In this update, we have released a new version of SyncBack V10. We've also published a new article: Setting up and Using a Multi-SyncBack Touch Profile. When SyncBackPro/SE V10 was released, we introduced Global Variables and the ability to run (or not) a profile based on network connectivity. Below, we discuss these new features.

For the full changes list see the SyncBack changes page. Visit our downloads page to get the latest versions.

Important information about Dropbox for SyncBackPro V9 and older users: On April 13th 2022, Dropbox will drop support for TLS V1.0 or TLS V1.1. You must use TLS V1.2. SyncBackPro V9.5.79.0 and newer use TLS V1.2 with Dropbox always, so you do not need to do anything. If you are using an older version of V9 then you should update to the latest version. If you are using V8 then you should go to Global Settings -> Expert and change the "Default communication encryption to use with cloud services" to TLS V1.2. You should then modify your Dropbox profiles and make sure they are using that setting: Cloud -> Advanced, then change "Communication encryption to use" to "Use global default".

New V10 Features

Variables have been available in SyncBack for a long time and can be very useful. You can use variables defined by Windows and variables defined in SyncBack. In SyncBack, you can create variables in a profile and a group profile. There are also variables that SyncBack itself makes available for all profiles to use. In SyncBackPro you can use scripting to create your own custom variables. In SyncBackPro/SE V10 we introduced Global Variables. These are variables that can be used by all your profiles. If you define a variable at the profile level, then it can be used only by that profile. If you define a variable at the group level, then it can be used by that group profile and all profiles in the group.

There are often situations where you want a profile to run (or not run) depending on the network connection situation. For example, if you have a laptop computer you may only want some profiles to run if you are in the office. Another example is that you may only want a profile to run if there is a connection to the Internet. SyncBackPro/SE V10 makes that possible. See the Copy/Delete -> Network settings page in your profile and the help file for details.

Latest Article

Setting up and Using a Multi-SyncBack Touch Profile

With SyncBackPro it is possible to connect multiple SyncBack Touch instances running on different devices and operating systems using a single profile. This feature is useful in cases where we want to perform the same functionality and set of rules against multiple devices without having to setup separate profiles for each one of them. An example would be having to backup content from let's say hundreds of devices in an organization. Defining that many separate profiles would be time consuming and the same goes for maintaining or updating them. Using a single Multi-SyncBack Touch profile allows us to do this easily and quickly.

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