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A number of constants are available.




The following are location abilities. Note that some of these cannot be returned by LocAbilities:


CAN_WINDOWSFOLDERS = Does the location use Windows folders? Cannot be used by LocAbilities()

CAN_COPYDIRATTRS = Can the directory attributes and date & times be copied to a new directory? Cannot be used by LocAbilities()

CAN_COPYSECURITY = Can the file/folder NTFS security be copied? Cannot be used by LocAbilities()

CAN_USEBACKUPAPI = Can the BackupRead/BackupWrite API's be used? Cannot be used by LocAbilities()

CAN_USEMD5 = Can use MD5 hashing? This is used for verification and file integrity checking.

CAN_USEATTRIBUTES = Do files/folders have Windows attributes? See also CAN_NTFSATTRIBUTES

CAN_EXACTDATETIME = Are dates & times stored exactly (including milli-seconds)?

CAN_HASLASTACCESS = Can a file/folder last access date & times be stored? Introduced in SyncBackPro V10.

CAN_CHANGEDATETIME = Can file/folder date & times be changed?

CAN_SINGLEZIP = Are all the files stored in a single Zip file? Cannot be used by LocAbilities()

CAN_HAVEEMPTYPATH = Can the base path be empty?

CAN_STOREDONWINDOWS = Is the location on a Windows filesystem? e.g. a drive or UNC path. Cannot be used by LocAbilities()

CAN_VERSION = Does the location support versioning?

CAN_DIRECTACCESS = Are files stored on a Windows filesystem uncompressed etc? Cannot be used by LocAbilities()

CAN_NTFSATTRIBUTES = Files & folders have NTFS extended attributes?

CAN_WRITEONCE = Write-once, meaning cannot read from it only write to it, e.g. split zip

CAN_MOVE_FILES = Can files be moved/renamed?

CAN_USECRC32 = Can use CRC32 hashing?

CAN_MOVE_FOLDERS = Can folders be moved/renamed?

CAN_PREFERRED_FILECASE = It is better to use the case of files on this location

CAN_PREFERRED_FOLDERCASE = It is better to use the case of folders on this location

CAN_CANNOT_COPYTO = Files cannot be copied to this location, but can be deleted from it, e.g. backup of email

CAN_VIRTUALFOLDERS = Folders are virtual and not real so they should not be created, deleted, or renamed, e.g. cloud

CAN_RESUME_TRANSFER = Can the location resume a broken file transfer if the profile is run again?

CAN_CHANGE_FILEATTRS = Can file attributes be changed?

CAN_CHANGE_FOLDERATTRS = Can folder attributes be changed?

CAN_CHANGE_CACHEDSIZE = Can file size be changed? Cloud only. This is used with cloud caching. Cannot be used by LocAbilities()

CAN_CHANGE_CACHEDHASH = Can file hash be changed? Cloud only. This is used with cloud caching. Cannot be used by LocAbilities()

CAN_USESHA1 = Can use SHA1 hashing? This is used for verification and file integrity checking.

CAN_USESHA256 = Can use SHA256 hashing? This is used for verification and file integrity comparison.

CAN_USESHA512 = Can use SHA512 hashing? This is used for verification and file integrity comparison.





The following are the reasons why a profile was aborted:


EAR_User = User chose to stop this profile

EAR_Timeup = Profile has run out of time (ELR_TimeLimit)

EAR_ProgramClose = SyncBack is closing

EAR_StopAllProfiles = User wants to stop all the profiles

EAR_WindowsShutdown = Profiles are stopping because of Windows shutdown

EAR_StoppingGroup = Stopping because it's part of a group that is being stopped

EAR_Script = Aborted by a script

EAR_TooManyDeletes = Too many files will be deleted (ELR_TooManyDeletes)

EAR_TooManyUpdates = Too many files will be updated (ELR_TooManyUpdated)

EAR_TooManyCopies = Too many files will be copied/moved (ELR_TooManyCopies)

