BETA versions are pre-release versions. They are untested, unverified and are not official release versions. BETA versions are for users to test to see if a bug that is affecting them has been fixed. They may also contain new features or changes that some users may want to test first.

If you find a bug in a beta version, please submit a support ticket with details (please do not forget to include the BETA version number). BETA versions are sometimes released frequently, even hourly.

SyncBack BETA V8 Versions

Below you can find the download links for BETA V8 versions of SyncBack. Note that sometimes BETA versions are not available, e.g. just after a new version has been officially released. Also, the version numbers may be different, e.g. there may be a newer version of SyncBackPro as a fix may only be relevant for SyncBackPro:

Download SyncBackPro V8.9.13.0 (64-bit) Download SyncBackPro V8.9.13.0 (32-bit)
Download SyncBackPro V8.9.13.0 (64-bit) (No Install) Download SyncBackPro V8.9.13.0 (32-bit) (No Install)
Fixed (Pro): OneDrive Business endpoint parser

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