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Author: Michael J. Leaver, 2BrightSparks Pte. Ltd.

The first version of SyncBack was released in October 2003. We have another article that lists the release dates for each major version of SyncBack along with historical context. In this article we present screen shots of each major release of SyncBack since V3. All the screen shots are from a display resolution of 1024x768 with a normal DPI. They are also taken on the latest desktop version of Windows available at the time the major version was first released:

  • SyncBack Freeware V3.2.26.0: Windows XP, released December 2010
  • SyncBackSE V4.5.16.0: Windows XP, released July 2008
  • SyncBackPro V5.20.0.0: Windows Vista, released March 2012
  • SyncBackPro V6.5.49.0: Windows 7, released October 2014
  • SyncBackPro V7.12.13.0: Windows 8.1, released December 2017
  • SyncBackPro V8.9.15.0: Windows 10, released December 2019
  • SyncBackPro V9.5.82.0: Windows 10, released March 2022
  • SyncBackPro V10.2.15.0: Windows 11, released March 2022
  • SyncBackPro V11.0.0.15: Windows 11, released July 2023

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Starting with V6 the installation process was streamlined to reduce the number of prompts (hence the removal of the Welcome window). V11 introduced installers that could be run by standard users. SyncBack has always used InnoSetup to create the installation.

Main Window

The main program window layout has changed very little since V3. The program version number was not displayed in the window caption bar in V3. With V6, the Stop button was introduced, and from V9 the 2BrightSparks and Help buttons were removed from the bottom button panel.

Creating a New Profile

The profile creation wizard has been a part of SyncBack since V4.

Choosing Files and Folders

In V3 Files & Folders were chosen directly in the Profile Configuration window. Starting with V4 a separate window was used.

Profile Configuration

In V3 a multi-line tab was used. We then switched to using a vertical tree in V4 and finally vertical and horizontal tabs in V9.


In V3 you could not change the Action.



In V3, the entire log file was in a single HTML file. Starting with V4 it was split into different files and in V11 the sections were further split (into Changes, Copied, Deleted and Renamed).


Groups have been available in SyncBack since V3. Group Queues were introduced with V11.

Global Settings

Global Settings were introduced in SyncBackSE V4. Until V6 there weren't many program settings. Starting with V11 the sections can be re-arranged.

Serial Number

Until SyncBackSE V4 was released, there was only a freeware version, so there is no screen shot for V3.


The SyncBack logo's were changed for the first time with the release of V10.

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