EAR_AlreadyRunning = The profile was already running

EAR_UserOther = User chose to stop this profile (from another process)

EAR_TooManyUpdates = Too many files will be updated (ELR_TooManyUpdates)

EAR_UserRemote = User chose to stop this profile using SyncBack Monitor

EAR_UserRemoteOther = User chose to stop this profile using SyncBack Monitor (from another process)





The following are actions that can be performed on files and folders (note that many of these cannot be used with folders):


CACTION_ERROR = Skip the file - there was an error

CACTION_SKIP_ONCE_UPD = Do nothing, skip/ignore the file. SmartSync data is updated.

CACTION_COPY_TOSOURCE = Copy from destination to the source

CACTION_COPY_TODEST = Copy from source to the destination

CACTION_DELSOURCE = Delete from source

CACTION_DELDEST = Delete from destination

CACTION_DELBOTH = Delete source & destination

CACTION_MISSING_PROMPT = A file is in source or destination, but not both, prompt the user

CACTION_DETAILS_PROMPT = Contents same, but attributes and/or date & time changed, prompt the user

CACTION_BOTH_PROMPT = The file has changed in both, prompt the user

CACTION_USE_SRC_DETAILS = Use the file attributes, security, filename case, and/or date & time from the source

CACTION_USE_DEST_DETAILS = Use the file attributes, security, filename case, and/or date & time from the destination

CACTION_MOVE_TOSOURCE = Move from destination to the source

CACTION_MOVE_TODEST = Move from source to the destination

CACTION_UNCHANGED = The file is actually unchanged (for Fast Backup only)

CACTION_RENAME_SOURCE = Rename the source file (for SmartSync only when FILES HAVE BEEN RENAMED)

CACTION_RENAME_DEST = Rename the destination file (for SmartSync only when FILES HAVE BEEN RENAMED)

CACTION_SKIP_ALWAYS = Same as CACTION_SKIP_ONCE_NOUPD except selections updated so file is unselected

CACTION_SKIP_ONCE_NOUPD = Do nothing, skip/ignore the file. SmartSync/Cloud database is NOT updated.





The following are profile backup types:


ERBT_Unknown = Unknown

ERBT_Full = Full

ERBT_Incremental = Incremental

ERBT_Differential = Differential





The following are cloud service types:


ECT_Unknown = Unknown

ECT_S3 = Amazon S3 or compatible, e.g. Google Storage

ECT_Azure = Microsoft Azure or compatible

ECT_Dropbox = Dropbox

ECT_GDrive = Google Drive

ECT_SkyDrive = Microsoft OneDrive (personal)

ECT_Box = Box

ECT_SugarSync = SugarSync

ECT_Office365 = Sharepoint and OneDrive for Business

ECT_Rackspace = Rackspace/Openstack

ECT_Backblaze = Backblaze

ECT_GoogleStorage = Google Storage

ECT_hubiC = hubiC (Openstack)


ECT_Egnyte = Egnyte

ECT_ShareFile = ShareFile





The following are differences. Note that the values can be or'ed together if there is more than one difference:


CDIFF_IDENTICAL = Skipped because of settings or files are identical

CDIFF_SIZE = Different sizes, does not apply to directories

CDIFF_HASH = Different hash values, does not apply to directories

CDIFF_MODDATETIME = Different modification date & time

CDIFF_DESTONLY = In destination only

CDIFF_SRCONLY = In source only

CDIFF_ATTRIB = Different attributes

CDIFF_VERSION = Only the versions exist (will show in Differences window), does not apply to directories

CDIFF_CASE = File case is different

CDIFF_CREATEDATETIME = Different creation date & time

CDIFF_ACCESSDATETIME = Different last access date & time

CDIFF_NTFSSEC = Different NTFS security





The following are exact profile types:


