Help using SyncBackPro

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Help using SyncBackPro

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Help! Online and Printable Support Resources


As a user of SyncBackPro you can enjoy extensive support from 2BrightSparks Pte Ltd:


Your first port of call for support is to read this help file.


Top Tip! Simply click the F1 key (usually on the upper left of your keyboard) to open the help file at the particular page relating to the current SyncBackPro window. Alternatively, click Help in the window caption (if you are using the Windows10 or Windows10 Dark styles), or the Help button on the main program window, to open the help file.




If you have never backed up data before, we advise you read the Quick Start Guide which explains the fundamentals about different kinds of backup. Using SyncBackPro provides detailed explanations of all the functions in SyncBackPro including Basic Operation; Easy Mode; Expert Mode; Runtime Help; and a Technical Reference.


This help file also offers context sensitive guidance when using the program. You'll find a Help button in most of the program's windows. Clicking the help button will take you straight to the help page for that particular task or option.



Fully Searchable Settings


When editing the settings for a profile you can use the settings search feature to locate the settings you need.



Fully Searchable Knowledge Base


To search our ever expanding and improving Knowledge Base simply select Search Online Knowledge Base for the Help main menu. This will search the online knowledge base, which means it is always up-to-date.



Fully Searchable and Printable Help Manual


Do not directly print this help file from the Microsoft help viewer because the print quality of the HTML Help viewer is poor.


A fully searchable and printable SyncBackPro Help File is available as an Adobe PDF file (Portable Document Format).


This help file is available from our website in PDF format at:


Although Adobe Acrobat Reader is installed as standard on Windows computers, you may wish to download and install the very latest version which includes significant improvements over its predecessors:



Get latest Adobe Acrobat Reader



Online Support from 2BrightSparks


Our online support is among the best in the industry. You'll find our extensive Support Area which features our Knowledge Base and FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).



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