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Rest assured that all software from 2BrightSparks is completely free from Spyware, Viruses, and other unwanted invasions.

2BrightSparks Pte. Ltd. was incorporated in 2004 and has established a reputation in developing high quality, easy to use utility software. Our software is used by governments, the US military, police departments, hospitals, Universities, corporate businesses, non profit organizations, and hundreds of thousands of individual users worldwide. Review our Noted Customers and Testimonials.

All software distributed by 2BrightSparks is digitally signed. This guarantees that the software was produced by us and has not been tampered with or changed. If our signed software is changed in any way, e.g. by a virus, then the code signing certificate becomes invalid on that software.

False Positives

A "false positive", also known as a "false alarm", occurs when anti-virus, spyware protection, anti-keylogging, or anti-hacking software detects a legitimate and trusted program, folder, or file as a problem, when in fact there is no threat.

Our software has in the past been incorrectly flagged. Please Contact Us if you observe any program that provides spurious reports that our software is a threat. We will then immediately contact the program developers so they can fix the error in their program as soon as possible. We also encourage you to do the same.

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How Anti Virus and Security Software Companies Can Make BIG Mistakes

Read articles that report a few of the many "false positives" and mistakes prominent security software companies have made:

External Website Listings

2BrightSparks have no control over the way external websites describe and feature their software. There have been occasions when our software has been incorrectly named, or a download for freeware has been incorrectly linked to a trial. Please Contact Us detailing the URL where you observed this error. We also encourage you to contact the website in question.

Pirated Software

Be aware that using illegal methods to obtain a serial number may result in unwanted consequences. Cracked versions of our software will almost certainly contain embedded viruses and malware.

Known False Positives and Spurious Site Listings

Visit our downloads page to update your 2BrightSparks software to the latest version.

Program or Website False Positive Report Status
25th April 2017 - Webroot SecureAnywhere

Wrongly identifies the SyncBackPro V7.6.64.0 executable as containing the trojan W32.Trojan.Gen.

Reporting Error
18th January 2017 - Symantec Anti-Virus

Wrongly identifies, once again, the SyncBackPro V7.6.50.0 executable as containing the malware WS.Reputation.1.

Reporting Error
24th November 2016 - Symantec Anti-Virus

Wrongly identifies the SyncBackPro V7.6.45.0 executable as containing the malware WS.Reputation.1.

Reporting Error
14th April 2016 - BlueLiv URL scanner

Wrongly identifies the URL download links for SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree and EncryptOnClick as malicious site.

Reporting Error
14th April 2016 - Rising Anti-Virus Ver 17

Wrongly identifies the executables in SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE and SyncBackFree V7.6.4.0 as containing PE:Malware.Generic/QRS!1.9E2D [F].

Reporting Error

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