SyncBack History of Changes

Our software has undergone extensive development and user testing since its inception. This page shows bug fixes and feature improvements that have been made since the official release dates. To see the history of changes for old (unsupported) versions, see our Changes (Old) page.

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Below are the important release dates so far for the SyncBack family of products:

V11.1.1.0 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (28th August 2023)

Fixed: Scheduler Monitor incorrectly states profiles not run by scheduler

V11.0.1.0 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (28th August 2023)

New: Chunked upload support for Box
Updated: About window shows some system info
Updated: Logging of reason why files skipped is no longer enabled by default
Updated: Swedish translations
Updated: Scheduler Monitor service modified to try and avoid warning about schedules that were run later when missed (e.g. computer off)
Fixed (Pro): Stop retrying to create folders on Egnyte if it already exists
Fixed (Pro): Egnyte now allows files with DWL, DWL1, DWL2 extensions to be uploaded
Fixed (Pro): Better handling of expired access tokens when using Backblaze
Fixed (Pro/SE): Out of memory error when using LZMA2 with very large files and no Zip temp directory specified
Fixed: Sometimes crashes on variables window in profile configuration
Fixed (Pro): Retrieves all SharePoint Document libraries in the case the user has more than 200 libraries per site

V10.2.138.0 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE (28th August 2023)

Updated (Pro): S3 regions
Updated: About window shows some system info
Fixed (Pro): Change for AWS S3 to ignore socket error 10060 when in thread operation, in order to give the thread a chance to retry
Fixed (Pro): Creating S3 buckets in newer regions
Fixed (Pro): Stop retrying to create folders on Egnyte if it already exists
Fixed (Pro): Egnyte now allows files with DWL, DWL1, DWL2 extensions to be uploaded
Fixed (Pro): Better handling of expired access tokens when using Backblaze
Fixed: Sometimes crashes on variables window in profile configuration
Fixed (Pro): Retrieves all SharePoint Document libraries in the case the user has more than 200 libraries per site

V11.0.0.25 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (23rd July 2023)

New: You can enable or disable existing scheduled tasks for a profile
New (Pro/SE): %IGNORE_ERR% variable to use with %LABEL=%, %SERIAL=% and %HWSERIAL=%
Updated (Pro/SE): When creating shortcuts to run profile it will take into account if profile must or must not be run elevated
Updated: Updated French, Dutch, Finnish, Italian and Russian translations
Updated: Scheduler Monitor Service notifications now shows date and time profile was supposed to be run
Updated: Scheduler Monitor Service notifications window only appears once (and is updated)
Updated: Scheduler Monitor Service notifications will indicate if there is a problem updating the warnings
Updated (Pro): S3 regions
Updated (Pro): When an action cannot be performed it is now clear if it is due to SBMS or group policy settings
Updated (Pro/SE): Increase connection reliability with Touch on Android (V1.7.7 and newer)
Fixed (Pro): Change for AWS S3 to ignore socket error 10060 when in thread operation, in order to give the thread a chance to retry
Fixed (Pro): Incorrect alignment for Connections list in Secrets Manager
Fixed (Pro): Creating S3 buckets in newer regions
Fixed (Pro/SE): The bypass UAC task scheduler entry had same name as run on login

V11.0.0.15 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (3rd July 2023)

A new freeware SysLog server and client has been released.

