SyncBack History of Changes

Our software has undergone extensive development and user testing since its inception. This page shows bug fixes and feature improvements that have been made since the official release dates. To see the history of changes for old (unsupported) versions, see our Changes (Old) page.

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You can download BETA versions of our software via the beta downloads page.

Below are the important release dates so far for the SyncBack family of products:

V10.1.24.0 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (14th December 2021)

New (Pro): Option to use LZMA compression for emailing compressed log files (decreases size of Zip by around 30%)
Updated: Czech translations
Updated: The pop-up menu in File & Folder Selection is now split vertically
Updated: Taskbar icon shows paused overlay now even if not using tray icon
Updated: Understands WSL2 path \\wsl.localhost\
Updated: Various small tweaks to the user interface
Updated: When using standard file copying, retry pause is longer with Windows error ERROR_NO_SUCH_DEVICE
Updated (Pro): Enable multi-part uploads with Signature V4 when using Google Storage via S3 compatibility mode
Fixed: Include new files pop-up menu items in File & Folder Selection window were incorrect
Fixed: Password edit boxes color wrong when editing in a dark style
Fixed: Improved FTP/SFTP server disconnection detection when using WoD
Fixed (SE/Pro): File and Folder selections not working with Touch when using variables
Fixed: NTFS security changes with synchronization
Fixed (Pro): Google Drive HTTP 500 error when reading root folder content
Fixed: Crash when scanning a folder that has junction points to drives not mounted via drive letters

V9.5.76.0 SyncBackPro and SyncBackSE (14th December 2021)

Fixed: Include new files pop-up menu items in File & Folder Selection window were incorrect
Fixed: Password edit boxes color wrong when editing in a dark style
Fixed: Improved FTP/SFTP server disconnection detection when using WoD
Fixed (SE/Pro): File and Folder selections not working with Touch when using variables
Fixed (Pro): Google Drive HTTP 500 error when reading root folder content
Fixed: Crash when scanning a folder that has junction points to drives not mounted via drive letters

V10.1.8.0 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (19th November 2021)

Updated: Changed to double-click for Result, Source and Destination columns
Updated (Pro): Improved feedback when creating Sharefile, Sharepoint and Egnyte profiles
Updated: Default exclusion filter now includes *\AppData\Local\Microsoft\WindowsApps\
Fixed: In rare cases the tray icon may not appear on login (due to system load)

V9.5.69.0 SyncBackPro and SyncBackSE (19th November 2021)

Updated: Default exclusion filter now includes *\AppData\Local\Microsoft\WindowsApps\
Fixed: In rare cases the tray icon may not appear on login (due to system load)

V10.1.0.0 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (9th November 2021)

New (Pro): Can now choose to skip offline cloud files (as in previous versions) and/or offline NTFS files (new in this version)
New: Windows 11 styles and styles now loaded from files instead of embedded in executable
New: If using ransomware detection in source and/or destination then log shows if success
Fixed: Styled file open and save dialogs are no longer used
Fixed: Buttons in main interface not resized correctly when changing language
Fixed (Pro): Properly handle special characters in file/folder names in PCloud
Fixed (Pro): Can now upload empty files to PCloud
Fixed (Pro): Objects uploaded to Backblaze B2 with other tools (and invalid properties) may be treated as folders
Fixed: System (notification) tray icon did not reappear if Explorer process restarted
Fixed: New program version window may be too small
Fixed (Pro): Fix a problem in Dropbox and Google Drive where files uploaded by 3rd party apps, or via web, are not been detected as been changed/different
Updated: The display filters in the Differences window are now correct when copying from FTP, Touch, cloud, etc.
Updated (Pro): Can use SSE-C with Backblaze B2 when using S3 compatibility
Updated (Pro): Support new Wasabi endpoint in Japan
Updated: Recompiled using latest compiler
Updated: When copying from destination, e.g. cloud, then it is more likely to be correctly shown in interface
Updated: Icons in user interface and various updates and fixes to interface
Updated (Pro): Change in S3 to always try multipart uploads and determine if the feature is available
Updated (SE/Pro): Logging the reason was files are skipped is now enabled by default for new profiles

V9.5.63.0 SyncBackPro and SyncBackSE (9th November 2021)

Fixed (Pro): Objects uploaded to Backblaze B2 with other tools (and invalid properties) may be treated as folders
Fixed: System (notification) tray icon did not reappear if Explorer process restarted
Fixed: New program version window may be too small
Fixed (Pro): Fix a problem in Dropbox and Google Drive where files uploaded by 3rd party apps, or via web, are not been detected as been changed/different
Updated: Recompiled using latest compiler

V10.0.4.0 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (11th October 2021)

Fixed: Splash window showing when run unattended
Fixed: Typo in version number in rollback text when uninstalling
Fixed: Search results in profile configuration are translated (if not using English)
Updated: French and Polish translations
Updated: The notification (aka system tray) icon will not be hidden on future updates or upgrades
Updated: When importing a group profile SyncBack will state if any invalid profiles were automatically removed from the group