EPTError = Error

EPTUnknown = Unknown profile type

EPTCustom = Custom

EPTBackupFromSrc = Backup from source to destination

EPTBackupFromDest = Backup from destination to source

EPTOldSync = Basic Sync

EPTSync = Intelligent Sync

EPTGroup = Group

EPTMirrorRight = Mirror from source to destination

EPTMirrorLeft = Mirror from destination to source





The following are standard Windows file attributes:
























The following are reasons why a file or folder is ignored:


EIRUnknown = Unknown

EIRNotSelected = Not selected in folder & file selectin tree

EIRDoesNotExist = File/folder does not exist

EIRJunctionPoint = Is a junction point and settings say they are to be ignored

EIRNewFolder = A new folder and parent folder settings say new folders are to be ignored

EIRNewFile = A new file and parent folder settings say new files are to be ignored

EIRFiltered = Filtered out due to filter settings

EIRNotZipFile = File is not a Zip file (when multi-zip and a non-zip file is found)

EIRError = Skipped due to error

EIRNotModifiedWithin = Wasn't modified within the required time

EIRSizeOutOfBounds = File size is too small or too large

EIRIdentical = The source & destination file are the same

EIRAdvancedSetting = Many reasons, e.g. in destination but not source

EIRNotOldEnoughToDelete = Old file (only in source or dest) not deleted as it's not old enough

EIRCannotModifySource = Source cannot be modified, e.g. Fast Backup

EIROtherFileNewer = The destination file is newer so cannot be replaced

EIRCannotReplaceReadOnly = The destination file is read-only so cannot be replaced

EIRCannotDelReadOnly = The destination file is read-only so cannot be deleted

EIRCannotMoveCopyReadOnly = Source is read-only so cannot be copied

EIRCannotMoveCopyNotAttrib = Source file does not have archive attribute set so cannot be copied

EIRCannotMoveCopyHidden = Source file has hidden attribute set so cannot be copied

EIRCannotMoveCopySystem = Source file has system attribute set so cannot be copied

EIRDST = Not copied due to DST time difference

EIRSameSize = Files same size

EIRScript = Ignored by script

EIRCannotMoveCopyOffline = Source file has offline attribute set so cannot be copied

EIRCannotMoveCopyEncrypted = Source file has encrypted attribute set so cannot be copied

EIRCannotModifyDest = Destination cannot be modified

EIRSameTime = Files same date & time

EIRReplacingWithEmpty = Trying to replace a non-empty file with an empty file

EIRNotCreatedWithin = Wasn't created within the required time

EIRCannotMoveCopyTemp = File to be copied has temporary file attribute set so cannot be copied





The following are profile types:


ptInvalid = Invalid profile type

ptProfile = Normal profile

ptGroup = Group profile





The following are profile run results:


ELR_None = No result

ELR_UnknownProfile = Unknown profile

ELR_AlreadyRunning = Profile is already running

ELR_Imported = Profile has been imported and not run yet

ELR_Running = Profile is running

ELR_InternalError = Internal error

ELR_SimAborted = Simulated run was aborted

ELR_SimFailed = Simulated run failed

ELR_SimSuccess = Simulated run was a success

ELR_RestAborted = Restore was aborted

ELR_RestFailed = Restore failed

ELR_RestSuccess = Restore was a success

ELR_Aborted = Run was aborted

ELR_AbortedRemote = Run was aborted (remotely)

ELR_Failed = Run failed

ELR_Success = Run was a success

ELR_NetFailed = Failed due to network connection

ELR_ScanFailed = Failed because left or right could not be scanned

ELR_CompFailed = Failed because the left and right could not be compared

ELR_RunBeforeFailed = Run failed because Run Before program stopped profile

ELR_Disabled = Run failed because profile is disabled

ELR_SMARTFailed = Run failed because drive errors were found

ELR_EmailFailed = Run failed because the log could not be emailed

ELR_SnapshotFailed = Run failed because the Volume Shadow Copy service failed

ELR_TimeLimit = Profile was aborted because it reached its run-time limit

ELR_TooManyDeletes = Profile was aborted because too many files would be deleted

ELR_TooManyUpdates = Profile was aborted because too many files would be updated

ELR_TooManyCopies = Profile was aborted because too many files would be copied/moved

