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Welcome to the August newsletter from 2BrightSparks. In this packed issue, find out about the latest updates to SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE and SyncBackFree, discover the benefits of the SyncBack Management system, enjoy our updated support area and web store, and get some tips on Automated Profile Backups.

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SyncBackFree/SE/Pro V6 are Updated

SyncBackFree V6.5.4.0, SyncBackSE V6.5.4.0 and SyncBackPro V6.5.4.0 are now available. For those who already have V6 installed, do not uninstall/re-install, or you will lose your profiles and settings. Simply install 'over the top' of your current installation.

Download SyncBackPro V6

Download SyncBackSE V6

Download SyncBackFree

Review the history of changes for SyncBackFree/SE/Pro

What if I use a pre-version 6 of SyncBackFree/SE/Pro?

Read the Article SyncBackSE/Pro V6 Upgrades Explained for the full details, or check whether you qualify for a Free Upgrade Today.

If you are running a version of "SyncBack" freeware, install SyncBackFree and follow the installation instructions.

SyncBackFree, SyncBackSE and SyncBackPro

There are three versions of our backup program: "SyncBackFree" which is freeware, and "SyncBackSE" and "SyncBackPro" which are commercial programs.

Compare the freeware and commercial versions

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The SyncBack Management System (SBMS)

We are excited to announce the commercial release of the SyncBack Management System, the perfect solution for those who have installed and are managing multiple installations of SyncBackPro.

The SyncBack Management System works with SyncBackPro and provides invaluable tools for system administrators to manage multiple profiles.

The SBM Service and SBM Console give administrators control over multiple SyncBackPro installations from a central location. The SBM Console allows system managers to review the history status of backup profiles, limit client machine access to the backup system, securely restrict user interaction with their backup profiles, and the automatic update of backup profiles.

The highlights of the SBMS:

• Maintain a history of the results from profile runs on remote SyncBackPro installations.
• Control access to its database based on individual client machine IP Addresses
• Identify each machine sign-on as a unique session
• Store a security profile for each user
• Allocate users and profiles to groups
• Control access by secure username and password
• Manage profiles used by SyncBackPro installations

The SyncBack Management Service and Console are available for download today - note that the SBMS installs as a Windows service and that the SBMC connects with the service via a user interface:

Download the SBM Service

Download the SBM Console

The SBM Service and Console have help files which introduce the SyncBack Management System. The help files are available via All Programs > 2BrightSparks > SBM Console (or Service) > Help. In addition the console help file can be accessed via the Help menu item at the top of the program window.

SyncBack Management Service Pricing

Commercial Volume Pricing (CVL) for the SBM Service is on a per-seat basis and available on our Web Store (for each installation of SyncBackPro):

CVL Band Concurrent SyncBackPro Connections Discount Unit Price
CVL-SBMS-1 5 or fewer None US$10.00
CVL-SBMS-2 6 - 10 18% US$8.20
CVL-SBMS-3 11 - 20 23%
CVL-SBMS-4 21 - 50 26% US$7.40
CVL-SBMS-5 51 - 100 29% US$7.10
CVL-SBMS-6 100 - 150 35% US$6.50
CVL-SBMS-7 151 - 200 39% US$6.10 

The great news for our mailing list subscribers is that you get to enjoy An Exclusive 33% Discount off the SBM Server - and that includes multiple licences!

The special discount will expire 15 September 2013!

Buy the SBM Service

Contact Us for orders over 200 and Educational and Non-Profit Pricing (ENP).

Note that there is no charge for the SyncBack Management Console which is part of the SyncBack Management System.

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Support Area & Web Store Updates

Support Area

The 2BrightSparks Support Area has been completely updated with improved navigation, searching, and content. If you have bookmarked or linked to our support area in the past, now is the time to update your links to the following:


The update includes a streamlined responsive search facility of close to 500 Knowledge Base articles, many of which have been revised during the update process. There's also a great improvement for commercial licensees who can now create a support ticket requesting technical assistance without having to register/log-in to do so. We hope you enjoy the changes!

Web Store

The 2BrightSparks Web Store has an improved layout, better graphics, and updated text that makes for a smoother purchase experience. You'll also enjoy Express Payments for those who wish to pay quickly and conveniently via PayPal.