V9.5.55.0 SyncBackPro and SyncBackSE (11th October 2021)

Fixed: Searching within profile configuration may cause crash or lockup
Fixed: Error message when exporting profiles to a drive that cannot be accessed, e.g. its a mapped drive
Fixed (Pro): If using Exchange cloud account then it will now reauthorize (from Cloud Accounts window) if refresh token has expired
Fixed: Files and Folders will be NTFS encrypted/decrypted if watching for changes in File Encryption attribute
Fixed: Search results in profile configuration are translated (if not using English)
Updated: Improve compatibility with ProFTPd
Updated: Tree component
Updated: The notification (aka system tray) icon will not be hidden on future updates or upgrades

V10.0.0.0 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (4th October 2021)

SyncBack Touch is now free for use with SyncBackPro V10 and SyncBackSE V10 (not free with V9 or older)
SyncBack Management Service (SBMS) is now free for use with SyncBackPro V10 (not free with V9 or older)
New (Pro): Support for Citrix ShareFile
New (Pro): Support for pCloud
New (Pro): Object tagging in Amazon S3
New (Pro): Customer-provided encryption key (SSE-C) support for S3 (including Wasabi and Oracle when using S3 compatibility)
New (Pro): Support for newer version of Azure API so the maximum file size has increased along with better performance
New: New FTP and SFTP engine (DevArt)
New: New FTP and SFTP engine (Chilkat)
New: You can now export file and folder selections to a text file or comma-delimited CSV file
New: When restoring you can choose the files and folders that should be checked for restoration
New: Drives tab in Global Settings that shows all connected drives and their status
New: Automatically uses newer Segoe UI Variable font if available (to give better scaling)
New: Splash progress window when starting SyncBack
New: On the main window, you can click on the Result, Source and Destination columns to view the log and open the source/destination location (if applicable)
New (Pro/SE): Global Variables (user-defined variables that can be used by all profiles)
New (Pro/SE): Webhook support (for notifications when a profile ends)
New: When running profiles periodically in the background you can now specify which times it can start in and on which days of the week
New: You can now ignore, or only include, files modified and/or created within a certain time-frame
New: Experimental support for IPV6 with FTP and SFTP
New (Pro/SE): Last Access date & time for files and folders can now be compared and copied
New: Group profile can be configured to abort if any profiles fail
New (Pro/SE): Option to silently fail if no network and/or Internet connection is detected by Windows
New (Pro/SE): Can silently fail if Windows is and/or is not connected to a specific network
New: Option to email log if there are errors or no differences
New (Pro/SE): Log file records total number of versions created and also reports if a version of a file was created
Updated: When profiles are run in parallel there is a large performance improvement
Updated (Pro/SE): Regular Expression filters are much faster
Updated (Pro): Fast Backup can now be used with all cloud services (except Backblaze B2 unless used via the S3 compatibility interface) which can result in much faster backups
Updated (Pro): Improved performance with Egnyte when using versioning or safe copies
Updated (Pro): Reduced memory usage with Box, Google Drive, OneDrive Updated: Faster log file creation (if not using appended text log files)
Updated: Faster profiles backup on program exit
Updated: Faster folder expansion in File and Folder Selection window
Updated: Faster folder listing in File and Folder Selection window for FTP servers that do not support MLSD/MLST
Updated: Faster debug output
Updated (Pro/SE): Support for Rapid Transfer in SyncBack Touch (requires SyncBack Touch V1.5.0 or newer)
Updated (Pro): With SyncBackPro you can choose to use more memory to improve performance or less memory to reduce memory usage
Updated (Pro/SE): Concurrent downloads for large files (Eldos FTP)
Updated: The Windows 10 style now uses the same color icons as the Windows style
Updated: Ransomware detection is now possible with FTP, SFTP, cloud storage, MTP, VHD, remote file-systems and SyncBack Touch
Updated (Pro): TLS V1.2 is now used for all cloud services (the option to use V1.0 or V1.1 is no longer available)
Updated: The default exclusion filters have been updated
Updated (Pro/SE): New Fast Backup re-scan decision variables added, e.g. %DAY_P%
Updated (Pro/SE): Fast Backup re-scan decision can now use less than (<), less than or equal (<=), greater than (>) or greater than or equal (>=)

V9.5.45.0 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (7th September 2021)

New: Rollback settings when returning to V9 after trying V10 (currently in beta)
Fixed (Pro): New Profile wizard was not using global TLS setting
Fixed: When not run elevated, e.g. SyncBackFree, there may be excessive temporary large memory allocations when copying files
Fixed (SE): SyncBackSE 64-bit No Install Zip was using 32-bit WeOnlyDo FTP DLL
Fixed: Properly update Refresh tokens when using EWS for sending out log emails
Fixed: Eldos SFTP was not always reconnecting when it needed to
Fixed: When using a very high DPI the row height was too large when changing the Action in the Differences window
Updated (Pro): For SysLog, it will use severity of Error if profile run fails
Updated (Pro): Now raises error when setting the blob tier fails in Azure

