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A number of built-in scripting classes are available. See also Script Functions.


All the example code below is written in using the Pascal scripting language.


Class TEnumVariant


TEnumVariant is a helper class for collections, e.g. FileSystemObject.Drives


Create the object by passing the collection. Then you call ForEach to get each item in the collection. For example:



    // Return the list of drives




      while DrivesEnum.ForEach(DiskDrive) do begin

        If (DiskDrive.IsReady = TRUE) then

          If not SBLocation.AddDir(DiskDrive.DriveLetter) then







See the AllDrives.pas example script for an example.



Class TStringList


This class is for storing lists of strings. For more information refer to the Delphi help entry for TStringList.






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