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Enjoy our 100% Free Backup Software, try the enhanced commercial versions, then use whatever suits you best... Compare SyncBack Editions. SyncBackFree gives you:

• Backup and Synchronize: copy files in both directions
• Restore from backups quickly & easily
• Email logs automatically
• Run programs before and after backups
• Automatically schedule backups
• Unicode enabled for non-English filenames
• Simple and Advanced mode
• Runs on Windows 10, 8, 7 and Vista (32/64 bit)
• Extensive Help Documentation
• Completely Free Windows Backup solution!
• No registration required!
• No strings or catches whatsoever!

License: Free Software!

Download SyncBackFree - free backup software

HashOnClick quickly and easily provides information to compare hash values side by side to establish the data in one file exactly matches (or not) the data in another. Ensure that the files you receive haven't been tampered with.

License: Freeware and Commercial Software

Additional benefits of the commercial version

• MD4 hashing
• RipeMD-128 hashing
• RipeMD-160 hashing
• SHA-256 hashing
• SHA-512 hashing
• SHA-2 hashing (from 224 to 512/256)
• SHA-3 hashing (from 224 to 512)
• CRC128 hashing
• Ultra-fast xxhash32 and xxhash64
• Adler32 hashing
• Tiger hashing
• Calculates hash values of alternate data streams (Vista and newer only)

Download HashOnClick V3.0.1.0

SHA-256 = 668570f5b8be82feb2d7da38ad6afa3f20e4bfacc170de2eaeee68850a920a4a

EncryptOnClick is like hiring your own highly experienced data security guard who ensures the files you want to keep safe and out of view from others, stay that way.

License: Freeware


• A very secure encryption method is also used (256-bit AES encryption).
• Files are both compressed & encrypted, which results in a smaller file.
• Password protected.
• Will encrypt single files or all files in a folder.
• Very simple to use interface.
• Can be used on a USB key.
• Fully Unicode enabled so filenames in any language can be encrypted.
• Files can be opened and decrypted using WinZip 9 and later provided the correct password is used.

Download EncryptOnClick V2.3.0.0

SHA-256 = cdd890f05c38cba47b67757b4ca0b5782d8420f6c6ad739ee4d1f3c641a38e02

DeleteOnClick completely deletes files in one click and the data becomes unrecoverable, and also has the option to wipe free disk space. For this reason you must use the program carefully. Once a file is 'Securely Deleted' no one can undelete it.

License: Freeware and Commercial Software

Additional benefits of the commercial version

• Wipes all file dates before wiping file.
• Wipes file attributes before wiping file.
• Renames files before they are deleted so that anyone trying to undelete cannot even see what the file was called.
• Quickly Wipe Free Disk Space: This will wipe all free space on the disk more quickly but is less secure than the Securely Wipe Free Disk Space option below.
• Securely Wipe Free Disk Space: This will securely wipe all free space on the disk.
• Can securely empty recycle bin.

Download DeleteOnClick V2.4.5.0

SHA-256 = 020deb9112885fad199357a93159f77ebf54d75eb446044aac5e83fdccabd630

PatchOnClick is particularly valuable when frequent updates of files are sent via email, over the Internet, or via a Network.

License: Freeware and Commercial Software

Additional benefits of the commercial version

• Command line parameters may be used.
• Command line (console) version.
• Hash files can be created.
• Patch files can be created using hash files (so the original unmodified file is no longer required).
• Can create self-executing patch files.

Download PatchOnClick V3.7.2.0

SHA-256 = b43e4c2c24febab5002226d88887627e468420feabbf92d082fbb91872d98933

OnClick Utilities is a suite of powerful software programs from 2BrightSparks that will transform your daily computing experience. One help file covers all the programs in the suite. Four programs in the suite are available as freeware and featured above. Enhanced versions of three of these programs are unlocked by paying for a license. Entering the serial number once gives full access to the whole OnClick Utilities Suite.

License: Freeware and Commercial Software

Download OnClick Help

SHA-256 = 620c9edeb275eb55ef12db2fd426bc60fe659efb0c738e15904415eea8129641

Discover SyncBackPro


Windows Backup Software that is free for personal, educational, charity, government, and commercial use.

• No Ads, Viruses, Spyware, Trojans
• No Nags
• No Registration
• No Payments
• No Collection of Demographic Info

Enjoy our freeware and take advantage of our great online support. Visit our Support Area for help, articles, and discussion.


Download SyncBackFree

Since 2BrightSparks first opened its doors in 2004, their freeware has introduced countless individuals, corporations, and organizations to their company. Their free backup software is used on millions of computers every day, and the ever popular EncryptOnClick protects files around the world and keeps data secure.

If you are on a tight budget and a Windows user, SyncBackFree is the perfect solution to backup your files, data and memories. As time moves on and you enjoy the reliability and ease of use of the software, you might consider moving up to the more powerful commercial versions. We let the software be our ambassador - you'll never find adverts or reminders asking you to buy. There are no strings attached, and no registration is required, This approach is far more effective in encouraging long term use, and for those who want additional functionality, there's an easy path to upgrade.

Our Free Software may be used indefinitely for personal, educational, charity, government, and commercial use. It is 100% free with no strings attached.

For our commercial products like SyncBackSE and SyncBackPro, one registered copy of the software may be used by a single person who uses the software personally on up to 5 computers to process personal data (home use). When used to process non-personal data (e.g. the workplace, but including processing non-personal data on a personal computer), a separate license must be purchased for each installation of the program (including one per virtual machine). Installing the program on a single workstation used non-simultaneously by multiple people, counts as one installation.

Enjoy volume discounts for 5 or more licenses. If you require 300 or more licenses, Contact Us Today for special rates.

2BrightSparks is also pleased to offer significant discounts to valid educational and non-profit organizations.

Support for users of our software has always been our top priority. From extensive help files, easy to understand Feature Articles, to hundreds of technical articles in our Knowledge Base.

Review our Support Policy for details about the direct assistance we provide for licensed users.

SyncBackFree History of Changes

  • Fully Windows 10, 8, 7 & Vista Compatible (32/64-bit)
  • Backup - Synchronize - Restore
  • Profile Creation / Restore Wizard
  • Extensive Help File
  • Unicode - FTP - Scheduling
  • Does not use a proprietary file format

Affordable Software for Everyone

Free Backup Software

100% No-Strings Freeware

Help Files Included

SyncBackFree and the fully functioning 30 day trials of SyncBackPro and SyncBackSE can all be installed on the same system at the same time so you can evaluate what works best for you.

SyncBackSE - Buy

Volume Discounts

Volume discounts are available for all software when purchasing 5 or more copies. The discount will be applied automatically in the web store. If you are an educational or non-profit organization you are eligible for an extra 15% discount. See the volume licensing page for more details and to contact us.

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