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InfoHesive | Features | Changes
Changes A comprehensive list of added features, improvements, and bug fixes for InfoHesive.

InfoHesive Software Updates

Our software has undergone extensive development and user testing since its inception. This page shows bug fixes and feature improvements that have been made since the official release date.

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InfoHesive V1 has been superseded by InfoHesiveEP which has all the functions of V1, but is focused towards ePublishing. The history of changes for InfoHesive V1 are shown below. You may also view the InfoHesiveEP History of Changes.

InfoHesive V1.5.3.0 (April 2009)

New: The shortcut key F9 changes focus to the Editor.
New: Left-Click on the InfoHesive Tray Icon shows the InfoHesive Main Window
Updated: Help File.
Fixed: Access violation while doing multiple drag and drop operations in quick succession.
Fixed: InfoHesive's HyperLink dialog when viewed in a 120dpi doesn't show buttons appropriately.
Fixed: "Create Index page" does not update the existing Index Page appropriately.
Fixed: copied Hyper-links to Topics/Articles do not work when pasted.
Fixed: Two Spaces are added when a New Article is created.
Fixed: "Flash" File articles do not play the flash *.flv file when double-clicked.
Fixed: Help button does not open the help file in Vista.
Fixed: A double space is inserted between bullets when copied web content is pasted into the Editor.
Fixed: "Storage Error" when trying to save a Workspace with a name of a Workspace that is already open.
Fixed: InfoHesive does not work with Windows2000.

InfoHesive V1.5.2.5 (March 2009)

Fixed: Color changes made in some of the table cells are lost.
Fixed: Deleting one table deletes all the adjacent tables.
Fixed: Part of the table is cut while taking a hard copy if the text is very long.
Fixed: TimeStamp Table width becomes very small after working with a few articles.
Fixed: Access Violation while browsing the Outliner very quickly and when some of the articles are very large.

InfoHesive V1.5.2.2 (February 2009)

New: Editor "Clear Search Highlights" that clears Search Highlights from the Editor content area. This function is available via the main program Editor menu and right-click Editor menu.
Updated: "Show Page Border" & "Show Page Break" moved to the Options menu.
Updated: Print Designer form is simplified.
Updated: Reduced the size of executables.
Updated: Help File
Fixed: Find's "Find next" and "Find Previous" does not always function.
Fixed: The Editor toolbar does not update when text with different font/styles is selected.
Fixed: New Project does not show an image within the Informational Stamp.
Fixed: Error: "Premature end of data" while creating an article.
Fixed: A new blank row is added to the table whenever an article is loaded with a table.
Fixed: Images disappear when pasting Word documents with images within InfoHesive.
Fixed: The user is unable to edit if the article is very large.
Fixed: The scrollbar does not appear when a wide table is created.
Fixed: Searching a word within a very large document can take a very long time.
Fixed: "Find and Replace" can not replace text with empty string.

InfoHesive V1.5.2.0 (December 2008)

Fixed: When HTML (web pages) are copied into InfoHesive which contain empty image tags, the images are removed.
Fixed: Class Not Registered error.
Fixed: "Show Page Border" and "Enable Flexible Content Width" is displayed in the options menu and enabled.
Fixed: Row Number/Column number in the InfoHesive status bar shows incorrectly when the scrollbar changes position.
Fixed: Double-clicking on selected text in a locked document creates an article.
Updated: Help File

InfoHesive V1.5.1.0 (November 2008)

New: Find text easily in the InfoHesive Editor with new Find functions: Find; Find Next; Find Previous; and Find & Replace.
New: Change text entries in the Editor pane when Searching.
New: Save search results and use previous search queries.
New: Option to search contents as you type (one or more possible matches for the text you type are found and immediately presented in the search window).
Updated: Move forward or backward through your Search results.
Updated: Improved highlighted search results.
Updated: The InfoHesive Help File is updated and enlarged
Fixed: The new dimensions of resized table cells are not saved.
Fixed: InfoHesive does not recognize an older version's format.
Fixed: After canceling the Hotkey dialog, F6 no longer works.
Fixed: When a link is clicked in the editor, HRef Tags do not work if they include the Target attribute.

