How to Make Files Unrecoverable

Author: Debbie Grignani, 2BrightSparks Pte. Ltd.

Many people have personal information on their computers that they need to keep protected. The solution is easy with encryption, but what about making your files unrecoverable. If you think that simply deleting the file is enough, then you are mistaken.

If you need to be sure that your deleted files stay deleted forever, you will need to delete your files with a program that will do just that. There are many special deletion programs in the marketplace that will securely delete your data files so that they are unrecoverable. Different deletion programs use different wiping methods, but all of them involve overwriting the target data area with “values”, for example 0x00 or 0xffffffff. The level of security will depend on the type of method used by the program.

Irreversibly Delete Data

OnClick Utilities by 2BrightSparks includes a program called DeleteOnClick. Very simply, it irreversibly deletes a data file on the click of your mouse button. All you have to do is right-click on the target file and then select “Securely Delete” from the Windows menu and your file will be deleted securely and permanently – guaranteed!

DeleteOnClick has three levels of security:

  1. Firstly, DeleteOnClick uses a deleting method called DoD 5220.22-M that was introduced by the US Department of Defence (Pentagon) and the security rating is “medium”.

  2. Secondly, DeleteOnClick renames the target filename to one that is made up of randomly generated sequence of characters so that if there was any attempt to retrieve the deleted file using an undelete program, the original filename can never be found (a feature not found in some deletion programs). It can also wipe the meta-data that is associated with a file, e.g. last modification date and time.

  3. Finally, DeleteOnClick completely deletes the target file using the standard Windows method but bypassing the Recycle Bin folder, so that the file is deleted completely. This is another level of security.

DeleteOnClick - Free!

With its three levels of security, you can rest assured that your sensitive data files will be kept safe from preying hands when using DeleteOnClick. In addition to getting a great piece of software that permanently and securely deletes your files, you will enjoy several other highly useful programs that make up the OnClick Utilities. They include FindOnClick, UndeleteOnClick, EncryptOnClick, ScrambleOnClick, PatchOnClick and HashOnClick. Find Out More about OnClick Utilities. Best of all, all OnClick Utilities are completely free!

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