for SyncBackSE
Fixed: Resets window positions if off desktop (now works correctly with multi-monitors)
Updated: Differences and prompting windows now brought to front to avoid problems of them being hidden behind main window
Updated: Can use arrow keys on Group Profile window to move profiles, and also can tab to profile boxes

EncryptOnClick 1.1.2 (February 2006)

New: Can now be used on a USB key
Fixed: Avoid 'no filename extension' when decrypting email attachments in Outlook 2003
Fixed: Now compatible with other Zip programs when using international filenames

SyncBack V3.2.9 (November 2005)

Updated: Empty folders will be created/deleted even if profile fails
Fixed: Potential problem when scanning network drives and assuming no directory because network connection lost
Fixed: Lockup/deadlock problem with multi-core/dual CPU computers

SyncBack Freeware V3.2.8.500 (August 2005)

New: German translation now available (thanks to Stefan Aicher)

SyncBack (freeware) V3.2.8.400 (June 2005)

- New: Hungarian translation (thanks to Jozsef Tamas Herczeg).
- Fixes: minor changes and fixes.

SyncBack Freeware v3.2.8 (May 2005)

- minor bug fixes for the Differences screen
- Minor modifications [V3.2.8.200]
- updated help file
- Catalan language version now also available

SyncBack Version 3.2.7 (February 2005)

- Fixed slow copy on Windows 2000 [V3.2.7.440]
- Fixed 'Invalid parameter' error when using Shell to copy files on Windows 2000 [V3.2.7.440]
- The Delete and F5 keys are ignored if Shift, Ctrl, Alt, etc. are also pressed [V3.2.7.440]
- Fix to resolve very slow compression speed when using single file Zip compression [V3.2.7.100]
- Minor fixes [V3.2.7.200]
- Minor FTP enhancements [V3.2.7.300]
- Update check fixed [V3.2.7.410]
- Large number of new variables added [V3.2.7.410]
- Can copy NTFS encrypted files to non-NTFS volumes [V3.2.7.410]
- Fix for getting wrong date & time from Titan FTP server (if in different timezone) [V3.2.7.410]
- FTP enhancement to better reconnect under certain conditions [V3.2.7.410]
- Stricter checks to make sure VSS is only used when it can be [V3.2.7.410]
- When copying profiles the user is asked if they want to copy fast backup data [V3.2.7.410]
- MD5 and CRC32 hashing now has more chance of hashing file if it is being used [V3.2.7.410]
- Fix for form position on multi-monitor systems [V3.2.7.410]
- Can restrict debug output in debug version (using debug.ini) [V3.2.7.410]
- Debug output also created for profile setup [V3.2.7.410]
- Help updated [V3.2.7.410]

SyncBack Version 3.2.7 (January 2005)

- New -shutdown command line parameter
- Aborting an FTP transfer is now much quicker
- Improvements to the method empty folders are created/deleted
- Profile now exports strings with double-quotes
- Included support for any future Greek translation
- If a folder cannot be created an error message on the reason is returned
- Semi-colons can now be used in filenames with compression
- HTML log file colours changed
- Fixed index out-of-bounds error (was related to columns in tree)
- FTP profiles are not aborted before their time-out setting (was previously set to 30 seconds)
- Stop button on tree is ghosted instead of disappearing when stop button is pressed
- Empty zip files (when using single file compression) are correctly deleted
- Compression progress shown when using multi file compression
- By default, new profiles will not use the Windows shell for file copying and deleting
- By default, new profiles will have Passive enabled for FTP
- By default, new profiles will not disconnected from network shares after a profile is run
- If a form doesn't appear on the screen (e. g. resolution is lower) then it will be reset to appear on screen
- A new version of SyncBack cannot be installed while it is running
- Help file updated

SyncBack Version 3.2.6 (December 2004)

- Now available in French and Spanish (Argentinean)
- Interface changes to support new languages
- The blank password restriction (for XP Task Scheduler) can now be removed by SyncBack automatically when a profile is scheduled
- Bug fix for some FTP servers returning date and 999ms as time
- Bug fix for some FTP servers returning wrong file sizes and modification dates
- Bug fix so local files date & times are not set invalid when using FTP and ignoring modification date & time
- Bug fix so source and destination directory can be same when using FTP
- Bug fix so invalid date & times are not shown in Differences screen
- Bug fix for single file compression failing on Windows 95/98/ME when destination is a slow device, e.g. network drive
- Possible fix for problems some users are getting zipping to a networked drive (cannot be confirmed because cannot be replicated)
- Possible bug fix for a bug not yet reported or replicated: the log may fail to be sent (via email) on fast computers

