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Author: Debbie Grignani, 2BrightSparks Pte. Ltd.

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Important: This article is for historical reference only. InfoHesive and InfoHesiveEP are no longer available or supported. Some of the links may be broken or no longer valid.

Articles, legal documents, pre-formatted letters based on company standards... the list goes on and on as far as digital information goes for a law firm.

Companies in the legal sector have a reputation to uphold in this competitive market. It is imperative for legal services to be prompt, information provided to clients accurate, and that standards and guidelines are followed throughout the organization. It is a challenge to keep all partners, paralegals and other employees up-to-date with the latest information.

Frequent company meetings can help, but there is little point in spending time on detailed updates during meetings when constructive discussion of matters can prove to be a more effective use of time. Company memo distribution is a way in which information may be passed around, but this not only has a negative impact on the environment as a large volume of paper is required, but also costs the organization a considerable amount of money.

From Legal Templates to Contracts

Let me introduce you to a method of information-sharing that is efficient and environmentally-friendly. InfoHesiveEP is a powerful and versatile piece of software created by 2BrightSparks, with the legal sector as one of the main drives for the product.

Templates for letters, references for the amendments to the Constitution, client contact details and much more information can be easily categorized using InfoHesive. Sharing is also made very convenient with the ability to convert your InfoHesive Project into an executable (.exe) file. That means your employees need not own a copy of InfoHesive in order to view the InfoHesive Project, just the creator of the Project.

Orientation For Apprentices

If you are in a law firm which engages lawyers' apprentices frequently, then you'll be in for a treat with InfoHesive. By creating a new Help File Workspace with InfoHesive, you will be able to create a whole orientation package for your apprentices. The main different between a Help File Workspace and a Project Workspace is that you are able to publish the document together with its associated assets, which can include PDF documents, spreadsheets or any other file linked to from the InfoHesive Help File.

Safe and Secure

There are also encryption and compression capabilities in InfoHesive that will ensure information security and enable you to easily attach your InfoHesive documents to e-mails.

Easy Updating with PatchOnClick

If you require frequent updates to your InfoHesive documents and need to e-mail the updated copies to your employees, we have an efficient solution for you. PatchOnClick allows you to create a patch file that will contain the differences between the original file that all your employees have and the updated file. This will therefore help to reduce the attached file size to the bare minimum, thus e-mailing updates to your employees is not a hassle with large-sized files. Review this article that has more information about PatchOnClick.

See how InfoHesive can benefit your organization with the fully functional 30 days, obligation-free trial: Download Now.

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