V9.5.36.0 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (28th July 2021)

Updated: Tested on Windows 11 BETA, no issues found
Updated: HTML log file now includes more obvious link to errors and warnings first page
Updated (SE/Pro): You can enter an offline Upgrade Assurance serial number
Fixed: Treeview control (main window, File and Folder selection, Differences window) now works correctly with higher DPI and styles
Fixed: Updated Box to better handle multiple Box profiles running under the same instance using linked account
Fixed: Manifest file was not stating Per Monitor V2 support
Fixed: On lower resolution displays the pop-up menu on the main window and file folder selections is modified to fit
Fixed (Pro): Getting complete list of Containers from Azure Blob Storage may fail
Fixed (Pro): When importing a profile that has a schedule, and shared cloud accounts are used, the schedule may fail to import
Fixed: With Eldos FTP engine, when control channel disconnected it may fail to reconnect
Fixed (Pro): Changes to the way entries are deleted from the cloud (meta-data) database
Fixed (Pro): Remove excess versions when uploading new small files to OneDrive Business/Sharepoint

V9.5.22.0 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (2nd June 2021)

Fixed (Pro): Azure SAS signature was not being restored when the blob service was recreated after a network error
Fixed (Pro): If Box refresh token is invalidated during profile run then profile will now stop
Updated: Columns at bottom-left of Differences window are switched if copying from destination to source
Updated (SE/Pro): WinMerge will be added to Comparison Programs automatically (when opened) if it exists
Updated (Pro): Fine tune behavior for OneDrive HTTP response 400 to retry only when it's a genuine error 400 and not a server failure
Updated (Pro): Translation of invalid filenames setting is now used with Dropbox
Updated (Pro): Egnyte API requests per second improvements
Updated (Pro): Support VPC endpoints with S3
Updated (Pro): Extract additional error messages from Egnyte
Updated (Pro): TLS v1.2 always used for OneDrive/SharePoint (requirement of service)

V9.5.12.0 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (28th April 2021)

Updated (SE/Pro): Improved SMART drive failure detection
Updated: Network profile settings page shows if already connected and as who
Updated (Pro): New Profile Wizard uses unencrypted cloud connection if URL is http
Updated (Pro): Automatically falls back to using path style URL with S3 compatible servers if virtual hostname URL fails
Updated: Easier to select shared settings
Updated (SE/Pro): Worker threads now used if two or more files being uploaded or download with FTP (was previously 5)
Updated (Pro): Backblaze B2 always uses TLS 1.2 (as required)
Fixed: Now compares encrypted file attribute when using FAT/exFAT and Windows 10 or newer
Fixed (Pro): Better at remembering host key for SFTP connections when testing in profile configuration
Fixed (Pro): Fixed manifest file so backup of email with No Install now works
Fixed (Pro): Empty folders on Box considered not to exist
Fixed (Pro): OneDrive Personal, Business and SharePoint improved retries on scanning failure

V9.5.5.0 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (10th March 2021)

New (SE/Pro): (BETA FEATURE) Worker threads are now available for FTP/SFTP so multiple files can be uploaded, downloaded and deleted at the same time
New: Invert selection button in Differences window
New: When using multi-zip the log file now states number of files ignored because filename extension is wrong (no need to enable logging of skipped files)
Updated: Extra debug output for support
Updated: Improved communication with Windows Task Scheduler. If have access rights also checks users permissions with task scheduler.
Updated (Pro): Changed block size calculation for uploading large files to Azure
Updated (SE/Pro): If a SyncBack serial is entered into Touch licensing, and SyncBack is not registered, then it will use serial to register SyncBack
Updated (SE/Pro): SERIALALL and LABELALL variables deprecated and are now same as SERIAL and LABEL
Updated (SE/Pro): Silently failing due to Windows network failure tests for failure earlier but has impact on order of execution
Updated: Numerous updates to FTP to improve performance
Updated: Temporary Zip files are moved by SyncBack instead of zip component (only if not encrypting filenames)
Fixed (Pro): Default to eu-west-1 region when location is set to EU to avoid problems with V4 signature
Fixed (Pro): Egnyte may be failing to set meta-data
Fixed (SE/Pro): FTP components failing to register when used heavily
Fixed (Pro): When changing meta-data on cold storage object (S3 and Azure) then it will retrieve object so it can be changed later instead of failing
Fixed: With multi-zip it was not logging files ignored because they filename extension was wrong (except if using file system)
Fixed: Case change renames for files and directories did not work on exFAT, FAT32 and FAT file systems (requires a two-step rename)
Fixed: When initially creating a new folder with files in it the last modification date of the new folder may be wrong
Fixed (Pro): Fixed "SQLite3 Error 11 - database disk image is malformed" when using cloud