SyncBack Version 3.2.5 (December 2004)

- Italian version released
- User interface changes to support Italian version
- FTP part now identifies symbolically linked files/directories
- Fixed resizing of Profile Setup screen
- Log file will record if a filename is too long should an error occur (> = 254 characters)

SyncBack Version 3.2.4 (November 2004)

- Fixed compression problems on some Windows 98 (due to bug introduced in V3.2.3)
- Fixed bug where tasks with a period in them could not be scheduled
- Fixed bug where the setting to use the supplied network username & password for the destination was incorrectly being saved for the source
- Text version of log file now records if there were no changes

SyncBack Version 3.2.3 (October 2004)

- Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese translations released
- Interface changes to support Chinese and make room for translated text
- Background tasks do not start for at least one minute after SyncBack started
- Profiles can now be saved even if disk or drive not connected
- Invalid file dates in single zips now caught
- Fixed problems where Chinese strings were sometimes being truncated, e.g. profile names
- Changed HTML log file so it doesn't use English by default
- Default font changed to improve readability for non-English versions (now uses Tahoma)
- Can now detect quota & credit exceeds on Titan and Raiden FTP servers
- Help file updated

SyncBack Version 3.2.2 (September 2004)

- Fixed bug which causes single zip profiles to run very slowly
- Fixed bug where auto-update did not check build number (the last part of the version)
- Non-English strings no longer embedded in non-English versions of

SyncBack Version

- Fixed empty directory creation/deletion issue when certain settings are chosen
- Fixed AV bug when compressing to single file and deleting files from destination
- Fixed FTP root directory problem when doing a restore
- Fixed potential problem with multi-language versions
- Fixed potential problem when FTP server disconnects while retrieving current directory

SyncBack Version

- Fixed problem of having multiple compression profiles running at same time causing "File Open" errors
- When a scheduled task is created the 'Wake computer' option is enabled by default
- Run before/after programs are wrapped in double quotes (if the folder button is used)
- Can double click on profile in group profile screen to quickly add/remove profile to/from group
- Sub-directory delete/create fix
- Fixed bug where UNC paths were not automatically created
- Fixed bug where a simulated run of a single zip profile would fail
with unknown error
- Fixed bug where a duplicate filter item could be added if it was same as first item
- Fixed bug where profiles where not imported if they contained ']'
- Disk serial number shown in correct format in log
- Small memory leaks removed
- Window sizes saved correctly if maximized
- Other minor fixes and interface changes to support non-English

SyncBack Version 3.2 (August 2004)

-Directories can now be filtered based on their name
-Empty directories are now handled correctly
-The sub-directories list can now also include directories in the destination
-The sub-directories list is created faster (and faster again on 2K/XP using NTFS)
-%DATE% environment variable can now be used
-Warning given when filename contains a non-standard apostrophe (')
-If a copy fails the destination file is deleted - this avoids problems of corrupt files in the backup
-When not using the shell, the progress of a file copy is shown
-When not using the shell, stopping a profile is now immediate when copying a large file
-Handles selecting scripts for before/after runs better
-Link to mailing list web page in Help menu
-Link to SyncBackPro web page in Help menu and on main window
-Option to automatically check for updates in Preferences menu
-Increased performance when setting date & time on a read-only file on FTP server
-Milli-seconds shown on Differences screen
-First instance of SyncBack now restored from tray when second instance run
-Fixed bug where date & time of files may have been reported 1 or 2 seconds off on NTFS
-Fixed bug where file verification used with single zip backups would cause backup to fail
-Fixed bug where specifying a temp directory to use with compression caused stack overflow
-Fixed "Scan failed (2): The system cannot find the file specified" problem when scanning CD's
-Fixed MDTM and CHMOD to work correctly with Serv-U FTP server
-Fixed "out-of-bounds" bug when using single zip file compression
-Fixed bug where profile status is returned as success when it was really a failure (when using single zip file compression)
-Fixed column moving bug
-Fixed "103" error when creating log files
-Next Run column now correctly sorted by date & time and not alphabetically
-Updated tree view component, which may remove 'External exception' errors
-New RotateBackup VBScript included
-New RemoveSourceAfter VBScript included
-Installation looks sexier :)
-Help file updated
-Various minor bug fixes and enhancements

SyncBack Version (July 2004)

Two known minor bugs in V3.1.2.0 will be fixed in the next release:

- If you specify a temporary directory to use for compression SyncBack will do a stack overflow and crash. For a temporary fix, do not specify a temporary directory.