New: Scheduler Monitor Service introduced which can help detect profiles that are not being run by the Windows Task Scheduler
New (Pro/SE): 7zip compatible LZMA2 compression and encryption (the Zip header can be encrypted so the contained filenames cannot be seen)
New (Pro): Secrets Manager to store usernames, passwords and private keys
New (Pro): Files can be copied from HTTP
New (SE): SyncBackSE now supports LZMA and BZip2 compression along with the new LZMA2 compression and encryption. This also means email log files can use higher compression (LZMA)
New (Pro/SE): You can automatically download files from HTTP, when using FTP, to increase performance
New (Pro/SE): Group Queue profiles. These are similar to the traditional Groups except you can configure how a profile in the group queue is run (e.g. an Integrity check) and the same profile can be in a group queue multiple times. They also use fewer resources.
New (Pro): Cloudflare R2 support (S3 compatible service)
New (Pro): Support for SSE-C with native Backblaze B2
New (Pro/SE): Option to compress network traffic (SMB, Windows 10 or better)
New (Pro): Script Debugging
New: You can now choose an action to take if two files are considered to be identical
New: All system volumes can be accessed with the path \\?\
New: New shared settings can be created from the Manage Shared Settings window. Previously they could only be created when modifying a profile.
New: Shared settings can be modified from the Manage Shared Settings window. Previously they could only be modified when modifying a profile that uses those shared settings.
New: You can rename shared settings from the Manage Shared Settings window.
New: Shared settings can be exported and imported from the Manage Shared Settings window.
New: File copying methods can be tested
New: In the Differences window, you can filter based on the filename or extension. Wildcards (* and ?) are supported
New: In the Differences window, you can configure it so that a double-click on a folder will automatically add it to the filter so only that directory and its contents are shown
New: In the Differences window, there are more filter options. You can also click on the Totals grid to filter.
New: A hotkey can be defined for SyncBack itself (the hotkey is shown in the tray icon hint)
New: A new profile configuration page (Links) has been created to centralize settings related to shortcuts, offline files, symbolic links, hard links, etc.
New: On the profile History page you can export all the history
New: In the Global Settings you can re-order the tabs
New: When modifying a group you can use drag and drop to re-order profiles in a group and to add or remove profiles from the group
New: The HTML log file now includes a bar chart for easy comparison of the number of files copied on previous runs (last 7)
New (Pro/SE): Profiles can be configured to run elevated or not elevated. When scheduling such profiles the scheduler is configured as appropriate.
New (Pro/SE): In Global Settings you can configure Windows to allow elevated processes like SyncBackPro and SyncBackSE to see mapped network drives.
New (Pro/SE): In Global Settings you can configure create a shortcut to run SyncBackPro or SyncBackSE elevated without a UAC prompt.
New: Console input (stdin) can be sent to the Run Before and Run After programs from a file
New: Console output (stdout) from Run Before and Run After can be recorded in the log file
New: Option to Run After only if the profile failed
New: Profiles (including groups) can be run automatically when the screen saver is activated or the display is powered off
New: You can ignore files accessed (or not accessed) between dates or since a date
New: For Junction Points, you can ignore all of them (as per V10 and earlier), ignore only Windows backward compatibility junction points or not ignore them
New (Pro/SE): File hard links can be identified and copied as hard links
New (Pro/SE): File symbolic links can be copied and re-mapped
New (Pro/SE): Directory symbolic links and junction/reparse points can be copied and re-mapped
New: Option to ignore hidden and system folders
New: Option to ignore pinned files and directories
New: Option to ignore unpinned files and directories
New: Option to ignore placeholder directories
New (Pro/SE): When running a profile as a Restore you can create a Windows System Restore Point.
New: Full (absolute) paths can now be used in filters
New (Pro): New script constants, e.g. HoursPerDay
New (Pro): New script functions, e.g. IntRoundTo
New (Pro): New script properties in SBRunning: LeftType, RightType, LeftIsSource
New (Pro): New script object SBProfiles
New (SE/Pro): -profaffinity command line parameter
New (Pro): Windows Group Policy settings (ADMX) are available.
Updated: No more button panels for menus, instead main menus are used
Updated: Greatly increased group filtering performance (when listing only profiles not in a group)
Updated: Drives tab on Global Settings initialized faster
Updated: The Tree Explorer, File Collision and Differences windows show if a file or directory is a link and details on it (if the profile is configured appropriately)
Updated: The Differences window has been updated so when using a dark style the details at the bottom are dark
Updated: To save space, leading and trailing slashes are no longer shown in the Differences window
Updated: The New Profile Wizard lets you create Group Queue profiles
Updated: The Filters window shows hints for items that are too wide to display entirely, or it contains variables
Updated: The Restore Wizard automatically hides the History tab if there is no history for the profile
Updated: The scheduler window now clearly shows if the schedule is daily, weekly or monthly
Updated: The log file no longer includes unused filter information and instead only shows filters that have been used
Updated: The log file now splits up the files copied etc. into their own sections. Previously there was only one section ("Copied, deleted, renamed, and changed (123)"), but now they are split into Changes, Copied, Deleted and Renamed
Updated (Pro/SE): For the webhook calls, if there is no JSON then a GET call is made instead of a POST call
Updated (Pro): With SyncBack Touch you can now use both Windows Impersonation and SBMS for login for extra security and control
Updated (Pro): The Azure Speech API has been updated
Updated (Pro): With Dropbox the native SHA256 hash is automatically used for verification and hash comparison
Updated (Pro): When creating new scripts, a simple starting template is used as a basis
Updated: When emailing the log you can choose Direct Send for a simpler configuration
Updated: When battery saver is enabled in Windows, all running profile are paused and background backups are not started
Updated: If power is switched to a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) then it is treated as battery saving
Updated: When a profile is run it SyncBack checks to see if a two or more drives are using the same label or have the same serial (if you are using the label or serial variables)
Updated: SysLog supports RFC5424
Updated: Extensive improvements to creating schedules so SyncBack can detect if the user has the access rights to create schedules
Updated: When scheduling profiles configured to run elevated or not elevated the scheduler is configured as appropriate.

