In this update, we have released new versions of SyncBack, SBMS (Server) and Touch (Windows). We've also published a new article: Auto-Incrementing Variable.

For the full changes list see the SyncBack changes page, Touch change page and SBMS changes page online. Visit our downloads page to get the latest versions.

New V10 Features

SyncBack V10 included a number of performance improvements, one of which was the ability to now use Fast Backup with all the cloud services. By using Fast Backup you can reduce your backup times considerably. Previously it could only be used with "enterprise" cloud services like Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure. With V10 you can now use it with cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, SharePoint and Microsoft OneDrive. Before trying Fast Backup we recommend you learn about it in the SyncBack help file and also read our Fast Backup article online.

Even with the rise of cloud storage, a lot of people still use FTP and SFTP servers. SyncBack V10 further improved compatibility with even more FTP/SFTP servers by introducing two new FTP engines: DevArt and Chilkat. It also increased FTP performance by allowing for concurrent downloads of large files when using the Eldos FTP engine. With this feature SyncBack can download large files using multiple connections. All the FTP engines support downloading of multiple files at the same time using multiple connections.

Latest Article

Auto-Incrementing Variable

The auto-incrementing variable (%AUTOINC%) is a special variable that was introduced in SyncBackPro/SE V10.2.4.0. It is not available in SyncBackFree or older versions of SyncBackPro/SE. The AUTOINC variable automatically increments every time a profile is run, which you can use to customize your backups (e.g. to create 10 backups of your data). It is especially useful with the Fast Backup feature to create Incremental and Differential backups.

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