- If you use single file compression and specify that you want copies to be verified then the compressed file is never created. For a temporary fix, do not specify you want file copy verification.

The following changes have been made:

- Multi-language ready
- Increase in FTP performance
- Reduce chance of FTP "lock-ups"
- Increased stability of FTP sync/backups
- New FTP option to force the FTP server into Binary mode before every file transfer
- The FTP read-timeout value is set to 15 seconds by default
- Warning given if option to delete/copy empty directories is enabled when using FTP (can reduce performance)
- Fixed bug where log files where not emailed when using text format
- The font selection is now used everywhere, not just for filenames (but the style, e.g. bold, is not used)
- New menu item (in Preferences) to re-associate SyncBack with .SPS files
- If SyncBack is forcibly closed while profiles are still running, the running profiles last result will be set to 'Aborted' instead of being left as 'Running', for example
- Removed a possible memory leak
- When a 'Run Before' program is set, it will now be run before the network connection to the source and destination are made, and before any FTP connection is made
- Media is now ejected before the log file is displayed
- If a file cannot be deleted because it is locked then the user is prompted (if requested for in the profile settings)
- 500 files are now displayed per page in the Differences screen (was 250)

SyncBack Version (June 2004)

- 'File time is not GMT/UTC' is now visible on the FTP tab [V3.1.0.382]
- Emailed log files now contain all the error messages [V3.1.0.387]
- File sizes > 2GB now reported correctly (now 64bit) [V3.1.0.404]
- Fixed FTP Reconnection exception [V3.1.0.404]
- Fixed background backup bug when starting SyncBack with Windows [V3.1.0.450]
- Option to not disconnect from network drive (to fix problems with Novell) [V3.1.0.450]
- Option to change temp directory when using compression [V3.1.0.450]
- Option to not make a local copy of a Zip file on a slow drive [V3.1.0.450]
- New menu item to make a bug report online [V3.1.0.450]
- Temp file specified for compression is also used to make temp copy when using slow device on destination [V3.1.0.460]
- 'File is locked' error message now reports a more accurate error, e.g. 'Access denied' [V3.1.0.460]
- A number of minor user interface changes, including fixing title in HTML log file [V3.1.0.460]
- Help file updated [V3.1.0.460]
- Scheduler started automatically in Windows 95/98 when creating/modifying a schedule [V3.1.0.460]
- New interface when using Windows XP [V3.1.0.470]
- Temp zip file now moved instead of copying (can improve performance when temp directory is on same drive as Zip file) [V3.1.0.470]
- Can now resized Schedule window (fixed problem when using large fonts) [V3.1.0.470]
- New Read Timeout property for FTP (may fix some lockup problems) [V3.1.0.470]
- Warning when using FTP quote character as this breaks many FTP servers [V3.1.0.470]
- Help file and ReadMe updated [V3.1.0.470]

SyncBack Version 3.1 (May 2004)

- Fixed a number of minor bugs including sporadic out-of-bounds error and tree problems
- Fixed a out-of-bounds error when using an FTP server that doesn't support MDTM command
- Text log file now correctly appends
- When canceling settings, only given warning if any settings were changed
- New option to email log file only if errors occur
- Fixed access violation and runtime 216 errors (mostly related to CPU frequency)
- Log file now created and written to before scanning starts
- Fixed bug where log file was empty if user aborted during compression when using single file compression
- Network connections are retried to try and reduce the chance of a profile failing because of 'Network errors'
- New option to ignore files that have not been modified/created within a certain time frame, e.g. last 7 days
- The display now clearly shows if a profile is configured as Group, Backup, Synchronize, Restore or Custom
- Can now export AutoClose settings. AutoClose settings will now be exported on pre-XP systems.
- Can now use quote characters to wrap file and directory names that contain spaces (for FTP)
- Automatically detect IE proxy server and port number for FTP settings (not if using a script)
- Automatically retries file copy 1223 errors (related to temporary network problems)
- The sub-directory selection option on profile setup has been changed from a checkbox to a drop-down list
- The email subject will be prefixed with [Failed] if the profile run failed
- The profile description (in Profile Setup) will now say if the profile will run slowly due to its settings
- When reading and writing files to an FTP server, SyncBack will automatically change the files permissions as required to do the get/put and then revert them back
- System wide hotkeys can be assigned to profiles (including group profiles) so they run automatically when pressed
- Fixed date encoding error
- Reintroduced the old (V2) method of file copying & deleting as an option (fixes problems with Novell networks)
- Option to tell SyncBack if FTP server is using GMT/UTC or local time
- Fixed bug where all files skipped if option to skip modified files was enabled
- Program caption (and About dialog caption) now say exactly which version of SyncBack it is
- Now identifies changes in file attributes
- Checks if the Windows Task Scheduler service is installed and running (NT/2K/XP only)
- Warning given if Zip file contains more than 65,535 files
- Seconds difference is now 2 by default. This is to avoid problems with FAT and UNIX drives (which are not as accurate as NTFS)
- Option to clear archive attribute of source and destination files when copied
- Fixed a bug in MDTM FTP code
- Network connect can be configured to use supplied username and password before default one (for NT/2K/XP only)

