Easy Mode Configuration

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Easy Mode Configuration

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After a profile has been created in SyncBackPro you may modify the settings for that profile at any time. If you haven't already defined a profile view Creating a Profile which will guide you through this simple process.


Easy Mode Overview


SyncBackPro has two Modes that will allow you to change the settings for any given profile: Easy Mode and Expert Mode.



Note that these modes affect a single profile and not all profiles.


To find out how Group Profiles may be modified go to Creating a Group Profile.


This help page details the options available in the Easy Mode. To modify a profile use the Modify button on the main windows toolbar.


The Easy Mode Profile Setup window is shown below with the default Simple settings page:





Note how the text in the white informational area helps you decide what option best suits your requirements by summarizing your profile in a list.


Spend time getting to know what options are available under the additional tabs in the Profile Setup window. The Simple, Network, Fast Backup, Type, When, Notify and Search options on the left hand list contain a range of options that provide a great deal of flexibility in the way you can perform tasks:






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