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Author: Conrad Chung, 2BrightSparks Pte. Ltd.

As our backup and synchronization program, SyncBack, continues to evolve, we at 2BrightSparks have introduced a new payment model to provide our customers more value for less. In this article, we will look at what the new subscription model Upgrade Assurance is, and its benefits.

What is Upgrade Assurance?

Upgrade Assurance is an annual subscription service in which subscribed customers get future upgrades to major version releases at no additional charge as well as priority support via our support ticketing channel.

Upgrade Assurance customers will continue to enjoy these benefits as long as they stay subscribed.

This subscription option is available to customers as an add-on item when they purchase new or upgrade versions of SyncBackSE/Pro at our webstore. They can also purchase Upgrade Assurance after purchasing a new license or upgrading.

Benefits of Upgrade Assurance

Subscribers of Upgrade Assurance get:

  • Peace of mind with free minor updates for bug fixes and program improvements.
  • No more worries about an outdated SyncBackSE/Pro – Upgrade to future major version releases at no additional charge.
  • Cheaper than upgrade fees - Automatic subscription renewal for a small annual fee.
  • No more upgrade fees.
  • Priority technical support via ticketing support.

How is Upgrade Assurance subscription different from SyncBackSE/Pro Upgrades?

When subscribed to Upgrade Assurance, you will have peace of mind that future major and minor version upgrades and updates are free-of-charge. Subscribers only need to pay an annual fee that is a fraction of the cost for a SyncBack upgrade. In addition, subscribers will get priority support when they contact 2BrightSparks ticketing support channel.

With SyncBack upgrades, existing SyncBackSE/Pro customers who do not wish to subscribe to Upgrade Assurance have the option to pay for an upgrade to the latest SyncBack version if they want to continue getting minor updates and support.

How is Upgrade Assurance renewed?

As a subscription service, the charges are automatically renewed annually on the anniversary date of the Upgrade Assurance purchase. A notification email will be sent 2 weeks before the scheduled payment deduction.

Upgrade Assurance can be cancelled anytime via the customer account management portal.

Can I purchase Upgrade Assurance as a stand-alone product?

Yes. If you purchase a new license, or upgrade an old one, Upgrade Assurance will be made available at time of purchase/upgrade. If you do not purchase Upgrade Assurance at that stage, and later decide you do want it, you can also our webstore to purchase it.

To see if you are eligible to purchase Upgrade Assurance as a stand-alone product, visit our Upgrade Checker page and enter your SyncBackSE/Pro serial number.

Helpful Tip: To check if you have previously subscribed to Upgrade Assurance, or to check your subscription status, you can click on the option Click here to retrieve/refresh your Upgrade Assurance details under the Help > About main menu of your SyncBackSE/Pro program.

How to purchase Upgrade Assurance

Interested in getting Upgrade Assurance? You can do so now by visiting our web-store or Upgrade Checker page if you are an existing SyncBackSE/Pro customer seeking to upgrade to the latest version.

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