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How To Use Our Search Service

1. Type your keywords in the search box above.

2. Press the Search button to start your search.

This search engine helps you find documents on the 2BrightSparks website. You tell the search service what you're looking for by typing in keywords, phrases, or questions in the search box. The search service responds by giving you a list of all the Web pages at 2BrightSparks relating to those topics. The most relevant content will appear at the top of your results.

Quick Tips

Don't worry if you find a large number of results. In fact, use more than a couple of words when searching. Even though the number of results will be large, the most relevant content will always appear at the top of the result pages.

1. Be clear and focused about what you are searching for

2. Double check your spelling

3. Add words to your query if the results are too broad

4. Subtract words from your query if the results are too narrow

Simple Tips for More Exact Searches

Searches are case insensitive. Searching for "Backup" will match the lowercase "backup" and uppercase "BACKUP".

Including or excluding words

To make sure that a specific word is always included in your search topic, place the plus (+) symbol before the key word in the search box. To make sure that a specific word is always excluded from your search topic, place a minus (-) sign before the keyword in the search box.

Example: To find entries with restore but without backup, try "restore -backup".

Advanced Features for Typical Searches

You can search more than just text. Here are all of the other ways you can search:

Finds pages that link to the specified address, or a substring of it. Use to find all pages linking to Microsoft sites. Note: this feature is not implemented on all search engines.

Finds pages that contain the specified text in the body of the document. By way of comparison, searches without the "text:" attribute will scan the URL, title, links, and META tags as well as the document body.

Finds pages that contain the specified word or phrase in the page title (which appears in the title bar of most browsers). The search title:InfoHesive would find pages with InfoHesive in the title.

Finds pages with a specific word or phrase in the URL. Use url:microsoft to find all pages on all servers that have the word microsoft in the host name, path, or filename - the complete URL, in other words.

2BrightSparks use the Google search engine, which means you can use all the same search features you can on Google search.

Use site: to Refine Search

To search all the knowledge base articles for versioning: versioning

To search all the forum posts for hashing: hashing

To search the website and forum for SyncBackPro: syncbackpro

To search the website for SyncBackPro, but do not includes example SyncBackPro scripts: syncbackpro

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