Upgrade to SyncBackSE V8.9.12.0 (64-bit)

A new version of SyncBackSE has been released. History of Changes

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Upgrade To SyncBack V9    

Upgrade To SyncBackSE V9!

SyncBackSE V9 is here! If you purchased V8 on or after 1st May 2019, or your Upgrade Assurance was active on or after 1st June 2019, then you can download and use V9 now. To check if you can upgrade, or to purchase an upgrade, visit our Upgrade Store. Support and fixes for SyncBackSE V8 will end 1st December 2019.

Don't worry: your backed-up data is safe. You Have Two Options:

1. Download SyncBackSE V8 and continue to use this older version of the software (you may want to switch off automatic upgrade checks).

2. Purchase an Upgrade to use the latest version of SyncBackSE.


Upgrading to the latest version of SyncBackSE

All versions of SyncBackSE can safely be installed over an existing installation. By doing this, you will ensure any profiles you have created continue to be active. Upgrading SyncBackSE is a simple three step procedure:

Step 1. Shut Down SyncBackSE

If you are currently running SyncBackSE, close down the program making sure it is not running in the background, and also that it does not have a schedule task that is about to commence.

Step 2. Pay a modest upgrade fee

Visit our Upgrade Web Store, enter your serial, then pay for your new license. Note that you will need your serial number to upgrade.

Step 3. Install the Upgrade

Download the latest version, then follow the onscreen instructions to install the new version.

Upgrade Complete

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