V10.2.129.0 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (3rd July 2023)

Updated: Checking for access rights to create scheduled tasks
Updated: Support for rollback from SyncBack V11
Fixed (Pro): When using EWS the email address may not be returned
Fixed (Pro): Retry when Wasabi returns a "Temporarily Unavailable" error
Fixed: When using minimize on close the window may appear when DPI changed

V10.2.122.0 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (23rd May 2023)

Updated: Possible crash on program start on pre-Windows 10, e.g. Windows Server 2016
Updated: Profiles that run On Change do not use too many resources when they are using invalid directories
Updated: Manifest file corrected so interface scales correctly on Windows Server 2016
Updated: Connection timeout for email (send and retrieve) changed to 15 seconds from 60 seconds
Fixed: Possible loop when profile run On Change and set to delete all empty directories and there are non-empty read-only directories
Fixed: Default settings when using Microsoft SMTP email servers
Fixed (Pro): Unable to change SBMS connection settings if not an SBMS administrator

V10.2.116.0 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (9th May 2023)

Fixed (Pro): Set timestamps when using Chilkat and SSH File Transfer Protocol version less than 6
Fixed (Pro): Modifying SBMS connection settings
Fixed: Ransomware detection when restoring

V10.2.112.0 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (18th April 2023)

New: %ACTUALSOURCE% and %ACTUALDEST% variables
New: Can scroll Advanced tab of Restore Wizard using mouse wheel
Fixed: Main window not maximizing on start
Fixed: Stack overflow (and crash) when scanning (due to getting symbolic link last access date and time)
Fixed: SyncBack would sometimes raise an error that a SyncBack Touch drive did not exist
Fixed (Pro): Change in SharePoint to try redirecting downloads with more than one redirections
Fixed (Pro): Do not invalidate access token if error is 403 Forbidden as it may end in a loop and cause the server to invalidate the refresh token (OneDrive)
Fixed: Advanced tab of Restore Wizard sometimes did not show scroll bars unless resized
Fixed: Windows shortcut configured to start SyncBack minimized or maximized was not starting SyncBack correctly
Fixed: If Windows shortcut starts SyncBack minimized then no splash windows displayed

