SyncBack Management Console (SBMC) History of Changes

Our software has undergone extensive development and user testing since its inception. This page shows bug fixes and feature improvements that have been made since the official release date of the SyncBack Management Console.

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The SBM Service manages and monitors remote installations of SyncBackPro (it cannot be used with SyncBackSE). With it you can:

- Limit what users can do with SyncBackPro, e.g. stop users from creating their own profiles.

- Track which profiles are being run, their results and their run history.

- Remotely manage SyncBackPro profiles.

The SBM Console is for administrators to configure the SBM Service, e.g. adding users, checking the profiles results, etc.

Communication with the SBM Service is via HTTP so it can be used over the Internet or via a Local Area Network. All communication is encrypted and access is restricted by using usernames and passwords.

SBM Console V4.4.1.1 (March 2024)

New: Will install 64-bit version on 64-bit Windows (any existing 32-bit version is automatically removed)
Updated: Can quickly add or remove users from a group using pop-up menu in Users window
Updated: Can quickly change the security profile for one or more users using pop-up menu in Users window
Updated: Can quickly add or remove profiles from a group using pop-up menu in Profiles window
Updated: Recompiled using latest Delphi compiler

SBM Console V4.3.12.0 (October 2022)

Updated: Installation not allowed on Windows Server Core installations
Updated: Compiled using latest release of Delphi

SBM Console V4.3.9.0 (January 2022)

New: Can automatically backup the database (if using latest version of the SBMS Service)
New: Can automatically trim the History and Status tables (if using latest version of the SBMS Service)
Updated: Numerous stability and user interface improvements

SBM Console V4.3.2.0 (November 2021)

Updated: Recompiled using latest compiler

SBM Console V4.2.3.0 (December 2020)

Updated: Recompiled using latest compiler, updated components and improved memory manager
Updated: Installer updated (Windows Vista/2008 and newer required)
Updated: Numerous visual tweaks and fixes
Updated: Help file updated
Updated: Filter settings are saved between sessions
Updated: History can be filtered using Computer Name (but cannot delete if so)

SBM Console V4.0.1.0 (August 2018)

Fixed: Better DPI scaling
Updated: Help file (new sections on Security and SyncBack Touch)

SBM Console V4.0 (March 2018)

Updated: Minor bug fixes and memory leak fixes
Updated: The user interface has been modernized
Updated: Help File

SBM Console V3.9 (June 2016)

Updated: Recompiled using latest version of Delphi
Updated: Accepts newer serial numbers

SBM Console V3.8 (August 2015)

Fixed: Various minor tweaks and fixes for Windows 10 compatability
Updated: Help file

SBM Console V3.6 (September 2014)

Fixed: profiles may not always be pushed appropriately to SyncBackPro despite a verified connection.
Updated: various minor optimizations

SBM Console V3.2 (August 2014)

New: Supports SyncBack Touch
Fixed: Maximum sessions calculation
Fixed: Can now enter negative numbers in service configuration window

SBM Console V3.1.0.1 Commercial Release (August 2013)

The commercial release of the SyncBack Management Console:

Updated: Performance enhancements
Updated: Licensing
Updated: Help File

SBM Console V3.0.0.0 First Public Release (January 2011)

The first beta release of the SyncBack Management Console features:

New: Provides access to a database that allows calls from remote clients
New: Integrates with SyncBackPro and the SBM Service
New: Presents a history of the results from profile runs on remote SyncBackPro installations
New: Controls access to its database based on individual client machine IP Addresses
New: Identifies each machine sign on as a unique session
New: Stores a security profile for each user
New: Allocates users and profiles to groups
New: Manages profiles used by SyncBackPro installations
New: Access to the SBM Service is controlled by secure username and password
New: You can see the servers version using the console (via the Service Configuration window)
New: Using the console you can check for updates both for the console and the server
New: You can now configure the server to use HTTP (the default) or TCP. You can also set the port number to use.

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