V9.4.14.0 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (18th January 2021)

New: Maximum Compression option in the Technical Support Wizard
Updated: Can use Alt key combinations in main window to show/hide menu at top (Alt-B, Alt-C, Alt-S, Alt-H, Alt-V, Alt-E, Alt-T, Alt-P)
Updated: Can use Alt key combinations in Differences window to show/hide menu at top (Alt-F, Alt-D, Alt-S, Alt-R, Alt-E, Alt-M, Alt-L)
Updated: Passwords can now not be shown unless they are initially blank or become blank
Updated: Dialog text in Dialog Settings now uses default values for variable parts of text
Updated (Pro): Support for short-lived tokens in Dropbox
Updated (Pro): Large performance improvement with delta list scanning on Google Drive, Sharepoint, OneDrive for Business and OneDrive personal
Fixed (SE/Pro): Could wrongly allow delta versioning in profile configuration for destination when using Fast Backup
Fixed: When using multi-zip and file had invalid date and time then it was not compressing it
Fixed (Pro): Change in WebDAV to ignore HTTP error 500 and not retry when trying to move a file if destination path does not exist

V9.4.3.0 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (2nd December 2020)

New: Re-introduced the introduction web page when SyncBack is first run
Updated: Balloon hint displayed in filters window if filters are disabled
Updated: Dutch translations (thanks to René Diepenbroek)
Updated: Italian translations (thanks to Enrico Bella)
Updated: The installer will allow installation even if SyncBack is running (if V9.4.2.19 or earlier is already installed then closing SyncBack may fail, but installation with a reboot is possible)
Updated: The installer will not run if it (the installer) is already running
Updated: The back (arrow) button on main window (shown when choosing Preferences) will go back to burger menu instead of closing the menu
Updated: Can now choose to put computer to sleep or hibernate when profiles finish running
Fixed: When using default style some dialog boxes may have some untranslated buttons
Fixed: Help button in Global Settings went to wrong help file page (pressing F1 was OK)
Fixed: When using volume GUIDs in source and/or destination it was not opening to correct folder (in profile configuration)
Fixed: If files were copied/moved, and the total bytes copied/moved was zero, then the total bytes copied/moved was not logged
Fixed (Pro): With Eldos SFTP it was only using UTF8 if set to always use UTF8
Fixed (Pro): May get access violation if using Engyte and cloud directory does not exist
Fixed (Pro): Avoid problems if user cannot read metadata in Egnyte due to access rights
Fixed (Pro): Error now correctly given if file is too large to upload to OneDrive

V9.4.2.15 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (5th October 2020)

Fixed: French translation causing exception in profile configuration
Fixed: Multi-threaded FTP scanning with WeOnlyDo may cause program crash
Fixed (Pro): WebDAV failing to connect to some servers
Updated: The default buffer size for file copying has been increased from 128KB to 2048KB
Updated: The backup copy method internal buffer size has been increased from 128KB to 2048KB
Updated (SE/Pro): When using a sync profile the default storage location for versions is now a sub-folder of the base folder
Updated: Estimated time left is more accurate when copying a mix of large and small files

V9.4.2.10 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (21st September 2020)

New: Edit Schedule button now has drop-down menu so can create a schedule to run only when logged on (no password required in this case)
Updated: Fewer prompts about removing blank password restriction when creating schedules
Updated (Pro): Cloud Accounts can now be re-authorized
Updated: SBCMount has been removed and will be automatically deleted when updating
Updated (Pro): Microsoft OneDrive for Business and SharePoint now use separate and different application IDs, old ones still supported
Updated: Run history now records reason profile was run (trigger)
Fixed (Pro): WebDAV not working due to change of compiler
Fixed (Pro): Folder names containing single quotes could not be created on Google Drive
Fixed (Pro): Date and time parsing for Egnyte
Fixed (Pro): Some filenames, with a percentage sign in them, on some cloud services, may not work properly
Fixed: Show/hide horizontal lines setting not remembered
Fixed: /verysilent and /silent uninstall command line parameters were prompting about keeping settings
Fixed: When creating new shared settings the settings changed on sub-pages were not initially saved

V9.4.1.1 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (13th August 2020)

New: In Burger Menu - > Preferences you can now choose to show horizontal and/or vertical grid lines
Updated: Recompiled using latest compiler
Updated (Pro/SE): Can right-click on status bar and choose to show/hide Upgrade Assurance details
Updated: When click on status bar the About window is only shown if first part of status bar is clicked
Fixed: May have crash when using OneDrive on local filesystem

V9.4.0.7 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (11th August 2020)

