In this update, we have released a new version of SyncBack and created a Tutorials section on our web site. We've also published two new articles: Special Restore Cases and Versioning.

For the full changes list, see our changes page online. Visit our downloads page to get the latest version of SyncBack now.


We have numerous resources to help people learn and make full use of SyncBack. There is an extensive help file, a large and ever expanding knowledge base as well as numerous articles that have been written over the last 15 years. Let's not forget that we also have excellent technical support.

Having said that, it's sometimes easier to show something than to describe it. This is why we've just started a new Tutorials collection. At this point there are just a few simple tutorials, e.g. how to create a group profile, but we're slowly expanding it. If you have any suggestions for new tutorials we could add then please tell us.

Latest Articles

Special Restore Cases

In this article, we will discuss some special restore cases that you may need in some situations. For example: you may want to restore a single file from a large backup, restore from an Incremental or Differential backup, etc. This article is an extension of the Restoring from a Backup article.


Versioning is the process of creating and managing multiple versions of a file. A version is created when a file is changed or deleted. Every new version of a file is saved so that the user can access any previous version of a file or retrieve a specific version at any time. There are many benefits of using versioning.

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