V10.2.99.0 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (8th March 2023)

New: Will use SYNCBACKTEMP environment variable as directory for all temporary files if it exists
Updated: Numerous updates to creating, modifying and deleting schedules and help file updated
Fixed (Pro): When using shared settings the refresh token may not be updated while multiple profiles using same cloud are being run
Fixed (Pro): Unable to select Ransomware file when using Google Drive
Fixed (Pro): Was trying to delete legacy folders from Azure
Fixed: Rollback pop-up menu in Restore Wizard was not initialized unless History tab was displayed
Fixed: Fixes for DPI and small font size

V10.2.88.0 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (4th January 2023)

New: Can press F5 to refresh Differences window
New: Double-click can now run or queue a profile unattended
Updated (Pro/SE): Quick settings option in Log settings for a profile
Updated (Pro/SE): Can use the "Do not store password" option when creating scheduled tasks on Windows 10
Updated (Pro/SE): Mouse cursor changes when hovering over versions icon in Differences window
Updated (Pro/SE): Non-elevated version of SyncBack also installed
Updated: Option to forcibly disconnect network connections
Updated (Pro): hubiC cloud service has been discontinued
Updated: Italian translations and tweaks to interface for Italian
Updated: Can select directory when using volume GUID and not drive letter
Updated (Pro/SE): Ransomware protection filename for profile is changed to use drive serial instead of letter
Fixed (Pro): You cannot use archival fast backup when using cloud
Fixed (Pro/SE): FTP concurrent downloads
Fixed: The uninstaller displayed access violation error if uninstalling and never ran SyncBack
Fixed: Hash values for files over 4GB may be incorrect
Fixed (Pro/SE): Webhook and Pushover failure notification messages will now be sent for critical failures
Fixed (Pro): For pCloud, the option to delete all files and folders did not delete sub-folders
Fixed: Parallel compression may not work when run from schedule
Fixed: When compressing to a single file the NTFS security is taken from the temp directory

V10.2.68.0 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (10th October 2022)

Fixed (Pro/SE): With Touch, junction points were always ignored
Fixed (Pro/SE): With Touch, recursive/repeated junction points were not detected
Fixed: EWS send mail failed with 32-bit SyncBack
Fixed (Pro): TStringlist constructor in scripting, help file also updated
Fixed (Pro): Plus character (+) in folder/file name could cause problems with Google Drive
Fixed (Pro): Some script functions were returning source file size instead of destination
Fixed (Pro): RunRunBeforeBefore, RunRunAfterBefore script functions not called
Fixed (Pro): S3 compatibility fix
Updated (Pro/SE): Installation not allowed on Windows Server Core installations
Updated: Merged the Compression and Compression->Encryption profile settings pages
Updated: If there are no profiles then the New profile button will flash
Updated: Compiled using latest release of Delphi
Updated (Pro): New script function SBSystem.ShowMessage
Updated (Pro): Running script section updated to show order of calls to script
Updated: The Action selection is now a pop-up menu on the Differences window
Updated: The New Files and New Folders selection is now a pop-up menu on the File and Folder selection window
Updated (Pro/SE): The FTP keep alive option now works with Chilkat FTP engine, but implemented in a different way
Updated (Pro/SE): Can specify active FTP port range with Chilkat FTP engine
Updated (Pro/SE): Chilkat FTP can now forcibly use LIST instead of MLST
New: Reset buttons on Compare Options->Date Time
New: In the Restore wizard you can double-click on a History row to use that date and time for rollback

V10.2.49.0 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (16th August 2022)

Fixed: Handling of Alt key and shortcuts in main and Differences window
Fixed: Decryption profile settings page did not allow revert or copy from another profile
Fixed: The filter hit count in the log for folders may be twice the expected result
Fixed: Will not use default new profile location, e.g. cloud, when creating new profile and cloud not used in wizard, for example
Fixed: If Errors tab is displayed, and profile prompts with error message at end, then could not click OK
Updated (Pro): Added support for new AWS S3 Hong Kong region
Updated (Pro): Improved support for IBM Object Storage (supports Tags)
Updated (Pro): Changes to properly support Contabo S3 Compatible Object storage

