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Author: Debbie Grignani, 2BrightSparks Pte. Ltd.

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If you have all the time and money in the world to re-purchase, re-download and re-categorize your MP3 files in the event you have lost them, say, as a result of disk malfunction, then this article is not for you. Otherwise, read on…

Replacing MP3 Files Takes Time and Money

Not all lost data files are irreplaceable. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of spending time and resources to replace those lost files. For example, some MP3 music files are easily replaceable, but it would take a lot time, effort and extra costs to do so. If your MP3 music files were transferred from CDs that you still currently own, you will need to take time to re-transfer them to your computer in order to synchronize them with your digital music player. This is not so much of a heartache. What is painful is when your MP3 files cost money to download. If these files are lost, you will not only have to spend time searching for the file to download, but also have to spend the money to do so. The cost of each file may be cheap, but the accumulated cost may come to a hefty figure.

On the other hand, there are MP3 files that are irreplaceable, or difficult to replace. For example, recordings of an interview, a lecture, or an important meeting you recorded. Loosing these files will be far more inconvenient. Other MP3 recordings in this category include those that capture the spur of the moment, comments, or ideas. Losing those files may not only be very upsetting in the case of personal recordings, but may hamper your progress in the case of that all-important idea that came to you in a flash, but that now you cannot recall. The MP3 is an ideal format for distribution over the Internet, and music professionals, be they composers, performers, or disc jockeys (DJs) use MP3s to promote and distribute their work. If their music files are lost, they also lose revenue as they take the time to reproduce their masterpieces in MP3 format once again.

Backup Your MP3s

The inconveniencies of losing your MP3 files can be easily overcome by backing them up. There are different methods of backups, some more tedious than the others. There is the inexpensive method of manual copying and pasting of your files from the source folder to the destination location that can be an external hard drive, USB drive, or CD/DVD. If you are one who prefers to leave the task of backing up your files to technology, then backup software will be an ideal solution for you.

Backup software comes in different varieties and pricing options, but it needn’t be expensive. 2BrightSparks offers three options for your backup and synchronization needs. There is a no-cost solution called SyncBackFree, which is ideal for those who want a basic program to backup their files. There are also commercial versions called SyncBackSE and SyncBackPro, which are great for both the novice and advanced computer user who need to backup their MP3 files and other data files. SyncBackSE comes loaded with extra options that the freeware version does not provide and includes the ability to copy open and locked files, extra security, improved compression technology, higher FTP performance, and technical support from our technicians, just to name a few.

SyncBackPro has features that include those in SyncBackSE with the addition of being able to backup to the cloud and also able to detect for drive failure automatically, amongst many other features.

So why wait? Backup your MP3 files today!

For more information and guidance about backing up read The Backup Guide.


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