SyncBack BETA Versions

Below you can find the download links for BETA versions of SyncBack. Note that sometimes BETA versions are not available, e.g. just after a new version has been officially released. Also, the version numbers may be different, e.g. there may be a newer version of SyncBackPro as a fix may only be relevant for SyncBackPro.

Download SyncBackPro V9.0.8.10 (64-bit) Download SyncBackPro V9.0.8.10 (32-bit)
Download SyncBackPro V9.0.8.10 (64-bit) (No Install) Download SyncBackPro V9.0.8.10 (32-bit) (No Install)
Download SyncBackSE V9.0.8.9 (64-bit) Download SyncBackSE V9.0.8.9 (32-bit)
Download SyncBackSE V9.0.8.9 (64-bit) (No Install) Download SyncBackSE V9.0.8.9 (32-bit) (No Install)
Download SyncBackFree V9.0.8.9 (32-bit) Download SyncBackFree V9.0.8.9 (32-bit) (No Install)

SyncBack BETA Changes

New: Can set schedule to shutdown, reboot, etc. once profiles finish
New: For passive connections, always use the servers IP address setting adding for FTP
Updated (Pro): Can now use Glacier and Deep Archive storage class for Amazon S3
Updated: On schedule form can now press OK on Settings page
Updated: Portuguese (Brazilian) translations
Updated: Hungarian translations
Fixed: Run history is not copied with a profile
Fixed: Folders in task scheduler are not created unless a schedule is created
Fixed (Pro): If there are approx. over 175,000 files on the Differences window, it may wrongly show that they have versions
Fixed: On Differences window when selecting files with Shift-Up and Shift-Down it now updates display immediately
Fixed (SE/Pro): Does not fail to scan files when receiving invalid dates from SyncBack Touch
Fixed (SE/Pro): Sometimes crashing when using Pushover
Fixed: When using WeOnlyDo FTP engine it may crash if debugging is not enabled
Fixed: The mini-progress bar in the profile list was not updating
Fixed: Time edit controls are now 24-hour without the spin buttons
Fixed: The Add and Remove buttons were not visible on the Compression -> Compressed profile settings page


BETA versions are pre-release versions. They are untested, unverified and are not official release versions. BETA versions are for users to test to see if a bug that is affecting them has been fixed. They may also contain new features or changes that some users may want to test first.

If you find a bug in a beta version, please submit a support ticket with details (please do not forget to include the BETA version number). BETA versions are sometimes released frequently, even hourly.

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