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Welcome to the latest newsletter from 2BrightSparks. In this issue you'll find out about the latest and greatest version 6 of SyncBackPro and SyncBackSE, discover how the SyncBack Management System assists system administrators, and read about how to optimize your support experience.

If you have any suggestions on what you might like to see in future issues of this newsletter, drop us a line with your suggestions.

SyncBackSE and SyncBackPro:
Major Version 6 Upgrade

The latest and greatest Version 6 releases of SyncBackSE and SyncBackPro are now available.

SyncBackPro Version 6 is a free upgrade for all customers who purchased a full or upgrade license on or after 1st January 2011. SyncBackSE is free for all customers who purchased on or after 1st January 2010.

The following upgrade prices apply to those who purchased a license outside the qualifying periods. This may apply to you if you have paid for multiple licenses over a long period (volume discounts also apply):

SyncBackPro > SyncBackPro V6 = $15

SyncBackSE > SyncBackPro V6 = $20

SyncBackSE > SyncBackSE V6 = $10

Check whether you qualify for a Free Upgrade Today!

Download SyncBackSE V6

Download SyncBackPro V6

Note that this is not an upgrade to SyncBackSE and SyncBackPro from SyncBack freeware

Review the full list of changes for SyncBackSE & SyncBackPro

Why charge for the upgrade?

Here are a few of the reasons why we believe a modest fee to upgrade is fair and reasonable:

V6 offers substantive advantages over V5.

We continue to invest thousands of man hours actively developing and supporting SyncBackSE and SyncBackPro with new features, updates, and fixes.
We pay for powerful new components used in V6.
We pay for additional services every month.
We offer free resources: article updates, site improvements, an open forum, and freely available downloads.
We provide free support ticketing for current version licensees.

Can I use a V6 serial number with V5?

Yes, as long as you are using SyncBackPro/SE V5.13.0.5 or newer.

I am using V5 but would like to try V6. Can I?

Yes, but note that you cannot have V5 and V6 installed at the same time. When you install V6 it will upgrade your existing V5 installation (including its profiles and settings) and make a backup of your original V5 profiles and settings in case you later want to go back to using V5. You then have 30 days to trial V6.

After trying V6, if you decide not to upgrade, then you can uninstall V6 and install V5 (you must install the latest version of V5, which at this time is When V5 is installed it will restore your original settings and profiles. Older versions of V5 (including V4 and V3) do not know anything about V6 and so will not know how to restore your original profiles and settings. This is why you must install the latest version of V5 to ensure your profiles and settings are restored.

Do I have to upgrade from V5 to V6?

you are free to continue to use version 5, the latest versions of which can be downloaded using the following links:

Download SyncBackSE V5 | Download SyncBackPro V5

SyncBackSE, SyncBackPro, and SyncBack Freeware

There are three versions of our backup program: "SyncBack" which is freeware, and "SyncBackSE" and "SyncBackPro" which are commercial programs.

Compare the freeware and commercial versions

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Your Opinion Counts

We're always looking to improve our software and service. This month we would like your opinion about the way language is used in our software. We're set up a single question poll about the word "Backup" which we would value your opinion on.

It shouldn't take more than a minute of your time, and you will be able to view the results immediately to gauge whether your opinion matches that of the general user community.

Take the Poll [opens in new window for your convenience]

Thanks for your feedback!

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Introducing the SyncBack Management System

The SyncBack Management System works with SyncBackPro V6 and provides valuable tools for system administrators to manage multiple profiles.

The SBM Service and SBM Console have a rich feature set giving administrators control over SyncBackPro backups from a central location. The SBM Console allows system managers to review the history status of backup profiles, limit client machine access to the backup system, securely restrict user intervention of their backup profiles, and the automatic update of backup profiles

Maintain a history of the results from profile runs on remote SyncBackPro installations.

Control access to its database based on individual client machine IP Addresses
Identify each machine sign on as a unique session
Store a security profile for each user
Allocate users and profiles to groups
Control acess by secure username and password
Manage profiles used by SyncBackPro installations

The beta versions of the SyncBack Management Service and Console are available for download here:

Download the SBM Service

Download the SBM Console

The SBM Service and Console have help files which introduce the SyncBack Management System. The help files are available via All Programs > 2BrightSparks > SBM Console (or Service) > Help. In addition the console help file can be accessed via the Help menu item at the top of the program window.

For the beta version please use the following serial number:


You may have already read the following on the forum, which is also a place you are welcome to provide feedback about the SyncBack Management System (Forum > SyncBack Trilogy > SBM Service and Console).