New (Pro/SE): Pop-up menu item in main window to force a rescan for all selected Fast Backup profiles
New: Right-click on column headers in main window to show/hide columns
New: Copy/Delete -> Warning now has option to abort profile if too many files are going to be copied/moved
Updated: When mounting VHD/VHDX files, and the file is read-only, then it is automatically mounted as read-only
Updated (Pro/SE): Can now verify and hash compare local/network files that previously gave access denied error
Updated: With the error "Cannot copy file (87): The parameter is incorrect" it will retry more and with longer pauses between retries
Updated (Pro): Changes to support Google Drive shortcuts in root folder
Fixed: Importing a profile while profile selected may create a new profile using a link
Fixed: Desktop notifications sometimes using wrong title
Fixed: As per Microsoft guidelines, on Windows 8 and newer the installers now have a single shortcut to SyncBack in the start menu, no sub-folder or other links
Fixed: Action to perform when profiles end defaulted to Shutdown after a profile was modified or global settings changed
Fixed (Pro): Egnyte timestamps format may be wrong due to different locale
Fixed (Pro): Minor fix in WebDAV to ignore progress callback if total size is negative

V9.3.40.0 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (1st July 2020)

New (Pro): S3 compatibility support for Oracle Cloud
New (Pro): Option to record files that could not be retrieved because they are in cold storage as warnings instead of errors
New: Can choose not to copy reparse (Junction) point files (these are often symbolic links on Windows Subsystem for Linux)
New: Option to record files that could not be copied because they are locked (open) as warnings instead of errors
New: -vgn command line parameter to run a profile as part of a group (so the group variables can be used by the profile)
Updated (Pro): With SFTP keyboard authentication, all SFTP engines will default to using SFTP password if user cannot be prompted
Updated (Pro): S3 endpoints
Updated: On Differences window, the pop-up menu now lets you choose an action even if it does not apply to all selected items
Updated: When filters are changed there are now fewer prompts to change existing file and folder selections to match new filters
Updated: SmartFTP is deprecated and will be removed in future versions
Updated: OpenSSL libraries
Fixed (Pro/SE 64-bit): The installer was not detecting if SyncBackPro/SE was running
Fixed: If the source or destination path is a symbolic link to a UNC path then it may fail
Fixed: When using multi-zip it would record missing files as errors even when configured to record them as warnings

V9.3.30.0 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (13th May 2020)

New (Pro): Support for S3 compatibility interface to Backblaze B2 (BETA)
Updated: The filename sort order is now the same as in Windows File Explorer (Differences, File & Folder Selection and Directory Selection windows)
Updated (Pro/SE): Client certificate support when using WeOnlyDo FTP with FTPS
Updated (Pro): Log file now shows total cloud throttling time (if there was throttling)
Updated (Pro): For Egnyte maximum worker threads, upload/download threads and scan threads is now 12
Fixed: Log file was not showing total time worker threads waited for work
Fixed: May fail to reconnect correctly to FTP server when scanning and using WeOnlyDo
Fixed: Restore Wizard may show duplicate rollback dates
Fixed (Pro): Correctly handle non-default S3 endpoints when using Signature V4
Fixed (Pro): Files may get uploaded with zero file size to some cloud services if "Access Denied" error raised when reading the file
Fixed (Pro): There was no debug log when using Google Photos
Fixed (Pro): Can now set file dates and times with SFTP WeOnlyDo when Unicode filename

V9.3.17.0 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (13th April 2020)

Updated: Improved auto-switching to active mode detection with FTP
Fixed (SE/Pro): Displaying the wrong error message when trying to connect to SyncBack Touch while outside its home network
Fixed: Filters were listed twice in HTML log file
Fixed: V9.3.4.0 introduced a bug where symbolic links were not recongized
Fixed: Will now disconnect from (Windows) network if configured to do so in some circumstances
Fixed (Pro): The Metadata Template ID was not set correctly causing upload failures with Dropbox

V9.3.11.0 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (18th March 2020)

New: New variables %CRLF%, %CR% and %LF%
Updated: New help file compiler version, but no difference should be seen in help file
Fixed: Use of SITE command with WeOnlyDo FTP was causing unexpected termination of SyncBack
Fixed: Will now correctly use SITE UTIME to set file modification date and time when using Eldos FTP

V9.3.4.0 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (3rd March 2020)

Updated: Full expand of a folder in File and Folder selection window can now be aborted
Updated: Faster folder expansion in File and Folder selection window
Updated: Uninstall will remind you of profile and settings backups if you select to uninstall all settings and profiles
Fixed (Pro): Hash/pound sign (#) can now be used in filenames with WebDAV
Fixed: Errors when sending email (log) to encrypted mail servers

V9.3.3.0 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (24th February 2020)