ELR_IntegrityCheckAborted = Integrity check run was aborted

ELR_IntegrityCheckFailed = Integrity check run failed

ELR_IntegrityCheckSuccess = Integrity check run was a success

ELR_RansomwareProtection = Ransomware Protection





The following are Bing voices:


bv_Local = Uses local Windows COM Speech

bv_ArabicEgyptFemale = ar-EGFemaleHoda

bv_ArabicSaudiArabiaMale = ar-SAMaleNaayf

bv_BulgarianBulgariaMale = bg-BGMaleIvan

bv_CatalanSpainFemale = ca-ESFemaleHerenaRUS

bv_DanishDenmarkFemale = da-DKFemaleHelleRUS

bv_GermanAustriaMale = de-ATMaleMichael

bv_GermanSwitzerlandMale = de-CHMaleKarsten

bv_GermanGermanyFemale = de-DEFemaleHedda

bv_GermanGermanyFemale2 = de-DEFemaleHeddaRUS

bv_GermanGermanyMale = de-DEMaleStefan, Apollo

bv_GreekGreeceMale = el-GRMaleStefanos

bv_EnglishAustraliaFemale = en-AUFemaleCatherine

bv_EnglishAustraliaFemale2 = en-AUFemaleHayleyRUS

bv_EnglishCanadaFemale = en-CAFemaleLinda

bv_EnglishCanadaFemale2 = en-CAFemaleHeatherRUS

bv_EnglishBritainFemale = en-GBFemaleSusan, Apollo

bv_EnglishBritainFemale2 = en-GBFemaleHazelRUS

bv_EnglishBritainMale = en-GBMaleGeorge, Apollo

bv_EnglishIndiaFemale = en-INFemaleHeera, Apollo

bv_EnglishIndiaFemale2 = en-INFemalePriyaRUS

bv_EnglishIndiaMale = en-INMaleRavi, Apollo

bv_EnglishUnitedStatesFemale = en-USFemaleZiraRUS

bv_EnglishUnitedStatesFemale2 = en-USFemaleJessaRUS

bv_EnglishUnitedStatesMale = en-USMaleBenjaminRUS

bv_SpanishSpainFemale = es-ESFemaleLaura, Apollo

bv_SpanishSpainFemale2 = es-ESFemaleHelenaRUS

bv_SpanishSpainMale = es-ESMalePablo, Apollo

bv_SpanishMexicoFemale = es-MXFemaleHildaRUS

bv_SpanishMexicoMale = es-MXMaleRaul, Apollo

bv_FinnishFinlandFemale = fi-FIFemaleHeidiRUS

bv_FrenchCanadaFemale = fr-CAFemaleCaroline

bv_FrenchCanadaFemale2 = fr-CAFemaleHarmonieRUS

bv_FrenchSwitzerlandMale = fr-CHMaleGuillaume

bv_FrenchFranceFemale = fr-FRFemaleJulie, Apollo

bv_FrenchFranceFemale2 = fr-FRFemaleHortenseRUS

bv_FrenchFranceMale = fr-FRMalePaul, Apollo

bv_HebrewIsraelMale = he-ILMaleAsaf

bv_HindiIndiaFemale = hi-INFemaleKalpana, Apollo

bv_HindiIndiaFemale2 = hi-INFemaleKalpana

bv_HindiIndiaMale = hi-INMaleHemant

bv_CroatianCroatiaMale = hr-HRMaleMatej

bv_HungarianHungaryMale = hu-HUMaleSzabolcs

bv_IndonesianIndonesiaMale = id-IDMaleAndika

bv_ItalianItalyMale = it-ITMaleCosimo, Apollo

bv_JapaneseJapanFemale = ja-JPFemaleAyumi, Apollo

bv_JapaneseJapanMale = ja-JPMaleIchiro, Apollo

bv_JapaneseJapanFemale2 = ja-JPFemaleHarukaRUS

bv_JapaneseJapanFemale3 = ja-JPFemaleLuciaRUS