InfoHesive V1.4.0.0 (August 2008)

New: A message is displayed when the editor loads a large article that states "Loading, please wait...".
Updated: Improved handling of Articles with duplicate Items and "Send To" Hotkeys.
Updated: Change in terminology: "Shortcut" is now referred to as "Hotkey". throughout the program interface.
Updated: Dragged image if edited immediately, the image information is not available. A message dialog appears asking the user to refresh the article.
Updated: "Delete Workspace" now has a submenu which lists all the WorkSpaces available. Clicking one of the WorkSpace items brings up a new custom dialog window that asks the user to confirm if they really want to delete the WorkSpace.
Updated: Removed the "Delete" menu item from the WorkSpace right-click menu.
Updated: Extended Help File.
Fixed: Clicking the keyboard tab key many times in the Outliner occasionally displays the incorrect Article in the Editor.
Fixed: Clicking inside the Editor and then browsing to a different Article may cause the Editor to focus on an Article associated with a different Topic or Item.
Fixed: An Access Violation occurs when the "Folder previously used" does not exist.
Fixed: Saving InfoHesive Files in Vista does not include the appropriate extension.
Fixed: Copying or pasting text into the Editor adds an unwanted new line.
Fixed: Copying or pasting unicode text without an image does not work.
Fixed: After pasting text the undo function does not work.
Fixed: Content can remain in the Editor even after closing the Workspace causing an Access Violation.
Fixed: Background color of the text does not change when the cell color changes.
Fixed: InfoHesive's "Send-To" Hotkey does not Send to InfoHesive while working on an Article within InfoHesive.
Fixed: An image dragged from Windows Explorer is replaced by a different image.
Fixed: A dragged image, when refreshed after restart of InfoHesive, is replaced by the word "graphic".
Fixed: Pasting a word creates a new line.
Fixed: The message dialog help buttons do not go to the appropriate article within InfoHesive Help file.

InfoHesive V1.3.6.7 (June 2008)

New: Change Default Editor Font allows the user to choose the font which appears in the Editor.
New: Options > Enable Flexible Content Width allows the user to view Articles in the Editor without word wrap.
New: Save Dialog while building eBook.
Updated: Drag and Drop of Articles will NOT select articles while dragging over them.
Updated: Drag and Drop will expand/collapse a Topic if, and only if, the mouse hovers over the Topic for two seconds.
Updated: Cell Properties improved to allow changes to the cell, column, and row.
Updated: Color Dialog will now allow custom colors to be saved.
Updated: View > Workspace Tabs.
Updated: Image Properties includes a dynamic Lock Aspect Ratio graphic.
Updated: Many Help File changes and improvements including a new start page.
Fixed: Access violation in the Outliner.
Fixed: Access Violation when browsing through the articles using the Up arrow.
Fixed: Saving WorkSpace causes "Storage Error: Path not found".
Fixed: Errors when Printing Workspace.
Fixed: Change File dialog does not initialize the folder that was last opened.
Fixed: Increase/Decrease Indent does not work correctly.
Fixed: Copy/Paste Text/images from Word 2007 does not work correctly.
Fixed: Copying links and pasting them in the editor causes the links to be lost.
Fixed: When associating an anchor with text, the whole text becomes an anchor.
Fixed: Links to mailto when saved, loses the "<" & ">".
Fixed: Increase/Decrease Indent does not work.
Fixed: Delete Row button does not work.
Fixed: Disabling "Embed InfoHesive Project files" does not delete the files from the Workspace.
Fixed: Remove Hyperlink removes the image if selected.
Fixed: Pasting Unicode Text into infoHesive does not work correctly.
Fixed: Building eBook replaces the file without the user's consent.
Fixed: Building eBook intermittently fails.
Fixed: eBooks expects the Editor component to be installed on Windows 2000.
Fixed: Context sensitive help does not work if the help file is not already open.
Fixed: Pasting text and graphics from MsWord does not work correctly.
Fixed: Editor Right-Click menu's Delete Table menu does not work.
Fixed: When the Search Tab is clicked, the focus is not in the Search Box.
Fixed: Font does not display correctly in the Font Combo Box.
Fixed: File Items are sometimes broken after the project is reloaded.
Fixed: File naming on Save does not function appropriately in Vista.
Fixed: Dictionary folder error in Vista.