Updated: Much faster sorting (and loading) of the Differences window results
Fixed: When using multi-threaded scanning, and WeOnlyDo FTP engine, it may fail to download or upload files to root folder
Fixed: When using WeOnlyDo FTP, the create date and time may be wrong
Fixed (Pro): Error message displayed when switching from FTP to SFTP and already have a key file selected
Fixed: History->Detailed list blank if monitor DPI over 100% and default columns not used
Fixed: Debug flushing setting not saved on Technical Support Wizard
Fixed: SSL/TLS error when sending email

V9.2.39.0 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (11th February 2020)

Fixed: WeOnlyDo FTP manifest change was causing issues, reverted back

V9.2.38.0 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (11th February 2020)

Updated: Support for OAUTH2 with cloud-based Office 365 email
Updated: WeOnlyDo FTP details added to manifest file so DLL registration not required (useful for No Install version)
Updated (Pro): Change in OneDrive/SharePoint API, not to try to commit the large file upload manually if it fails on the first fragment
Updated (Pro): Egnyte using TLS 1.2 at a minimum. Is a requirement of the cloud service from March 2020 onwards.
Fixed: When restoring multi-zip files from FTP (and not using WeOnlyDo) then it may fail to restore some files
Fixed (Pro/SE): 64-bit installer was installing WeOnlyDo DLL's to a sub-folder
Fixed (Pro/SE): Can now access WSL shares on Windows 10

V9.2.30.0 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (6th January 2020)

New (Pro/SE): Profiles set to run periodically or when files are changed can now be added to the queue instead of being run immediately
Updated (Pro): TLS 1.2 is now always used with Box
Updated: The option of what to do when all profiles end is now saved
Updated (Pro): In the New Profile Wizard there is an add button to manually add a cloud bucket
Updated (Pro/SE): SSL connections are re-used with FTPS when using Eldos FTP engine (already does this with WeOnlyDo)
Updated (Pro): Better OneDrive throttling handling when an error occurs during fragmented upload
Updated: Network profile settings tab now always visible
Updated: Profile remembers what the destination was previously so can revert back to it in future via profile config
Updated: Default FTP engine is now WeOnlyDo for FTP, FTPS and SFTP
Updated: Using newer compiler (Delphi 10.3.3)
Updated: For passive connections, "always use the servers IP address" setting now for all FTP engines
Updated: Russian translations
Updated: If file and folder selections are disabled then prompted if want to reset the selections (delete selections database)
Updated (Pro): Better fault tolerance when scanning Dropbox
Updated: First column in Details list on History tab can now be resized
Fixed: Windows positions when taskbar is on left or top of screen
Fixed: You can now rename a profile to the same name but with different case
Fixed: RMDA FTP command fails when directory to delete is the base directory
Fixed (SE): The 64-bit No Install release had the wrong non-admin manifest file
Fixed (Pro/SE): When using parallel compression or cloud transfers, in rare cases it may fail to end the profile
Fixed (Pro): Failed to download empty files from OneDrive
Fixed (Pro): Now able to get symbolic link target details with WeOnlyDo SFTP. Warning! This fix means directories previously seen as files will now be correctly identified as directories. This means files not previously included in the profile may now be.
Fixed (Pro): Source file attributes lost if large number of files
Fixed: When changing filter type from default was prompted each time filter window opened
Fixed (Pro): Can get stuck in a loop when getting an error uploading to WebDAV
Fixed: Now reconnects to FTP correctly when no transfer time limit exceeded
Fixed: Selections no longer lost when using SHIFT and UP/DOWN keys
Fixed (Pro): When uploading single Zip to Google Drive, the delete to trash setting is now respected

V9.2.12.0 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (11th November 2019)

New (Pro): Can mute Dropbox desktop app notifications on file uploads
New (Pro): Added option to skip OneNote files or not (default is to skip them)
New (Pro): Can automatically purge native file versions on OneDrive Business, Sharepoint and Google Drive
New: Hot-tracking option in Preferences (for main window, tree explorer and differences window)
Updated (Free): Profile list is automatically refreshed when restoring from minimized
Updated (SE/Pro): Provides link to KB article on 450 TLS session of data connection errors when using SmartFTP FTP engine
Updated (SE/Pro): Improved performance when using SyncBack Monitor
Fixed: Left tab width in profile configuration remembered
Fixed (Pro): May ignore failures getting metadata from some cloud services
Fixed (Pro): With WebDAV, fails to find sub-folders with the same name as their parent folder
Fixed (Pro): OneDrive Business endpoint parser
Fixed (Pro): Backup read fallback method was not being used with Dropbox and WebDAV
Fixed: Run menu from profiles pop-up always ran attended
Fixed: Scrolled to top after last profile finished
Fixed (Pro): When using multi-threaded transfers the profile may terminate unexpectedly
Fixed (SE/Free): WeOnlyDo and Eldos FTP engines not working

V9.1.12.0 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (7th October 2019)

