SyncBack V9 and V8 Updated

In this update, we have added Google Photos backup, support for Dropbox Teams, improved support for Wasabi and made numerous other improvements and fixes to V9. We've also released a beta version of 64-bit SyncBack Touch for macOS.

For the full changes list, visit our changes page online. Visit our downloads page to get the latest version now, or visit our legacy downloads page. See our BETA Versions page for pre-release versions.

As we reported previously, Google removed access to Google Photos via Google Drive. This meant you could not backup your Google photos files using SyncBackPro.

We're now excited to tell you that we've added support for backup of your Google Photos files to the latest release of SyncBackPro V9. We've worked with Google to join their Google Photos Partner program, meaning we have increased quota limits. The Google Photos backup feature is currently in BETA so that we can discover what quota limits are required.

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