InfoHesive V1.3.2.0 (June 2008)

New: Recently Opened Workspace menu.
New: Paste Text Only menu with short cut "Shift+Alt+V" pastes only the text from the clipboard.
Updated: Search in Current Workspace is selected by default.
Updated: Outliner's Sort menu sorts the children of the selected node.
Updated: Outliner's Expand Menu expands the selected node.
Updated: Outliner's Collapse Menu collapses the selected node.
Updated: Hint for Searched List
Updated: Extensive Help File improvements.
Fixed: Sort operation does not re-index the topics and Articles internally.
Fixed: Problems saving InfoHesive documents in Vista.
Fixed: Check For Update doesn't display a message if a new version is not available.
Fixed: Right-click in Editor does not display the pop-up menu on the clicked position.
Fixed: Tools menu enabled when it is empty.
Fixed: Right-Click on WorkSpace tabs does not select the clicked workspace.
Fixed: Drag-Drop does not work when a file/"selected Text" is dropped into the Outliner.
Fixed: Drag-Drop an Article produces an Access violation.
Fixed: InfoHesive can hang when loading multiple workspaces.

InfoHesive V1.3.1.0 (June 2008)

New: Remove Article Paragraph Styles will remove all the <P> Tags in a single Article Item.
New: Show/Hide Page breaks (shows or hides a page break guide in the editor).
Updated: Can copy the Outliner's Workspace node and paste as a topic in a different location.
Updated: Help File.
Fixed: Lock button was enabled in Viewer Mode or when the Private Key lock is enabled.
Fixed: When an Article gets locked, the icon doesn't change immediately to represent the lock.
Fixed: After an Article was deleted, it is possible to delete the Root Workspace.
Fixed: An access violation sometimes occurs when closing a workspace that has more than ten articles that are browsed one after the other.
Fixed: Image Properties' Actual size option does not work appropriately.
Fixed: When Internet Explorer is not the default browser, the URL Article's icon is sometimes incorrect.
Fixed: When using Table Properties, the Table's border, when changed from 0 to 1, does not display.
Fixed: Loading an existing InfoHesive document does not replace the existing document.
Fixed: Show/Hide WorkSpace Tabs removes the contents of the editor.
Fixed: HTML text containing long lines do not get word wrapped.
Fixed: "Invalid floating point error" relating to the Danish versions of Windows.
Fixed: Not able to use CTRL+C, CTRL+V, CTRL+X other than within the Editor.
Fixed: Page breaks show in the Search Window.
Fixed: Print Workspace fails to load some of the images.
Fixed: The macro dialog permits "spaces" in the "Word To Be Replaced".

InfoHesive V1.3.0.1 (May 2008)

Fixed: When opening InfoHesive with a help file as the first project, the General Toolbar buttons do not appear correctly.
Fixed: When creating a help file and not saving: clicking "View Assets Folder" returns an error message.

InfoHesive V1.3.0.0 (May 2008)

First public release.

During the first five months of 2008, InfoHesive underwent extensive in-house and community beta testing. We would like to thank all those who contributed to making InfoHesive the great program it is today.

General Features

New: Create InfoHesive Projects, eBooks, and Help Files.
New: Fully functional 30 day evaluation version. No nag messages.
New: Royalty-free distribution of InfoHesive documents using the freeware InfoHesive Viewer.
New: Build eBook into an executable (.exe) that does not require an installer.
New: Send To Profile provides an easy way to Register Applications with InfoHesive. InfoHesive can then quickly copy Items from InfoHesive into other applications (e.g. Email Composer, Word etc).
New: Viewer Mode allows the user of the full version to quickly preview the WorkSpace as if it were viewed by the freeware InfoHesive Viewer.
New: zoom feature aids accessibility and page layout.
New: Search Tab provides advanced search options.
New: Spell Check either Article or WorkSpace.
New: Live Spell Check to correct errors as you type.
New: Thesaurus Check provides linguistic alternatives.
New: Print Designer to setup the header, footer, margins, orientation and Fonts for different levels of the Outliner.
New: Copy/Paste Outliner Article nodes.
New: History function lists previously visited Articles.
New: Browse Back/Forward buttons provide easy navigation between previously viewed Articles.
New: AutoSave every five minutes (optional).
New: Minimize to Windows Tray (optional).
New: Minimize on Close (optional).
New: Startup with Windows (optional).
New: Customizable Interface: Show/Hide Toolbars from View menu.
New: View Table Guide allows the user to easily see their table layout.
New: Change Program font name, size (8-10) and style.
New: Change Settings Folder/Assets Folder (Assets Folder is only used with the Help File WorkSpace).
New: View Settings Folder/Assets Folder.
New: Option to Make Publisher's Key file without which InfoHesive Documents cannot be edited.
New: Editor Header presents the title of the article and provides easy navigation of Articles from the first to the last.
New: Show/Hide Editor.
New: System Wide Shortcuts provide easy retrieval of Information.
New: Many WorkSpaces can be opened at the same time.
New: WorkSpace Tabs provide an easy way to browse different WorkSpaces.
New: Properties Tab provides the information about the WorkSpace's physical file.
New: Password Protection for InfoHesive documents.
New: Embed Files into the InfoHesive document (Applicable to InfoHesive Project type of WorkSpace).
New: Configure system wide Hotkeys.
New: Check For Update (requires Internet connection).
New: Refresh Article Content (F5).
New: Support for PNG file in the Image Preview Window.
New: Extensive Context-Sensitive InfoHesive Help File