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SyncBackFree/SE/Pro Tech Tips
David Wilkins, 2BrightSparks

Automated Profile Backups

It has long been the case for the SE & Pro versions that - by default - SyncBack will make compressed copies of your profiles when the program closes (either manually, or when triggered via a command-line, e.g. on a Schedule). By default this will be to a sub-folder of where your main profiles are stored, but you can set it to store them anywhere the program can access via drive-letter or UNC path (somewhere off-system, or off-C drive might arguably be safer - the problem being that - 'at the factory' - we do not know where on your system is available and/or preferred). Also by default, the backup location uses a %DAYOFWEEK% Variable to achieve a basic versioning/rollback capability, which you can optionally maintain (or change, or expand), even if you change the parent location of where these backups are stored.

Now, you can choose whether or not such profile-backups are performed when you close the program manually and/or when it self-closes after being run from a command-line (e.g., Scheduled). The backup location is the same for each option (to keep backups all in the same place), but you can control if/when they are made. For example, if you have many profiles, you may prefer to only back them up when run 'unattended', due to the extra time required to do so during a manual close.

The settings are available via Preferences menu (main user interface) > Options > Expert tab > centre section

There are also key combinations you can use to overrule the 'normal' behaviour - see the contextual Help for that feature (press F1 with Expert tab displayed).


As per the Help, SyncBackSE/Pro will not perform an automatic profile backup if the program is closed as part of a Windows log-off/shutdown.

The above automated functionality is not available in SyncBackFree, but you can manually Export all your profiles to wherever you deem a safe place if you wish, and re-Import them back if necessary. See Export/Import options on the Profile menu (you can of course also do this with the SE/Pro versions if you wish).

Schedule Options

Recent additions to the dialog used to communicate with the new Windows Scheduler (Vista/2008/7/8) - that you may not be aware of - mean you can now toggle the options

Wake the computer to run this task
Run task as soon as possible after a scheduled start is missed

The former option can also be toggled in the (different) dialog used to communicate with the old Windows Task Scheduler present in Windows XP/2003. See the Settings tab of the dialog.

The latter ('missed tasks') option is not available in XP/2003, because there is no such concept - at the per-Task level - in the old Scheduler, only a global option to be reminded of Missed Tasks when you log on.

'Pro-forma' Email Service Settings / Encrypted Email Connections

In all V6 incarnations, there is now the ability to 'populate' the email settings dialogs with some 'pro-forma' template configuration (server-name, etc.,) for various Email Services. It should be noted that this pro-forma information is provided 'as is', to the best of our knowledge, and we do not warrant that the information is or will remain current. If you have problems trying to use these pro-forma settings, you need to do your own research as to whether they are appropriate in your case. Of course, you can report any changes you think might be useful via the normal channels (Contact Form, User Forum, etc) but we may not change them immediately or at all unless a number of people propose the same changes.

You should bear in mind that once you change/edit any of the pro-forma details (for example, complete the user-name for GMail), the settings header in that profile may change to 'Custom' to reflect the fact the info now 'differs from template' (this may not happen until you save the profile, or change settings page then change back again). There is no provision to edit the underlying (stored) template information direct from the user interface, and you should bear in mind that any routine program version-update will replace them with the details as per current release anyway. But, you can of course make Shared Settings that are independent of the Email Service setting and which store *all* your settings (except custom body text, for technical reasons). You could then select those Shared Settings in a new profile immediately, without needing to start with a partial set from the 'pro-forma' template library.

New in SyncBackFree

SyncBackFree now (V6.4.3.0 and later) supports the use of Encrypted email connections, meaning all the current Email Service settings can be used in SyncBackFree, if/as appropriate to your circumstances.

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Lucky Draw Winners

Every month, ten lucky winners who complete the SyncBackSE/Pro survey forms receive a free license for OnClick Utilities. The link to the survey is contained in the order confirmation email. We will even allow you to transfer your license to friends or family if you've already got a license. Good luck!

To date, over 930 lucky people have already received free software from us just by simply completing the survey, so what are you waiting for?

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