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A number of built-in scripting functions are available. See also Script Classes.


function CopyFile(FromFilename, ToFilename);


FromFilename: The file to copy

ToFilename: The destination filename


Return value: On success 0 is returned, else a windows error code.


This function copies a file using SyncBack's internal copying routine (which gives progress feedback in the user interface).


See also SysErrorMessage.



function Escape(ToEscape);


ToEscape: The string to escape


Return value: The escaped string


Equivalent to the VBScript Escape method (for escaping strings to they can be passed in a URL).


For an example, see SendResultViaTwitter.bas



function GetObject(Pathname);


Pathname: The class required


Return value: The class requested


Equivalent to the VBScript GetObject method, but with only one parameter.


For examples, see WaitForFinishEx.bas and CreateRestorePoint.bas



function SysErrorMessage(WinErrCode);


WinErrCode: The windows error code


Return value: Returns the Windows error message for the error code


Returns the Windows error message for the Windows error code.



function VarToInt64(ToConvert);


ToConvert: The variable to convert to a 64-bit integer


Return value: A 64-bit integer, or 0 if the variable cannot be converted


This function converts values returned from scripting components to 64-bit integers. For example, use it with the Files property in FileSystemObject on the file size.






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