SyncBackPro V11.3.16.0 Backup Software

The fully functional download is identical for trial users and licensees.

There are two installers: one for User Account Control Administrators only and one that can be used by standard users or Administrators.

Looking for V10? See the Old Versions page.

User Account Control Download SyncBackPro (64-bit)

Download SyncBackPro (64-bit)
Download SyncBackPro PDF Help File | History of Changes | Download Old versions | Download BETA versions

Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista. All server versions of Windows Server from 2008 onwards are supported (except for Core versions of Windows Server as they have no GUI).

Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows are supported. See our KB article for details about switching versions from 32-bit to 64-bit.

All of our installers are signed. Digital signing allows Windows itself to verify that the file is from 2BrightSparks and has not been tampered with. Any modification to a signed file will invalidate the digital signature. If the digital signature is valid then you can be certain it has not been infected with malware or viruses, for example.

You can verify the SHA2-256 hash values using HashOnClick:

User Account Control  SyncBackPro64_Setup.exe 31e3aa5275eb76f7e4a37ed732fdb70179cbcfd5cea0decf1018e95506aeb0b7
User Account Control  SyncBackPro_Setup.exe ff838be114f4610cec467d73f03fd90192bc86c77454b4adf96c2ba086fda699
SyncBackPro64_Setup_NE.exe 3c113f72513e24d6c56c752b57bf0eb7280c745157d346e88213a98c626eee42
SyncBackPro_Setup_NE.exe 2a7dd3b6483f2bb000cd9a61a2fe86fc054f667fa5359b566350e62738ef01e8

One registered copy of the software may be used by a single person who uses the software personally on up to 5 computers to process personal data (home use). When used to process non-personal data (e.g. the workplace, but including processing non-personal data on a personal computer), a separate license must be purchased for each installation of the program (including one per virtual machine). Installing the program on a server, or on a single workstation used non-simultaneously by multiple people, counts as one installation.

Enjoy volume discounts for 2 or more licenses. If you require 300 or more licenses, Contact Us Today for special rates.

Download the SyncBackPro PDF Help File

Support for users of our software has always been our top priority. From extensive help files, easy to understand Feature Articles, to hundreds of technical articles in our Knowledge Base.

Our Support Policy provides details about the direct assistance all licensed users enjoy.

SyncBackPro (64-bit) can also be installed using winget. Simply enter winget install syncbackpro on the command line to install it, or winget upgrade syncbackpro to upgrade it to the latest version. The Administrator installer is used.

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