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Welcome to the latest news from 2BrightSparks. In this issue, download the latest updates, find out how our products help the legal sector, discover how our Technical Director keeps his brain fit, and as always, enjoy more useful tips on using our software.

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SyncBackPro & SyncBackSE
V5.4.0.7 Update

TThe latest releases of SyncBackSE V5.4.0.7 and SyncBackPro V5.4.0.7 are now available as free upgrades for all those who have paid for a license.

To upgrade from earlier versions simply download SyncBackSE or SyncBackPro and install over your older version:

Download SyncBackSE

Download SyncBackPro

SyncBackPro enjoys great new features including an option to Skip and Exclude files and empty folders in the Differences and File Collision window. You'll also find many essential fixes and updates in this important upgrade.

Review the full list of changes in both versions

SyncBackSE, SyncBackPro, and SyncBack Freeware

Note that both SyncBackSE and SyncBackPro are not upgrades to SyncBack freeware.

There are three versions of our backup program: "SyncBack" which is freeware, and "SyncBackSE" and "SyncBackPro" which are shareware programs.

Compare the freeware and commercial versions

InfoHesive V1.5.2.5 Update

The latest version of InfoHesive V1.5.2.5 is available for download.

To upgrade from the earlier version of InfoHesive, download and install over your old version.

Download InfoHesive V1.5.2.5

This is a free upgrade for all who have paid for an InfoHesive license. The upgrade includes essential fixes and updates including: a new function that allows you to clear search highlights, smaller executables for easy distribution, and ten important fixes.

View detailed information on all the changes

FindOnClick V2.0.4.4 Update

FindOnClick also gets an update including the ability to search by filename using single-quotes to specify exact filenames, and several additional updates and fixes.

All licensees of OnClick Utilities may download and install the latest version of FindOnClick V2.0.4.4:

Download FindOnClick V2.0.4.4

Review the complete list of updates and fixes for this version

PatchOnClick V2.0.0.0 Update

PatchOnClick V2 has been released which uses compressed patch files that can be used with files of any size. This is a free upgrade for all commercial licensees of OnClick Utilities.
Download and install over your current version:

Download PatchOnClick V2

Read the History of Changes for the full details

Note: PatchOnClick V2 is not compatible with PatchOnClick V1

Due to the required changes to improve PatchOnClick, you cannot use PatchOnClick V1 patch files with PatchOnClick V2 and vice-versa. You may still Download PatchOnClick V1 if you need to Patch files made with that version.

Specialist Groups - Lawyers

Digital information is abundant in the legal sector and with constant deadlines, you need to be on top of all that data by easily being able to retrieve that information fast. Unfortunately, even with a great digital filing system, it is not an easy task to remember exactly where all those digital documents are kept.

You may well have many different drives and folders to navigate, and sometimes there's just too much data to be able to locate the needed file efficiently. In this scenario you need a program that quickly searches your entire drive (or several drives) with a click of a button for the file you need. Sure, the standard Windows Search function locates files, however it lacks the ability to allow the user to specify certain attributes like the creation date of a file and a path filter. This kind of filtering is crucial in speeding the process of locating the document you are after. In addition, the standard Windows Search function does not allow you to search several drives at the same time, which proves to be inconvenient and an inefficient use of your time. Even if the search filters and searching one drive at a time using Windows Search function are adequate for you, waiting for the results to appear while the "dog" runs aimlessly and endlessly is simply agonizing.

FindOnClick, which is part of 2BrightSparks' OnClick Utilities suite of programs, allows you to filter down your search based on filename, file extension, folder path, size, creation and modification date, and even a keyword or string of text within the sought-after document. Want to find duplicate files to make space on your external hard drive? You can do that too with FindOnClick.

Emailing legal contracts to your clients for verification is sometimes a painstaking process as the document size grows and grows as more modifications are made. PatchOnClick is a wonderful piece of software, also part of the OnClick Utilities suite, that allows you to create "patches" of a particular file. Simply put, a patch is a file that contains all the modifications of the original file. That way, you'll be emailing a very small-sized file compared to having to email an entire file thus saving a lot of time and effort of having to compress the file, and at the same time you'll decrease server and bandwidth demands.

What about keeping all your digital information in order? That is a chore in itself! Have WE got a solution for that too! InfoHesive is a versatile and powerful piece of software that will allow you to keep your clients' contact information organized, store your templates for legal documents for easy retrieval, create orientation packages that contain everything that your apprentices need to know during their apprenticeship term, and just about anything else you can think of to do with your digital information. If you find something that InfoHesive isn't capable of, let us know! We'd love to hear from you and see how we can add that feature into this still-improving program.

Keeping your digital information safe is important, even when you discard it. Simply deleting your files by hitting the Delete button on your keyboard and emptying the Trash folder does not guarantee that unwanted eyes won't view them. DeleteOnClick securely deletes files with military grade deletion is the safe alternative. In addition to deleting files forever, it renames the filename to a completely random series of characters that acts as a second level of security.

You may evaluate all the above programs obligation-free before you purchase them, so don't wait any longer!

Staff Sparks

We're always being told to exercise and lose weight to stay healthy (something I'm sure most of us once again decided to add to our New Year's resolutions list), but increasingly these days we're also told to exercise our brains. In my job that's not really a problem as I spend most of my day sat in front of a computer manipulating hundreds of thousands of lines of code to add new features and fix bugs. Add to that answering technical support questions and forum posts, and reading for an hour or two every day (usually before sleeping), and I'd say my brain gets enough of a regular work-out (sometimes too much!).

To add to this brain exercise regime, I also like to do Sudoku puzzles (usually while waiting for the computer to do something). If you've never tried Sudoku, it's easy to learn, and I'd highly recommend it. There are plenty of free Sudoku games and tutorials available online (just Google for free Sudoku for a list). If you want to maintain your peak you'll need to exercise both your body and your mind, and Sudoku may just help.

Michael J. Leaver, Technical Director.

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Tips of the Month

Profile Notes

Do you create profiles for family members or colleagues? Do you have profiles for others to download from your website or blog? Often it's not enough just give them the exported profile (the SPS file) as you usually need to provide them with details on what they may need or want to change in the profiles settings. SyncBackSE/Pro V5 lets you include notes in a profile (see the Notes profile settings page), and you can optionally have those notes displayed to the user when they import the profile (just enable the option "Show these notes when the profile is imported").

Twitter and SMS

Do you install and configure SyncBackPro to run on your clients computers? Are you responsible for making sure those backup profiles run correctly? Both SyncBackSE and SyncBackPro have the ability to send emails after a profile has run. This way you can make sure all your clients backup profiles are running without a hitch. But did you know you can also have SyncBackPro send you an SMS if a profile fails? And just in case that wasn't enough you can also have SyncBackPro post a Twitter message when a profile is run. For more information see the script files SendResultViaSMS. vbs and SendResultViaTwitter. vbs that are installed along with SyncBackPro (note that scripting is a feature only available in SyncBackPro and is not available for SyncBackSE).

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