In this update, we have released new versions of SyncBack, SBMS, Touch and OnClick Utilities. We've also published two new articles: Using Pushover with SyncBackPro/SE and Introduction to Scripting with SyncBackPro.

For the full SyncBack changes list, see our changes page online. Visit our downloads page to get the latest versions.

Free with V10

When SyncBack V10 was released we made SyncBack Touch completely free to use with SyncBackPro and SyncBack SE V10. If you are using an older version of SyncBack, e.g. V9, then it is not free and the previous licensing rules still apply. Haven't tried SyncBack Touch yet? Give it a try. We've got numerous articles available that can help.

SBMS is also free to use with SyncBackPro V10. You just need to enter your SyncBackPro V10 serial number into SBMS. With SBMS you can monitor remote SyncBackPro installations.

Latest Articles

Using Pushover with SyncBackPro/SE

By using a service like Pushover you can be notified when a profile has run successfully and/or when it has failed. A Pushover notification can be thought of as something similar to an email or an SMS, except it is often delivered faster and with fewer issues, e.g. you do not need to worry about spam. Pushover integration was first introduced with SyncBackPro/SE V7 in October 2014.

Introduction to Scripting with SyncBackPro

Scripting provides a flexible and easy way to automate tasks and extend the functionality of an application. A script is a small program that enables you to customize and control your backup jobs. For example, you can write a script to copy, rename or delete a specific file, customize the user interface or change the profile settings. SyncBackPro’s scripting is like the macro support in Microsoft Office, JavaScript in web pages or plug-ins in other software. This article gives an introduction to what SyncBackPro scripts are and how to use them.

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