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Profiles Pop-Up Menu

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If you right-click on a profile then a pop-up menu appears with a number of menu items. Many of these functions can be used with multiple-profiles. There are a number of ways to select multiple profiles, for example:


Press Ctrl-A to select all profiles (to unselect all press Ctrl-U).

While holding down the Ctrl key click on the profiles you want selected.

You can select a range of profiles by clicking on a profile, then while holding down the Shift key, click another profile.


Some of the menu items may not be available due to limitations. For example, some functions cannot be used with groups (e.g. Open Left/Source) or they can only be used with a single profile and not multiple profiles (e.g. Modify). If your screen resolution is low some items will be removed, otherwise the menu will be too long to be displayed. Also, many of the menu items will also show the shortcut key. For example, you can run profiles by selecting them and using the shortcut key Ctrl-R


Run (Ctrl-R): Runs the selected profiles.


Run (Unattended): Runs the selected profiles in unattended mode. This means there will be no prompting and the Differences window will not be displayed.


Run (No Action changes allowed): Runs the selected profiles, and display the Differences window, but does not allow any changes to be made to the actions or any versions to be restored. Also no prompts will be made (if the profile is configured to prompt for actions). Instead of prompting the file or folder will be skipped. This option is for use with Fast Backup profiles where you want the Differences window to appear but do not want the versions to be scanned.


Simulated Run (Ctrl-S): Runs the selected profiles in simulation mode.


Integrity Check (Ctrl-S): Runs the selected profiles in Integrity Checking mode.


Restore: Runs the selected profiles in restore mode.


Simulated Restore: Runs the selected profiles in simulated restore mode.


Queue: The sub-menu allows for queuing of profiles and clearing the queue.


Open Left/Source: Using Windows File Explorer, it will open to the source/left folder on the selected profiles.


Open Right/Destination: Using Windows File Explorer, it will open to the destination/right folder on the selected profiles. Note that some destinations cannot be opened, e.g. if you are performing a backup to the cloud then it will not do anything. For FTP, it will use the FTP URL ftp://[user ID:[email protected]]<host name>[:port]/[path/]



Modify (Ctrl-M): Modifies the selected profile.


Schedule: Creates or modifies the profiles schedule.


Delete (Del): Deletes the selected profiles.


Rename (F2): Renames the selected profiles.


Copy (Ctrl-C): Makes a copy of the selected profile.


Export Profile: Exports the selected profiles. Exporting profiles lets you import them into other installations of SyncBackPro and is also a way of making a backup of a profile. In the Global Settings window, you can configure SyncBackPro to automatically make backups of all your profiles when SyncBackPro exits.


Upload Profile to SBM Service: The selected profile is uploaded to the SBM Service. See the SyncBack Management Service help page for more details.


Enable: Enables a previously disabled profile.


Disable: Disables the selected profiles. A disabled profile cannot be run by any method (including scheduled, manually, etc.). You cannot disable group profiles.


Clear groups result: The selected groups will have their last Result cleared.


Rescan: The selected profiles, if they are Fast Backup profiles, will have their Fast Backup data cleared and a re-scan will be forced on the next run. This is the same as modifying the profile(s) and clicking the Force re-scan button.


Background Colour: This allows you to change the background colour of a profile. To reset/clear a profiles background colour select Clear. Background colours are purely cosmetic and have no affect on the profile itself.



Refresh (F5): The display is refreshed so the information display is current. This can be useful if you have profiles running in another instance of SyncBackPro, e.g. via a schedule, and the display isn't refreshing automatically.


Select all (Ctrl-A): All the visible profiles are selected. If you have an unexpanded group then those profiles in the group will not be selected.


Unselect all (Ctrl-U): The current selections are de-selected.



View Log: The log for the selected profiles is displayed. Note that you may have a history of logs for a profile so you can choose which log to display using the sub-menu. To display the latest log you can press Ctrl-L.


View Debug Log: The debug log for the selected profiles is displayed. Debug logs are for internal use.



Pause: The selected profiles are paused. To resume them select Resume.


Resume: If paused, the selected profiles are resumed.


Stop: The selected profiles are stopped. If the profile is being run as part of a group then the entire group is stopped.


Stop profile only, not group (Ctrl-O): The selected profiles are stopped, but not the group it is running as a part of.




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