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SyncBack Touch v1.3.20 (October 2019) - only macOS version updated

Updated: 64-bit
Updated: Minimum macOS version is Sierra (10.12)

SyncBack Touch v1.3.16 (February 2019) - only Android version updated

New: Button in the settings form which allows viewing the application's info and editing permissions.
Fixed: Properly display errors in the application's main form.

SyncBack Touch v1.3.15 (January 2019) - only Android version updated

New: Option to allow connections only when connected to a home network. Users need to grant permission to use the device's location for this to work properly.
Fixed: In some cases an error occurs when getting the content list from an external SD card.

SyncBack Touch v1.3.14 (January 2019) - only Android version updated

Updated (Android): Maintenance release, support for Android 9.0 (Pie)

SyncBack Touch v1.3.11 (August 2018) - only Windows version updated

New: Can use SBT_ENV_ in SyncBackPro/SE to get remote environment variable (see SyncBack help file)
Updated: Quick start guide

SyncBack Touch BETA for Linux released (November 2017)

SyncBack Touch v1.3.10 (October 2017)

Updated (Android): Maintenance release, support for Android 8.0 (Oreo)
Updated (macOS): Maintenance release, support for High Sierra (macOS 10.13)
Updated (Windows): Maintenance release

SyncBack Touch v1.3.8 (October 2016)

New (Android): Show progress during downloads/uploads
Updated (Android): Removed icon from notification bar
Updated (Android): Now runs as a service which keeps running in the background even after you exit the application. Service behavior can be configured in Settings - Misc
Updated (macOS): Now runs as a service which keeps running in the background even when there is no user logged in
Updated (Windows): Windows 10 Anniversary Update improvements

SyncBack Touch v1.2.7 (May 2016) - only Android version updated

New: Added support for Android Marshmallow.

SyncBack Touch v1.2 (March 2016)

Updated: Faster upload and download speeds.

SyncBack Touch v1.1 (February 2016) - only Windows version updated

New (Windows): Support user impersonation which allows connecting to SyncBack Touch using the host computer's Windows login accounts.

SyncBack Touch v1.0.32 (November 2015) - only Android version updated

Fixed (Android): Fixed a user interface bug which occurred when running on Android 6.0 (Marshmallow).

SyncBack Touch v1.0.31 (October 2015) - only Android version updated

Fixed (Android): Fixed a problem while saving settings via the SyncBackPro/SE configuration form.

SyncBack Touch v1.0.30 (September 2015)

New (Android): Added support for writing external SD cards on Lollipop devices.
New (Windows, macOS & Android): File hashing, for file verification purposes, can now be done asynchronously in order to avoid connection timeouts.

SyncBack Touch V1.0.26 (June 2015)

New (Windows): New parameters for installer to set Windows service account and password to use
New (Windows): Shadow volume management changes for Windows
New (Android): Android option to keep screen on
Fixed (Windows): Junctions points are correctly identified in Windows

SyncBack Touch V1.0.19 (January 2015)

New: (Windows version) Service now creates a rule in the Windows firewall to allow incoming connections.
New: (OSX, Android version) Mask password when entered in the security prompt.

SyncBack Touch Windows and OS X: 1.0.13 - Android: V1.0.17 (November 2014)

New: Users can now uniquely identify their devices by setting a Device ID.
Fixed: compatibility issues with Android 5.0 (Lollipop).

SyncBack Touch V1.0.13 (October 2014)

Updated: Faster downloads and uploads
Updated (Windows): Some registry settings not deleted when installing new version

SyncBack Touch V1.0.11 First Public Release (October 2014)

The first beta release of SyncBack Touch features:

New: Used with SyncBackPro V7 & SyncBackSE V7
New: Install the SBT locally so there's no need to run SyncBackPro/SE as an admin to copy locked files.
New: Windows, macOS and Android compatible
New: Backup all drives the SBT is installed on using one profile. The SBT has a virtual file-system.
New: The user has nothing to configure or corrupt.
New: Access all files on Windows without access rights issues.
New: No need to worry about scheduling as it's all done centrally instead of on the client's side.
New: No need to worry about setting usernames and passwords as it can be controlled centrally using the SBMS.
New: No need to worry about Windows passwords changing as it uses the system account.

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