New (Pro): Google Photos (BETA)
New (Pro): Can now choose Dropbox Teams root folder instead of users home folder (Dropbox Business)
Updated: Files with temporary attribute are no longer ignored by default
Updated: When searching for files, or getting a list of files, on a drive or network share, it will retry when it can
Updated (Pro): SHA-256 used for File Integrity with FTP servers that support it and if FTP engine supports it
Updated (Pro): Can select and upload multiple profiles to SBMS service
Updated (Pro): Changes in S3 for better V4 signing support in Wasabi, plus support for Wasabi regions
Fixed (SE/Pro): Could not change number of threads to use for multi-threaded copy
Fixed (SE/Pro): Getting hash values of files on some non-standard FTP servers when using wodFTP FTP engine
Fixed: When uploading a file to FTP, and safe copy is used, the existing file permissions are retained (if the FTP server supports CHMOD extension)
Fixed: The wodFTP FTP engine did not get file permissions on UNIX systems
Fixed: Can now unlink GMail OAUTH if it was being used in a profile
Fixed (Pro): Was setting meta-data on folders to indicate they were files
Fixed (Pro): When using worker threads then may have failed to delete old Backblaze B2 file versions
Fixed (Pro): May ignore failures getting metadata from S3 and compatible services
Fixed (Pro): Unhandled exception when choosing WebDAV folder and connection details were invalid

V9.0.9.14 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (28th August 2019)

New: HTML log will show hits on filters (if default DOS filters are used)
Updated: Installer updated, modern interface and prompts, better DPI scaling, splash image no longer displayed
Updated: The installer and SyncBack executable will no longer run on Windows XP or Windows 2003 (which are not supported). V9.0.8.15 was the last version that can be installed and run on XP/2003.
Updated: Changed method to detect if a window is off-screen
Updated (Pro): Better progress feedback when getting file listings
Updated (Pro): Supports Amazon S3 in China
Updated: The default (DOS) filters are much faster
Updated (Pro): Rackspace/Openstack segments now go in a separate folder
Updated (Pro): Rackspace/Openstack segment sizes changed from 10MB to 50MB
Updated (Pro): OneDrive API now downloads files in parts to get around expired tokens issue
Updated (Pro): Amazon Cloud Drive no longer available (Amazon has stopped 3rd party access)
Updated: Gmail OAUTH2 authentication removed
Fixed (Pro): Automatically retries Backblaze B2 file download if data received is corrupt
Fixed (Pro): Could use more than maximum number of allowed parts for file uploads (Rackspace/Openstack)
Fixed (Pro): For Google Drive the file creation date and time is used if file has invalid last modification date and time
Fixed: For some multi-monitor configurations the window positions were restored wrongly

IMPORTANT! The installer, and SyncBack, will no longer run on Windows XP/2003.

IMPORTANT! Amazon Cloud Drive is no longer available.

V9.0.8.15 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (31st July 2019)

New: Can set schedule to shutdown, reboot, etc. once profiles finish
New: For passive connections, always use the servers IP address setting for FTP
New (Free): Profiles can now be password protected from modification and deletion
Updated (Pro): Can now use Glacier and Deep Archive storage class for Amazon S3
Updated: On schedule form can now press OK on Settings page
Updated: Portuguese (Brazilian) translations
Updated: Hungarian translations
Updated (Pro): The received date and time of emails can be changed when doing an email backup
Fixed: Run history is not copied with a profile
Fixed: Folders in task scheduler are not created unless a schedule is created
Fixed (Pro): If there are approx. over 175,000 files on the Differences window, it may wrongly show that they have versions
Fixed: On Differences window when selecting files with Shift-Up and Shift-Down it now updates display immediately
Fixed (SE/Pro): Does not fail to scan files when receiving invalid dates from SyncBack Touch
Fixed (SE/Pro): Sometimes crashing when using Pushover
Fixed: When using WeOnlyDo FTP engine it may crash if debugging is not enabled
Fixed: The mini-progress bar in the profile list was not updating
Fixed: Time edit controls are now 24-hour without the spin buttons
Fixed: The Add and Remove buttons were not visible on the Compression -> Compressed profile settings page
Fixed (Pro): Egnyte timestamps were ignored if no metadata available
Fixed: When Ctrl-Alt-Del pressed then SyncBack was asking to delete the selected profile(s)

IMPORTANT! If you are using Google Storage (not via the S3 interface) then you must switch to using private keys due to security restrictions Google are implementing. See our KB article for details.

IMPORTANT! Google are also implementing security restrictions on access to Gmail. If you are using Gmail with SyncBack you may need to switch to using application passwords. See our KB article for details.

