Beginners Guide to SyncBack Monitor

Author: Michael J. Leaver, 2BrightSparks Pte. Ltd.

One of the many new features introduced with SyncBack V9 was SyncBack Monitor. With SyncBack Monitor you can stop, start, pause and resume SyncBackPro/SE profiles running on your local computers (on the same local network). Or to put it another way, in your home you can use your Android phone, or tablet, to see what SyncBack is doing.

Usage Restrictions

It’s important to remember that SyncBackPro/SE must be running on a computer connected to the same local network as your Android device. This means it will not work over the Internet. It also only works with SyncBackPro and SyncBackSE, not SyncBackFree. You must also be using SyncBackPro/SE V9 or newer.

Configuring SyncBack

Assuming you already have SyncBackPro/SE V9 (or newer) installed, you need to configure SyncBack to allow SyncBack Monitor to connect to it:

  • Start SyncBackPro/SE
  • Go to Global Settings (via the burger menu Burger Menu)
  • Go to the Remote Control settings page:

  • Remote Control settings

  • Tick the checkbox Allow remote control connections and enter a connection password. You will need to use this same password in SyncBack Monitor.
  • If you haven’t already installed SyncBack Monitor on your Android device, you may want to click the Download SyncBack Monitor link to.
  • Click OK to save the settings. SyncBack is now ready to accept local connections from SyncBack Monitor.
  • Leave SyncBack running, do not exit it.

Configuring SyncBack Monitor

Next, install SyncBack Monitor on your Android device. To do that, visit the Google Play Store and install SyncBack Monitor on your Android device.

  • Once SyncBack Monitor has been installed, open (start) it, and tap the burger menu Burger Menu at the top-left of the screen.
  • Select Settings:

  • SyncBack Monitor Settings

  • Enter the same password you used in your SyncBack settings. It must be exactly the same password. It is case-sensitive.
  • Tap Save at the top-right of the screen.
  • After a few moments SyncBack Monitor will find the computer on your network that is running SyncBack. It will then display all the profiles.
  • You can then select a profile and start, stop, pause or resume it using the buttons at the bottom of the screen. Any profiles started via the SyncBack Monitor will be run unattended.

Things to Note

  • The Android device's WiFi must be enabled and connected on the same local network as the computer running SyncBackPro/SE V9 or newer.
  • If you are using a Virtual Private Network (VPN), either on the device running SyncBack Monitor and/or on the device running SyncBack, then it's very likely that it will not work.
  • You cannot use SyncBack Monitor over a phone network (e.g. 4G). It must be on the same WiFi network as the computer running SyncBackPro/SE V9 or newer.
  • Passwords are case-sensitive, and SyncBack Monitor will locate any running instances of SyncBack on the same network that use the exact same password.
  • In SyncBack Monitor, any found instances of SyncBack will be added in the drop-down list which you can select and connect to by clicking the green button next to it.
  • SyncBack Monitor does not show groups, profiles run via the SyncBack Monitor are run stand-alone and not as part of a group. This may be important if you are using group variables, for example.

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