Outliner Features

New: Create Article Items: Articles can have Rich Text, Images, links, Tables, Horizontal Lines, Anchors etc.
New: Create Topics: Topics are Articles that can have sub-nodes.
New: There are three states of Topics (Empty Topics, Open Topics, Closed Topics) which are denoted by different images displayed in the Outliner.
New: Create File Items that point to a File: File Items are denoted by the File's icon which is displayed in the Outliner.
New: Create URL Items that point to a remote address (for example, a web page).
New: Easy conversion from Topic to Article and from Article to Topic.
New: Easy creation of Index page (Read only). Index Page has all the Article entries in addition to the Anchors for a particular WorkSpace (applies to Projects, eBooks, and Help Files).
New: Easy setup of Item Shortcuts for the Article. Item Shortcuts can be activated when InfoHesive is minimized. When activated, the Item Shortcut executes the associated File/URL/Article.
New: Easy Setup of Send To Shortcuts for the Article. Send To Shortcuts can be activated when InfoHesive is minimized. When activated, this action sends the Article to the Application that is currently Active. For example, you will be able to retrieve the Article from the Email composer by typing in the Send To Shortcut in the composer.
New: Expand/Collapse All Nodes.
New: Easy way to move article nodes using the Move buttons available in the Outliner Toolbar.
New: Drag and Drop Article Nodes within the Outliner.
New: Drag and Drop of File from Explorer into Outliner creates a File Article.
New: Drag and Drop of Web Browser Address bar Icon creates an URL Article.
New: Drag and Drop of some text to the Outliner creates an Article.
New: Topics/Articles can be locked to avoid accidental modification of information. Locked Articles are denoted by a Lock Symbol.
New: Articles that have duplicate Item/Send To Shortcuts are denoted by special warning icons for easy detection.
New: Clicking Articles with broken shortcuts opens a special Toolbar with quick fix tools.
New: Copy Topics tree from one WorkSpace and paste it into another topic belonging to the same or different WorkSpace.
New: Copy/Paste of Outliner's Article nodes.
New: Sorting Outliner Nodes.

Editor Features

New: Create Articles with Rich Text, Images, links, Tables, Horizontal Line, Anchors etc.
New: Underlined hyperlinks to http, https, email, Topics, files, FTP .
New: Image hyperlinks to http, https, email, Topics, files, FTP.
New: Text formatting (bold, italic, font, size, Font color, background color, underline, etc.).
New: Paragraph formatting (center, right, left, bullet, number etc).
New: Print Article.
New: Search within the Editor.
New: 10 levels of Undo/Redo.
New: Insert Time and Information Stamp.
New: Insert Editor Icons (can also be activated by editor shortcuts).
New: Insert/Edit Tables: cell color, cell border, table-width, align.
New: Tables can be nested within a table.
New: Insert/Edit Horizontal Lines (width, height, Color).
New: Insert/Edit Images (image preview is provided).
New: insert/Edit Anchors (Bookmarks included in the Index Page).
New: Insert/Edit HTML.
New: Edit Source.
New: Drag and Drop Images(Jpeg, Png, Gif, Bmp) from Explorer to Editor (Image dimension is automatically reduced if larger than 640X480).
New: Drag and Drop of web content or information from other applications to the Editor.
New: Drag and drop text file content from explorer to Editor.
New: Drag and drop Web Browser address bar icon to Editor which results in pasting the URL into the Editor.
New: Show/Hide Anchors.
New: Show/Hide Special Characters.
New: Cut/Copy/Paste Editor text and Images.
New: Table Guide Border shows Tables that have no border with a thin gray border in editor mode.
New: Article Color sets color of the Normal Text, Link Text, Active Link Text, Visited Link Text & Background of the Editor.
New: Increase Or Decrease Indent.
New: Discontinue Text Styles.
New: Discontinue Link



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