What's New in V10

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What's New in V10

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Below is a list of the main new features and changes introduced in this major version release:





SyncBack Touch is now free for use with SyncBackPro and SyncBackSE (not when using V9 or older)


The SyncBack Management Service (SBMS) is now free for use with SyncBackPro (not when using V9 or older). Simply enter your SyncBackPro serial number into the SBMS Console for unlimited free connections.





When profiles are run in parallel there is a large performance improvement. For example: a group profile with two profiles (set to run them in parallel, i.e. at the same time) was run in V9 and V10. In V9 the total run-time was 1 minutes 3 seconds, but in V10 it was just 49 seconds. Profile 1 scanned over 340,000 files and profile 2 scanned over 210,00 files (on a different drive).


Regular Expression filters are much faster


Fast Backup can now be used with all cloud services (Backblaze B2 must be used via the S3 compatibility interface) which can result in much faster backups


Improved performance with Egnyte when using versioning or safe copies


Faster log file creation (if not using appended text log files)


Faster profiles backup on program exit


Faster folder expansion in File and Folder Selection window


Faster folder listing in File and Folder Selection window for FTP servers that do not support MLSD/MLST


Faster debug output


Support for Rapid Transfer in SyncBack Touch (requires SyncBack Touch V1.5.0 or newer)


With SyncBackPro you can choose to use more memory to improve performance or less memory to reduce memory usage


Concurrent downloads for large files (Eldos FTP)



User Interface


You can now export file and folder selections to a text file or comma-delimited CSV file


When restoring you can choose the files and folders that should be checked for restoration


New Drives tab in Global Settings that shows all connected drives and their status


Automatically uses newer Segoe UI Variable font if available (to give better scaling)


Splash progress window when starting SyncBack


On the main window, you can click on the Result, Source and Destination columns to view the log and open the source/destination location (if applicable)


The Windows 10 style now uses the same color icons as the Windows style





Support for Citrix ShareFile


Support for pCloud


Object tagging in Amazon S3


Customer-provided encryption key (SSE-C) support for S3 (including Wasabi and Oracle when using S3 compatibility)


Fast Backup can now be used with all cloud services (except Backblaze B2) which can result in much faster backups


Support for newer version of Azure API so the maximum file size has increased along with better performance


Improved performance with Egnyte when using versioning or safe copies


Reduced memory usage with Box, Google Drive, OneDrive





New FTP and SFTP engine (DevArt)


New FTP and SFTP engine (Chilkat)


Concurrent downloads for large files (Eldos FTP)





Ransomware detection is now possible with FTP, SFTP, cloud storage, MTP, VHD, remote file-systems and SyncBack Touch. It is not supported with Google Photos, backup of email or location scripts.


TLS V1.2 is now used for all cloud services (the option to use V1.0 or V1.1 is no longer available)







Global Variables (user-defined variables that can be used by all profiles)


Auto-incrementing variable


Webhook support (for notifications when a profile ends)


When running profiles periodically in the background you can now specify which times it can start in and on which days of the week


You can now ignore, or only include, files modified and/or created within a certain time-frame


Experimental support for IPV6 with FTP and SFTP


Last Access date & time for files and folders can now be compared and copied


Group profile can be configured to abort if any profiles fail


Option to silently fail if no network and/or Internet connection is detected by Windows


Can silently fail if Windows is and/or is not connected to a specific network


Option to email log if there are errors or no differences


Log file records total number of versions created and also reports if a version of a file was created


The default exclusion filters have been updated


New Fast Backup re-scan decision variables added, e.g. %DAY_P%


Fast Backup re-scan decision can now use less than (<), less than or equal (<=), greater than (>) or greater than or equal (>=)





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