SyncBack Version 3 (March 31st 2004)

- Can automatically import profiles by double-clicking .sps files
- Option to abort the profile if the before program fails
- Option to run the after program even if the profile fails
- New icons in Differences screen to help show what the differences are
- Can now choose not to show Differences screen again from the screen itself
- More minor bug fixes and user interface changes, e.g. more hot-keys

SyncBack Version 3.0 RC 2

- Numerous minor bug fixes and user interface changes

SyncBack Version 3.0 RC 1

- Now uses a tree view so you can see what profiles are in a group (and other benefits, e.g. columns can be moved)
- Programs can be automatically closed before a profile is run, e.g. close Microsoft Outlook
- Numerous user interface changes (many new button bitmaps and a major change to the main screen)
- Fixed SHELL32.dll access violation on exit if folder browse button is used on Windows 95/98
- A new option to force the file modification date & time to be correct (useful for use with SAMBA shares)
- Bug fix for SyncBack stopping Windows shutting down
- Bug fix for SyncBack minimizing to tray on Close even when option not selected
- Alt-X hotkey for Exit on main window
- Message dialog displayed when selecting Minimize on Close option to explain to user what its for
- Can now forcibly exit even if backups still running (they may be stuck trying to contact FTP server for example)
- Fixed FTP passive bug (it was not being used)
- Fixed New File prompt bug (if you just clicked OK it incorrectly thought user aborted)
- Fixed bug where empty directories are created/deleted in simulation
- Option to wait for only a fixed number of seconds for the before/after programs to finish
- Numerous other minor bug fixes, improvements, and user interface changes

SyncBack Version 3.0 Beta 4

- Log files can now be in text format (and appended to). Option to not create log files.
- Can auto-reconnect to FTP server if connection dropped
- New/deleted files options completely changed to allow for better synchronisation control
- New file collision option (Use Destination)
- Never Delete Files option removed (no longer required due to changes)
- Now records if user cancelled a file copy or delete
- FTP allocate command now optional
- Apply button in profile settings
- Other minor fixes and changes
- The New Profile dialog has been modified to allow creation of backup, sync, and group profiles
- Only one instance of SyncBack is run, except when command line parameters are used

SyncBack Version 3.0 Beta 3

- Increase in performance (especially on first run of a backup/sync)
- Fixed bug where not exiting when scheduled/using command line parameters
- Fixed "Drive does not exist" bug for network drives

SyncBack Version 3.0 Beta 2

- Fixed bug where an attempt to copy an open file indicated that the user aborted
- Option to minimize on close instead of exiting
- Can select files to delete from the Differences window
- Can ignore file modification date & time changes
- Can ignore file size changes
- New File dialog box can now be resized
- File Collision dialog box can now be resized
- Will prompt user to insert disk/media if it is not present
- Option to retry a file copy if it is locked by another program and cannot be copied
- Can automatically minimize/hide when a profile is run
- More columns in display, can chose columns to display, and column widths saved
- The Differences Summary column in the Differences window is now the second column
- Fixed FTP connect bug (affected UNIX systems)
- Files really are deleted when prompted and user wants file deleted (the Never Delete Files setting is ignored)
- The New File dialog box has been redesigned. Now allows for finer synchronisation control.