bv_JapaneseJapanMale2 = ja-JPMaleEkaterinaRUS

bv_KoreanKoreaFemale = ko-KRFemaleHeamiRUS

bv_MalayMalaysiaMale = ms-MYMaleRizwan

bv_NorwegianNorwayFemale = nb-NOFemaleHuldaRUS

bv_DutchNetherlandsFemale = nl-NLFemaleHannaRUS

bv_PolishPolandFemale = pl-PLFemalePaulinaRUS

bv_PortugueseBrazilFemale = pt-BRFemaleHeloisaRUS

bv_PortugueseBrazilMale = pt-BRMaleDaniel, Apollo

bv_PortuguesePortugalFemale = pt-PTFemaleHeliaRUS

bv_RomanianRomaniaMale = ro-ROMaleAndrei

bv_RussianRussiaFemale = ru-RUFemaleIrina, Apollo

bv_RussianRussiaMale = ru-RUMalePavel, Apollo

bv_SlovakSlovakiaMale = sk-SKMaleFilip

bv_SlovenianSloveniaMale = sl-SIMaleLado

bv_SwedishSwedenFemale = sv-SEFemaleHedvigRUS

bv_TamilIndiaMale = ta-INMaleValluvar

bv_ThaiThailandMale = th-THMalePattara

bv_TurkishTurkeyFemale = tr-TRFemaleSedaRUS

bv_VietnameseVietnamMale = vi-VNMaleAn

bv_ChineseChinaFemale = zh-CNFemaleHuihuiRUS

bv_ChineseChinaFemale2 = zh-CNFemaleYaoyao, Apollo

bv_ChineseChinaMale = zh-CNMaleKangkang, Apollo

bv_ChineseHongKongFemale = zh-HKFemaleTracy, Apollo

bv_ChineseHongKongFemale2 = zh-HKFemaleTracyRUS

bv_ChineseHongKongMale = zh-HKMaleDanny, Apollo

bv_ChineseTaiwanFemale = zh-TWFemaleYating, Apollo

bv_ChineseTaiwanFemale2 = zh-TWFemaleHanHanRUS

bv_ChineseTaiwanMale = zh-TWMaleZhiwei, Apollo





The following are file integrity types:


EIT_None = None

EIT_CRC32 = CRC32 hash value

EIT_MD5 = MD5 hash value

EIT_SHA1 = SHA1 hash value

EIT_SHA256 = SHA256 hash value

EIT_SHA512 = SHA512 hash value

EIT_ETAG = Cloud ETAG value





The following are file version types:

















The following are the versions of Windows:


wvUnknown = Unknown

wvWin2000 = Windows 2000 - 5.0 (build 2195) - not supported

wvWinXP = Windows XP - 5.1 (build 2600) - not supported

wvWin2003 = Windows 2003 - 5.2 (also 2003 R2, Home Server, and XP Pro x64) (build 3790) - not supported

wvVista = Windows Vista - 6.0 (build 6000..6002)

wvWindows2008 = Windows 2008 - 6.0 (build 6001..6002)

wvWindows7 = Windows 7 - 6.1 (build 7600..7601)

wvWindows2008R2 = Windows 2008 R2 - 6.1 (build 7600..7601)

wvWindows8 = Windows 8 - 6.2 (build 9200)

wvWindows2012 = Windows 2012 - 6.2 (build 9200)

wvWindows81 = Windows 8.1 - 6.3 (build 9600)

wvWindows2012R2 = Windows 2012 R2 - 6.3 (build 9600)

wvWindows10 = Windows 10 - 10.0 (build 10240...)

wvWindows2016 = Windows 2016 - 10.0 (build < 17763)

wvWindows2019 = Windows 2019 - 10.0 (build >=17763)

wvWindows11 = Windows 11 - 10.0 (build 22000...)





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