V9.0.7.10 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (1st June 2019)

SyncBack Monitor first released.
New: Completely new modern and clean user interface with an optional dark mode. All the graphics have been changed. Care has been taken to simplify and modernize the interface but keeping it familiar to users of older versions.
New: Per-monitor DPI scaling, so windows are scaled depending on the monitor they are on
New: The default font is now larger, and the same font as used in Windows 10 (Segoe UI 10 point)
New: The log file has been modernized and improved to make it clearer. The HTML log file now includes embedded graphics. More summary detail also provided. It also now shows the total time a profile was paused.
New: In the Tree Explorer window, you can now include/exclude files/folders without needing to first expand the folder In the Tree Explorer window, you can now include/exclude files/folders and apply to all sub-folders
New: The File & Folder Selection window, Differences window and File Prompt window now shows the source on the left when the profile is a backup/mirror from FTP, cloud, etc. to a local drive
New: New simplified Restore wizard. Includes option not to move files on restore and other options.
New: In the main window you can filter based on the profile name
New: In File & Folder selections, you can export and import the selections
New: When profiles finish, SyncBack can now automatically exit, reboot or logout instead of just shutting down
New: The File & Folder selections window now has last modified column
New: Non-critical errors have been removed and are now warnings
New: You can now list all the shared settings, which profiles are using them (if any) and delete the unused ones
New: You can now skip a SyncBack new version. For example, if you are on v9.0 and v9.1 is available then you can ignore the new version. If a version is ignored, you will not be prompted again until a newer version, e.g. V9.2, is available. However, if you do a manual update check then it will always tell you a newer version is available.
New (SE/Pro): Delta-copy versioning when copying files from one file system to another. Only the changes between files are stored, which greatly reduces disk space for large files such as virtual machines, databases, etc.
New (Pro): OVH cloud support added
New (Pro): hubiC cloud support added
New (Pro): WebDAV support added
New (Pro): Egnyte support added
New (Pro): Supports restoring files archived in Azure
New (Pro): S3 Storage Class and new Azure Blob Tier. Previously could only set S3 Storage class, but now can do it with Azure.
New (Pro): Supports One Zone-Infrequent Access and Intelligent Tiering storage classes on Amazon S3
New (Pro): Can now use Service Account Private Key files with Google Storage
New (SE/Pro): Can use Bing speech, so native language speech supported
New (SE/Pro): Two new FTP/FTPS engines and one new SFTP engine added for improved FTP server compatibility
New (SE/Pro): Supports new faster scanning method in CompleteFTP (requires V12.1.0 or newer)
New (SE/Pro): FTP support improved (MFF, RMDA and AVBL supported). Tested again with FTP servers to improve performance and compatibility.
New (SE/Pro): FTP time zone setting improved (if you use ! as first character then it overrides what the FTP server reports, e.g. !-480)
New (SE/Pro): Can restore from multi-zip files copied from an FTP server to a local drive
New (SE/Pro): Delta-copy (over the network) upload and download to SyncBack Touch (Windows only)
New (SE/Pro): Can shutdown remote Touch server (Android only, must be V1.3.11 or newer of Touch)
New (SE/Pro): Better user feedback when searching for SyncBack Touch devices
New (SE/Pro): A new Android, SyncBack Monitor, application which you can use to stop, start, pause and resume profiles running on your computer (on the same local network)
New (SE/Pro): Parallel file multi-zip (when copying to or from internal/external drive, network share, etc.)
New (SE/Pro): Parallel local file deletes (internal/external drive, network share, etc.)
New (Pro): Parallel cloud file uploads and downloads: S3, Azure, Egnyte, Backblaze B2, Rackspace/OpenStack and Google Storage (if using private key)
New (SE/Pro): Profile backups are now much faster
New: In a profile schedule you can now view/set run time limit
New: In a profile schedule you can now decide what to do if scheduled task is already running
New: When creating new schedules, the default is not to run the schedule again if it is already running. In V8 it would run it in parallel, which can cause issues as the same profile cannot be run in parallel.
New (SE/Pro): Files the user does not have read access rights to can now be copied to the cloud, FTP, FTPS, SFTP, Touch and MTP. Also, files copied from the cloud can replace local files the user does not have write access rights to.
New (Pro): SMART checks also check the drive health. Extra detailed information about the drive is logged.
New (SE/Pro): Option to skip temporary files (enabled by default)
New (SE/Pro): Can choose to version deleted and replaced files, only replaced files or only deleted files
New: Now works with Sandboxie
Updated (Pro): Uses new Azure REST API, so can upload larger files (4.75 TB)
Updated (Pro): Dropbox API updated
Updated (Pro): Backblaze B2 API updated
Updated: The Zip option "Try and compress files that are being used" has been replaced by the Copy/Delete option "When copying files, stop other processes from modifying them during the copy". This is TRUE by default. It applies to any local copy, i.e. Zip, Cloud, MTP and Touch.
Updated (Pro): When using SecureZip, can add files with filename lengths over 260 characters. The maximum filename length of the Zip file itself is still limited to 260 characters.
Updated: When a profile is queued, the visual group it is in (if it is in one) is now used. This helps with profile variables, for example

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