For the initial version we've just implemented the basics. We would like to hear what functionality you'd like to see implemented. If you find any bugs then please let us know.

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Technical Support: Help Us Help You

Buying great software is only half the story - receiving great support completes the picture. No matter how much we at 2BrightSparks want users of our software to get the very best from it, when we assist people with guidance and support we also need you to help us too.

We occasionally get support tickets and forum posts that just say “It does not work, why not?”. It is of course impossible to answer such questions without more information. Providing that information in your initial approach to us saves a lot of time for everybody involved.

Before asking for support, please make sure you have tried the following:

Use the Help File - the single and fastest route to resolving 95% of the difficulties that are reported to us.

Take a look at the extensive Help file. Press F1 on any settings page or dialog for contextual Help. The Help file also has a very powerful built-in Search facility - use it. PDF V6 help files are also available:

Download the SyncBackPro PDF Help File

Download the SyncBackSE PDF Help File

Search our Knowledge Base to see if the question has already been asked and answered - it very likely has.
Search the User Forums that are packed with invaluable information.
Use the Advanced Multi-Search Facility that can search either or both our KnowledgeBase and Forum.
Check to see if you are using the latest version of the program (not counting paid upgrades), and if not, download and install it, then test again. There is an option in the Help menu to check online for this.

You can then decide whether to post on the User Forum or Submit a Support Ticket. The forum is obviously better if you are looking for opinions from other users, the Support Area will be necessary if you need to supply copy profiles, etc. Note that we do not provide ticketed technical support for our freeware, e.g. SyncBack freeware, EncryptOnClick, but you are welcome to post in the relevant User Forum.

Please note that the forum and the ticket area are separate systems and require separate registration for each system.

In all cases, you should include the following information in your support request at a minimum:

Which operating system you are using, including Service Pack or Release level and whether 32- or 64-bit, if known.

Which software you are using, e.g. SyncBackProV6, SyncBackSEV5, FindOnClick, etc. It may be vital to know whether you are using V5 or V6 of SyncBackPro/SE.
Which exact version number you are using, e.g. V6.0.12.0, V5.17.0.0, etc. Please supply the full version number as your issue may have been solved in a later or beta version. We often receive notification of a user with the "latest" version only to find they're not using the newest update.
If any error messages appear on screen, state what the error message was, or (even better) provide a screenshot.

If you are creating a Support Ticket, there are fields to specify the information above info in a Technical Support ticket. If you skip a field, the web form will prompt you and may reset the other fields to the default (e.g. 'Other') - make sure you re-select them (this is an intrinsic behavior from the 3rd-party ticket system: we cannot change it).

The Technical Support Wizard

Current/recent versions of SyncBackPro/SE can create a single handy Support Zip containing the profile, its log files, and other system information via Help menu (main interface) > Technical Support Wizard. You can then attach that Zip file to the Support Ticket. This article provides more details - note that you need to select the profile before or during the Technical Support Wizard, or you will only capture basic program info. Support Zips bear the name of the profile if generated correctly. The Technical Support Wizard does not work with Groups - to send details of a Group, use Profiles menu > Export.

Support Provided in English

As per our Support Policy, technical support is only available in English. Translation to and from English (and risk of any misunderstandings) has to be performed/accepted by the user. Various facilities such as Google Translate can help you with this if you are a non-English speaker.

If your SyncBackSE/Pro interface is not in English then please change the language to English. This can be done via Preferences menu (main interface) > Language. You should do this first, then re-run the profile again to re-generate the error. This will ensure that as much information as possible is in English, which you should also use when composing the body text of any ticket.

We're Here to Help

You will be pleased to hear that in the vast majority of cases we can help users resolve their issues. There are however some occasions when we have no control over the problem that arises - for example, problems with hardware or network issues. Whatever your difficulty, help us to help you by following the guidance above, and your support experience will be a far more positive one.

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Lucky Draw Winners

Every month, ten lucky winners who complete the SyncBackSE/Pro survey forms receive a free license for OnClick Utilities. The link to the survey is contained in the order confirmation email. We will even allow you to transfer your license to friends or family if you've already got a license. Good luck!

To date, 800 lucky people have already received free software from us just by simply completing the survey, so what are you waiting for?

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Until Next Time

Thanks for reading! Like/don't like this format? Let us know.

If you have any suggestions on what you might like to see in future issues of this newsletter, drop us a line with your suggestions.

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