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Upgrade to SyncBackFree V9.4.2.10

A new version of SyncBackFree has been released:

SHA-256 = ae732a31bc1d2b181e4ba66171e097e27510c841d8c7a329369b52bf28dcab3d

Upgrade to the latest version of SyncBackFree

Do not uninstall the program as this will delete your settings and profiles

All versions of SyncBackFree can safely be installed over an existing installation. By doing this, you will ensure any profiles you have created continue to be active.

SyncBackFree Upgrade Procedure

Upgrading SyncBackFree is a simple three step procedure:

Step 1. Shut Down SyncBackFree

If you are currently running SyncBackFree, close down the program making sure it is not running in the background, and also that it does not have a schedule task that is about to commence.

Step 2. Install the Upgrade

Locate and double-click the file SyncBack_Setup.exe, then follow the onscreen instructions to install the new version.

Please note: to install you must have Windows Administrator rights. This is required by the operating system.

Step 3. Start the program

Upgrade Complete

Enjoy our Freeware, try the enhanced commercial versions, then stick with what suits you best... Compare SyncBackFree, SyncBackSE & SyncBackPro. SyncBackFree gives you:

• Backup and Synchronize: Copy files in both directions
• Restore backup files easily
• Email logs
• Run programs before and after profiles
• Schedule backups
• Unicode enabled for non-English filenames
• Simple and Advanced mode
• Runs on Windows 10, 8, 7 and Vista
• Extensive Help Documentation
• Completely Free!

License: Free Software!

Download the SyncBackPro PDF Help File

The SyncBackPro PDF Help File provides extensive guidance on using SyncBackFree and also provides the user with additional sections on features that are available in SyncBackPro and SyncBackSE.

Support for users of our software has always been our top priority. From extensive help files, easy to understand Feature Articles, to hundreds of technical articles in our Knowledge Base.

Our Support Policy provides details about the direct assitance all licensed users enjoy.

Help with Upgrading

Clear Your Cache

Your browser uses a 'cache' to store webpages and parts of webpages you have visited during a session. Clearing your cache ensures you'll download the new file from our server. Find Out How



System Requirements

Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 or Windows Vista. Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows are supported.

Server versions of Windows are not supported in SyncBackFree. SyncBackPro and SyncBackSE support Windows Server.

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