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Quick Start

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Start Using SyncBackPro Straight Away



If you have not used a backup program before, we strongly advise you spend time reading Understanding Backup and Synchronization which provides an essential introduction to the field.



The warning icon on the left is used throughout this help file and indicates advise that is of particular importance.


Three stage start


SyncBackPro can be up and running by following the following three stage process:


Step 1. When you first install SyncBackPro, the program will ask if you would like to:


Evaluate the software


Enter your Serial Number that you would have received by email after you have paid for SyncBackPro


Click the Buy button to visit our web store so you may pay for a license, or the Evaluate button to use the 30 day trial:





When in evaluation mode, you can opt not to be reminded again until 7 days before the trial expires by clicking the box.


Step 2. The program may then ask if you would like to import any existing SyncBack profiles.


Step 3. If you have not created any profiles in the past click the "New" button located on the lower left of the program window:




Creating your first Profile is a simple process with the help of the profile wizard. Once a profile has been created you need only click a single button to run that profile.



Need Help?


Read the Help Using SyncBackPro section of this help file which details the many ways you will find guidance and support when using the program.



Use the context sensitive help buttons that provide assistance by clicking the 'Help' button that you'll find on each program window. This will take you straight to the appropriate section in the help file.



SyncBackPro Evaluation Version

You have 30 days to evaluate SyncBackPro after which time you must uninstall it from your computer. You may buy SyncBackPro at any stage by visiting our web store.


Click to visit our Web Store





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