V10.2.39.0 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (29th June 2022)

Updated (Pro): Authentication method changed for Google Drive and Google Photos (new method required by Google)
Updated (Pro): RunRunAfterBefore script call can now abort the profile
Updated: More likely to be able to suggest a UNC path for a drive letter
Updated: Partial folder selection icon in File and Folder selection window tweaked to make more obvious
Updated (Pro/SE): When encrypting filenames in Zip files it is now clearer that you cannot use no compression and must use Deflate or BZip2
Fixed: Creating new shared settings may not save shared settings
Fixed: Double-clicking on a folder in the file and folder selection window was not expanding or contracting
Fixed (Pro): Compressed files were re-uploaded after a Force Rescan with Google Drive and Dropbox
Fixed: When using DevArt and UTF8 then it may retrieve filename not using UTF8 if MLST is used
Fixed: When using multi-zip a change in a folders date and time were not copied across
Fixed (Pro): Renew BackBlaze AUTH token before it expires
Fixed: Cleaned entries no longer reappear in file and folder selection window when refreshing
Fixed: In Group profile config window profiles that were in the group were not shown when filter changed
Fixed: On When->Periodically can now set an only run between times that straddles midnight
Fixed (Pro): Sharefile: correctly encode filenames containing special characters during uploads

V10.2.28.0 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (4th May 2022)

Updated: Full main window refresh when SyncBack becomes active window
Updated: Compiled using latest version of Delphi (11.1)
Updated: Auto-close will not try to close child windows (will only do that now if "Forcibly close" is enabled)
Fixed: Option to not copy NTFS offline files was being ignored
Fixed: Changes to Differences window to resolve small DPI issues
Fixed (Pro/SE): Under extremely high memory use there may be issues with 64-bit version
Fixed (Pro): May fail to get file details from cloud (if not uploaded using SyncBackPro)
Fixed (Pro): With cloud storage system that have virtual folders then may not see folders that contain no files
Fixed: With threaded FTP uploads, and no safe copy, files in profile base folder may upload to FTP root folder
Fixed: Do not treat reply 451 as an error when using Chilkat FTP
Fixed: Crash when Windows set to forcibly use Bottom-Up ASLR

V10.2.14.0 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (9th March 2022)

New: Option in profile list header pop-up menu in main window to factory reset column positions, widths and visibility
New: Option in profile list header pop-up menu in main window to auto-size column widths
New (Pro): Pascal script to only run a profile if a specific file exists
Updated: Hint shown in Settings page of Global Settings for number of profiles found in each folder
Updated: Numerous tweaks and minor fixes in user interface
Updated: Can double-click on items in Compression->Compressed to change them
Fixed (Pro): Exception in New Profile Wizard and Profile Configuration if using Backblaze B2 and exceeded caps
Fixed: Email was not sent if profile aborted and using compressed log
Fixed: Fix issues with maximized windows when non-standard DPI
Fixed (Pro): Filenames with special characters would be re-uploaded to PCloud on every run if versioning enabled

V10.2.4.0 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (3rd February 2022)

