SyncBack Touch History of Changes

Our software has undergone extensive development and user testing since its inception. This page shows bug fixes and feature improvements that have been made since the official release of SyncBack Touch.

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SyncBack Touch v1.7.9 (4th March 2024) - Windows, macOS and Linux

Updated: Recompiled using latest Delphi compiler
Fixed (Windows): A folder may fail to be created in the root of a drive
Fixed (macOS): GUI scaling issue on the new macOS Sonoma

SyncBack Touch v1.7.9 (22nd November 2023) - Android

Updated: Built using latest release of Delphi
Updated: Fulfill Google's Play Store requirement to target API 33 (Android 13)

SyncBack Touch v1.7.7 (30th June 2023) - Windows

New: Support for SyncBackPro V11 so can configure login requiring both Windows and SBMS credentials

SyncBack Touch v1.7.6 (8th March 2023) - Android

Updated: Improved update of last modified time stamp on External SD storage for versions prior to Android 11
New: Ability to access USB storage as External SD storage (USB storage has to be inserted before starting SyncBack Touch)

SyncBack Touch v1.7.3 (January 2023) - Windows, Android (v1.7.4), Linux and macOS version

Fixed: Hash values for files over 4GB may be incorrect

SyncBack Touch v1.7.0 (October 2022) - Windows, Android, Linux and macOS version

Updated: Compiled using latest release of Delphi
Updated (Windows): Installation tweaked to work on Windows Server Core installations
Updated (macOS): Minimum supported version of macOS is Catalina (10.15)
Fixed (Windows): Copying locked files from Touch on Windows may fail after 5 minutes when using Rapid Transfer

SyncBack Touch v1.6.1.0 (February 2022) - Windows version

New (Windows): Allow for impersonation with Windows administrator accounts
Fixed (Windows): Elevated users could not access resources granted to them via groups

SyncBack Touch v1.5.4.0 (November 2021) - Windows version

Fixed: Setting timestamps on long filenames with Windows
Fixed: Memory leak when using impersonation, also performance improvement when using impersonation
Updated: Recompiled using latest compiler

SyncBack Touch v1.5.2.0 (November 2021) - Linux version

Updated (Linux): Tweaks to command line parameters

SyncBack Touch v1.5.0.0 (September 2021) - Windows, Linux, macOS and Android version

New: Rapid File Transfer support for SyncBackPro/SE V10
New: Ransomware detection support for SyncBackPro/SE V10
Updated: Now free to use with SyncBackPro/SE V10 or newer. For V9 and older, purchase is still available.

SyncBack Touch v1.4.1.0 (July 2021) - Linux version

Updated: Maintenance release, recompiled using latest compiler
Fixed: File hashing bug fix

SyncBack Touch v1.4.1.0 (June 2021) - Android version

Updated: UI changes regarding permission requests
Updated: Support for external SD storage when running Android 11
Updated: Allow for background Wi-Fi name query during network sandboxing
Fixed: File hashing bug fix

SyncBack Touch v1.4.1.0 (December 2020) - Windows version

Updated: Recompiled using latest compiler, updated components and improved memory manager
Updated: Installer updated (Windows Vista/2008 and newer required)

SyncBack Touch v1.3.23 (December 2020) - macOS version

Updated: Compatible with macOS Big Sur

SyncBack Touch v1.3.23 (September 2020) - Android version

Fixed: Minor UI fixes
Fixed: Properly scan empty folders on devices running Android 11
Updated: Fulfill Google Play's requirement to target API 29

SyncBack Touch v1.3.20 (October 2019) - only macOS version updated

Updated: 64-bit
Updated: Minimum macOS version is Sierra (10.12)

SyncBack Touch v1.3.16 (February 2019) - only Android version updated

New: Button in the settings form which allows viewing the application's info and editing permissions.
Fixed: Properly display errors in the application's main form.

SyncBack Touch v1.3.15 (January 2019) - only Android version updated

New: Option to allow connections only when connected to a home network. Users need to grant permission to use the device's location for this to work properly.
Fixed: In some cases an error occurs when getting the content list from an external SD card.

SyncBack Touch v1.3.14 (January 2019) - only Android version updated

Updated (Android): Maintenance release, support for Android 9.0 (Pie)

SyncBack Touch v1.3.11 (August 2018) - only Windows version updated

New: Can use SBT_ENV_ in SyncBackPro/SE to get remote environment variable (see SyncBack help file)
Updated: Quick start guide

SyncBack Touch BETA for Linux released (November 2017)

SyncBack Touch v1.3.10 (October 2017)

Updated (Android): Maintenance release, support for Android 8.0 (Oreo)
Updated (macOS): Maintenance release, support for High Sierra (macOS 10.13)
Updated (Windows): Maintenance release

SyncBack Touch v1.3.8 (October 2016)

New (Android): Show progress during downloads/uploads
Updated (Android): Removed icon from notification bar
Updated (Android): Now runs as a service which keeps running in the background even after you exit the application. Service behavior can be configured in Settings - Misc
Updated (macOS): Now runs as a service which keeps running in the background even when there is no user logged in
Updated (Windows): Windows 10 Anniversary Update improvements

SyncBack Touch v1.2.7 (May 2016) - only Android version updated

New: Added support for Android Marshmallow.

SyncBack Touch v1.2 (March 2016)

Updated: Faster upload and download speeds.

SyncBack Touch v1.1 (February 2016) - only Windows version updated

New (Windows): Support user impersonation which allows connecting to SyncBack Touch using the host computer's Windows login accounts.

SyncBack Touch v1.0.32 (November 2015) - only Android version updated

Fixed (Android): Fixed a user interface bug which occurred when running on Android 6.0 (Marshmallow).

SyncBack Touch v1.0.31 (October 2015) - only Android version updated

Fixed (Android): Fixed a problem while saving settings via the SyncBackPro/SE configuration form.

SyncBack Touch v1.0.30 (September 2015)

New (Android): Added support for writing external SD cards on Lollipop devices.
New (Windows, macOS & Android): File hashing, for file verification purposes, can now be done asynchronously in order to avoid connection timeouts.

SyncBack Touch V1.0.26 (June 2015)

New (Windows): New parameters for installer to set Windows service account and password to use
New (Windows): Shadow volume management changes for Windows
New (Android): Android option to keep screen on
Fixed (Windows): Junctions points are correctly identified in Windows

SyncBack Touch V1.0.19 (January 2015)

New: (Windows version) Service now creates a rule in the Windows firewall to allow incoming connections.
New: (OSX, Android version) Mask password when entered in the security prompt.

SyncBack Touch Windows and OS X: 1.0.13 - Android: V1.0.17 (November 2014)

New: Users can now uniquely identify their devices by setting a Device ID.
Fixed: compatibility issues with Android 5.0 (Lollipop).

SyncBack Touch V1.0.13 (October 2014)

Updated: Faster downloads and uploads
Updated (Windows): Some registry settings not deleted when installing new version

SyncBack Touch V1.0.11 First Public Release (October 2014)

The first beta release of SyncBack Touch features:

New: Used with SyncBackPro V7 & SyncBackSE V7
New: Install the SBT locally so there's no need to run SyncBackPro/SE as an admin to copy locked files.
New: Windows, macOS and Android compatible
New: Backup all drives the SBT is installed on using one profile. The SBT has a virtual file-system.
New: The user has nothing to configure or corrupt.
New: Access all files on Windows without access rights issues.
New: No need to worry about scheduling as it's all done centrally instead of on the client's side.
New: No need to worry about setting usernames and passwords as it can be controlled centrally using the SBMS.
New: No need to worry about Windows passwords changing as it uses the system account.

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