SyncBack Version 3.0 Beta 1

- Now supports Zip compression with encryption (option to compress each file or compress all to one archive)
- Now supports FTP
- Can supply username and password for network shares
- Profiles can be run in parallel (threaded) and have a priority
- Group profiles can run all profiles in group in parallel or serially
- Can email log file after a profile is run
- Option to delete or not delete empty directories
- Option to copy or not copy empty directories
- Option to ignore new directories
- No longer forced to backup/sync parents of selected sub-directories
- Can ignore files in base directory
- Can use environment variables in the source and destination directories, e.g. %WINDIR%
- Option to run a program before and/or after a profile is run
- Menu item to visit online discussion forums
- Ability to check for program updates
- If the local help file is unavailable the option is given to view the help online
- Fixed profile export bug
- Increased performance when getting sub-directories in profile setup
- Windows positions and dimensions are kept between sessions
- Can skip display of Differences screen
- File copy/delete method now uses the Windows shell (no longer an option)
- Option to minimize to the tray or not
- Fixed bug where can try to view log for a group (groups do not have log files)
- A no-install single executable version now available
- Log file is not displayed on abort if it is only to be displayed on error
- Can start SyncBack with Windows
- Can drag profile to desktop to create a shortcut
- New command line parameter (-p) to run profiles in parallel
- New command line parameters (-hibernate and -standby) to power-down computer after running a profile (Windows NT, 2000, and XP only)
- Option to stop computer going into standby or hibernate while a profile is running
- Will automatically suspend all profiles if battery power is low

SyncBack Version 2.2.1 (January 2004)

- Fixed bug where deleting files in destination directory is extremely slow where there are a large number of files in the directory
- Profile names must be valid filenames
- Now reports correct total scan time
- Can import and export profiles

SyncBack Version 2.2 (January 2004)

- Specific sub-directories (and their files) can be backed-up/synchronised or not
- Can ignore file modification time differences, e.g. 2 second differences can be ignored (helpful for when destination drive is not on a Windows system, e.g. using SAMBA)
- Considerably faster directory scan time, therefore backups are much quicker (especially for backups with many files and directories and/or where file masks are used)
- Options to let Windows shell copy and delete files (allows deleted files to be moved to recycle, aborted copies, etc).
- File hashing is now only performed if no other changes detected and both the source and destination file can be read (results in quicker backups)
- Profiles can be ordered in a group profile (no longer forced to be alphabetically ordered)
- Can now perform a simulated restore
- A profile can be run mimized (using -m command line option before profile name)
- Profiles run via the Windows Task Scheduler are now created to run minimized by default
- New log file format, more detail, and log file is now automatically split into seperate files (pages)
- If a profile is renamed, and it has a schedule, the user is prompted to change the schedules parameters (future versions may do this automatically)
- Numerous minor changes to handle scheduled tasks that run more than one profile
- The items shown in the Differences form can be filtered, the column widths are set automatically, and the form caption displays profiles name and if it is a simulated run or restore
- Can now abort a scan earlier
- Aborting a group profile aborts all the profiles in the group not just the current profile
- Can now delete multiple profiles in one go instead of just one at a time
- Can now display log file for multiple profiles in one go instead of just one at a time
- When a profile is copied, the last run result and status are not copied and neither is the log file
- A backup, restore, or sync is aborted if a directory cannot be scanned
- The profile setup screen includes a description (in English) of the profile settings to help users understand what the profile will do
- Fixed bug where a path could be added as a file mask
- Fixed bug where empty directories in destination directory were sometimes not deleted
- Fixed DPI and font size problem with some forms (if Windows DPI was not default of 96 and normal font was not used some forms were corrupted)
- Directory selection dialogs now always centered in screen
- Help file expanded and updated
- Uninstall now completely removes registry entries (HKCU\Software\MJLSoftware\SyncBack), settings files, and log files for all profiles

SyncBack Version 2.1 (December 2003)

- PayPal external image removed from log file
By default, files (files in the destination but not in the source) are not deleted for backup profiles
- The profile result now indicates if the last run was a restore
- An extra warning is given if running a profile as a restore and last result was not a success
- Warns if an attempt is made to create a profile to backup an entire drive
- Serious bug fix where files from the source directory are deleted if the destination directory has a trailing backslash and the source directory does not
- Minor bug fixes

SyncBack Version 2.0 (December 2003)

- Now includes a help file
- Can run a simulated backup/restore to check a profiles settings
- Integration with Microsoft Windows Task Scheduler to help schedule backups
- Copied files can be verified to guarantee files copied correctly
- Minimize to tray
- HTML now used for log file, and log file more detailed and simpler to read
- Log files can be displayed automatically after backup/restore
- Double-click configuration
- Profiles can be sorted on any column
- Empty directories automatically deleted
- Profiles can be renamed and copied
- Media can be ejected after profile is executed
- Minor bug fixes and user interface improvements

SyncBack Version 1.X (October 2003)

- Original version

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