New (Pro): Support for Glacier Instant Retrieval storage class in Amazon S3
New (SE/Pro): Auto-incrementing variables for profiles
New (SE/Pro): -donotshowlog command line parameter
Updated (SE/Pro): Alternative paths (in Profile Configuration) available when using Touch
Updated (Pro): Default storage class for S3 changed to Standard from RRS
Updated (Pro): Change to stop retrying if getting error 401 for reasons other than invalid tokens/credentials (Backblaze)
Updated: The HTML log now shows the profile actual start time and total time when part of a group
Updated (Pro): Better support for iDrive Cloud S3 compatibility
Updated (Pro): Better key exchange support with Chilkat SFTP (Diffie-Hellman)
Updated (Pro): When creating or changing a WebDAV profile you are prompted if you want SyncBackPro to test it for compatibility
Updated: Mouse-wheel scrolling in bottom panel of Differences window
Updated (Pro): Recognizes integrity check scheduled tasks
Fixed: When copying an unencrypted (NTFS) file to an NTFS folder using encryption then the copy was decrypted
Fixed: Error message when drive missing and using SERIAL or LABEL variables
Fixed: Correctly use custom LIST command with WOD FTP
Fixed (Pro): File and folder selections with Google Photos
Fixed (Pro): Change in S3 compatibility mode when using B2, to not set the object's ACL property when uploading files

V10.1.24.0 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (14th December 2021)

New (Pro): Option to use LZMA compression for emailing compressed log files (decreases size of Zip by around 30%)
Updated: Czech translations
Updated: The pop-up menu in File & Folder Selection is now split vertically
Updated: Taskbar icon shows paused overlay now even if not using tray icon
Updated: Understands WSL2 path \\wsl.localhost\
Updated: Various small tweaks to the user interface
Updated: When using standard file copying, retry pause is longer with Windows error ERROR_NO_SUCH_DEVICE
Updated (Pro): Enable multi-part uploads with Signature V4 when using Google Storage via S3 compatibility mode
Fixed: Include new files pop-up menu items in File & Folder Selection window were incorrect
Fixed: Password edit boxes color wrong when editing in a dark style
Fixed: Improved FTP/SFTP server disconnection detection when using WoD
Fixed (SE/Pro): File and Folder selections not working with Touch when using variables
Fixed: NTFS security changes with synchronization
Fixed (Pro): Google Drive HTTP 500 error when reading root folder content
Fixed: Crash when scanning a folder that has junction points to drives not mounted via drive letters

V10.1.8.0 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (19th November 2021)

Updated: Changed to double-click for Result, Source and Destination columns
Updated (Pro): Improved feedback when creating Sharefile, Sharepoint and Egnyte profiles
Updated: Default exclusion filter now includes *\AppData\Local\Microsoft\WindowsApps\
Fixed: In rare cases the tray icon may not appear on login (due to system load)

V10.1.0.0 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (9th November 2021)

New (Pro): Can now choose to skip offline cloud files (as in previous versions) and/or offline NTFS files (new in this version)
New: Windows 11 styles and styles now loaded from files instead of embedded in executable
New: If using ransomware detection in source and/or destination then log shows if success
Fixed: Styled file open and save dialogs are no longer used
Fixed: Buttons in main interface not resized correctly when changing language
Fixed (Pro): Properly handle special characters in file/folder names in PCloud
Fixed (Pro): Can now upload empty files to PCloud
Fixed (Pro): Objects uploaded to Backblaze B2 with other tools (and invalid properties) may be treated as folders
Fixed: System (notification) tray icon did not reappear if Explorer process restarted
Fixed: New program version window may be too small
Fixed (Pro): Fix a problem in Dropbox and Google Drive where files uploaded by 3rd party apps, or via web, are not been detected as been changed/different
Updated: The display filters in the Differences window are now correct when copying from FTP, Touch, cloud, etc.
Updated (Pro): Can use SSE-C with Backblaze B2 when using S3 compatibility
Updated (Pro): Support new Wasabi endpoint in Japan
Updated: Recompiled using latest compiler
Updated: When copying from destination, e.g. cloud, then it is more likely to be correctly shown in interface
Updated: Icons in user interface and various updates and fixes to interface
Updated (Pro): Change in S3 to always try multipart uploads and determine if the feature is available
Updated (SE/Pro): Logging the reason was files are skipped is now enabled by default for new profiles

V10.0.4.0 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (11th October 2021)

Fixed: Splash window showing when run unattended
Fixed: Typo in version number in rollback text when uninstalling
Fixed: Search results in profile configuration are translated (if not using English)
Updated: French and Polish translations
Updated: The notification (aka system tray) icon will not be hidden on future updates or upgrades
Updated: When importing a group profile SyncBack will state if any invalid profiles were automatically removed from the group

V10.0.0.0 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (4th October 2021)

SyncBack Touch is now free for use with SyncBackPro V10 and SyncBackSE V10 (not free with V9 or older)
SyncBack Management Service (SBMS) is now free for use with SyncBackPro V10 (not free with V9 or older)
New (Pro): Support for Citrix ShareFile
New (Pro): Support for pCloud
New (Pro): Object tagging in Amazon S3
New (Pro): Customer-provided encryption key (SSE-C) support for S3 (including Wasabi and Oracle when using S3 compatibility)
New (Pro): Support for newer version of Azure API so the maximum file size has increased along with better performance
New: New FTP and SFTP engine (DevArt)
New: New FTP and SFTP engine (Chilkat)
New: You can now export file and folder selections to a text file or comma-delimited CSV file
New: When restoring you can choose the files and folders that should be checked for restoration
New: Drives tab in Global Settings that shows all connected drives and their status
New: Automatically uses newer Segoe UI Variable font if available (to give better scaling)
New: Splash progress window when starting SyncBack
New: On the main window, you can click on the Result, Source and Destination columns to view the log and open the source/destination location (if applicable)
New (Pro/SE): Global Variables (user-defined variables that can be used by all profiles)
New (Pro/SE): Webhook support (for notifications when a profile ends)
New: When running profiles periodically in the background you can now specify which times it can start in and on which days of the week
New: You can now ignore, or only include, files modified and/or created within a certain time-frame
New: Experimental support for IPV6 with FTP and SFTP
New (Pro/SE): Last Access date & time for files and folders can now be compared and copied
New: Group profile can be configured to abort if any profiles fail
New (Pro/SE): Option to silently fail if no network and/or Internet connection is detected by Windows
New (Pro/SE): Can silently fail if Windows is and/or is not connected to a specific network
New: Option to email log if there are errors or no differences
New (Pro/SE): Log file records total number of versions created and also reports if a version of a file was created
Updated: When profiles are run in parallel there is a large performance improvement
Updated (Pro/SE): Regular Expression filters are much faster
Updated (Pro): Fast Backup can now be used with all cloud services (except Backblaze B2 unless used via the S3 compatibility interface) which can result in much faster backups
Updated (Pro): Improved performance with Egnyte when using versioning or safe copies
Updated (Pro): Reduced memory usage with Box, Google Drive, OneDrive Updated: Faster log file creation (if not using appended text log files)
Updated: Faster profiles backup on program exit
Updated: Faster folder expansion in File and Folder Selection window
Updated: Faster folder listing in File and Folder Selection window for FTP servers that do not support MLSD/MLST
Updated: Faster debug output
Updated (Pro/SE): Support for Rapid Transfer in SyncBack Touch (requires SyncBack Touch V1.5.0 or newer)
Updated (Pro): With SyncBackPro you can choose to use more memory to improve performance or less memory to reduce memory usage
Updated (Pro/SE): Concurrent downloads for large files (Eldos FTP)
Updated: The Windows 10 style now uses the same color icons as the Windows style
Updated: Ransomware detection is now possible with FTP, SFTP, cloud storage, MTP, VHD, remote file-systems and SyncBack Touch
Updated (Pro): TLS V1.2 is now used for all cloud services (the option to use V1.0 or V1.1 is no longer available)
Updated: The default exclusion filters have been updated
Updated (Pro/SE): New Fast Backup re-scan decision variables added, e.g. %DAY_P%
Updated (Pro/SE): Fast Backup re-scan decision can now use less than (<), less than or equal (<=), greater than (>) or greater than or equal (>=)

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