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Welcome to the latest newsletter from 2BrightSparks. In this issue, find out about the latest software updates, grab a seasonal coupon and save for yourself or a friend, and get great backup tips from an expert user of SyncBackPro.

If you have any suggestions on what you might like to see in future issues of this newsletter, drop us a line with your suggestions.

SyncBack/SE/Pro Updates

The latest releases of SyncBackSE & SyncBackPro V5.9.4 are now available as a free update for all those who have paid for a SyncBackSE or SyncBackPro license. To update from earlier versions simply download and install over your old version:

Download SyncBackSE

Download SyncBackPro

The latest versions include over fifteen essential updates and fixes. Note that this is not an upgrade to SyncBackSE and SyncBackPro from SyncBack freeware

The latest update of SyncBackSE and SyncBackPro include a number of essential fixes that will help your backups run smoothly.

Review the full list of changes in both versions

SyncBackSE, SyncBackPro, and SyncBack Freeware

There are three versions of our backup program: "SyncBack" which is freeware, and "SyncBackSE" and "SyncBackPro" which are commercial programs.

SyncBack Freeware V has a new Hebrew translation by Meir Kanal, and an option (as in SyncBackSE/Pro) to optionally set local files date and time to match the file on the FTP server.

Compare the freeware and commercial versions

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Grab Your Discount Coupon

Get in the seasonal spirit and enjoy your 20% discount off SyncBackPro today. As a subscriber to the 2BrightSparks newsletter you have the opportunity to use the coupon once. Go to our web store at:

2BrightSparks Web Store

Enter the following coupon in the top right field:


Note that this exclusive coupon is set to expire on 31 December 2010, so grab your chance before time runs out.

Bring Some Seasonal Cheer

If you don't need another copy of our software yourself, here's a great idea for your gift shopping. You can send your coupon as an eco-friendly gift to someone special - a family member, your secretary, or even your boss.

No shopping, no gift-wrapping, just a great surprise!

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Backup Tip of the Month

Dave Wilkins handles technical support for 2BrightSparks and has a great tip to backup your essential data which can be achived using either SyncBackSE or SyncBackPro.

Note that if you're using SyncBack Freeware you'll need to move up to SyncBackSE/Pro to enjoy the following.

Be Clever with Dummy Profiles

If you want to have something handy to take with you when you leave the house (as fire/burglary insurance, maybe) backed up with your latest (perhaps 'slimmed down', 'most-crucial') data, then you can set up a Group with the appropriate profiles in it to back up that data onto a portable device, either re-using existing profiles, or making special ones with extra filtering or de/selection, as you see fit.

If you then want to be able to run that Group without much PC-interaction, now set the Group to trigger On Insert of that device. You can also create a couple of dummy profiles, called Startup Announcer Profile and Completion Announcer Profile (or similar), which have Speech strings in their Misc settings page, thus (as appropriate to the profile name & purpose, in the appropriate Speech section):

This is the %PROFILENAME% confirming that backup group %GROUPNAME% has started
This is the %PROFILENAME% confirming that backup group %GROUPNAME% has completed

You can adjust the announcements to what you like (or even use WAV files instead).

These 'announcer' profiles are set with Source & Destination pointing to two dummy directories created for the purpose, with a dummy file in one (the first run will copy it to the other) to avoid any pop-ups about 'no files found'. You can make one profile, Copy it to an adjusted name for the other, and simply edit the speech string of the resulting copy. Both profiles can use the same dummy Source and Destination.

These profiles can thus be re-used in any Group to signify startup and completion. You can then set the Group to run On Insert, unattended, and the whole thing will audibly confirm to you it has started, and when it finishes (provided you turn the volume up). You can then trigger the entire backup just by removing the flash drive (if it was already inserted) and re-inserting it (always provided SyncBackSE/Pro is running). You can then wait a couple of seconds to hear confirmation the backup has started, then continue on with your preparations for leaving, whilst awaiting the announcement of completion at the end of the group; then simply remove & pocket the drive. This avoids the need to keep checking to see if the backup has completed - you can simply hear that it has in the background (TV, etc permitting). It might be most suitable for a flash drive on your key-ring, as it then makes it hard to leave the premises without your backup (at least, without your keys...), although you do need to remember to insert the drive to start with!

This entire scenario assumes you have your flash drive set to disable write-caching, and/or it is unused for other purposes, except perhaps backups scheduled to occur at radically different times (e.g. overnight). Removing a flash drive in mid-use is definitely not recommended, and if the Safely Remove icon appears in your System Tray, you either need to disable Write Caching, or click Safely Remove (which needs the mouse, and maybe your spectacles, and detracts from the 'automated' aspect somewhat).

So there you have it. Get smart with dummy profiles today and ensure you've always got your most important data backed up and close by.

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Price Changes for 2011

We've kept prices of our software licenses frozen for two and a half years, and our volume discounts have been a steal over the same period. Now is the time to grab your license as we're giving you fair warning that the price for our backup software is set to rise as of 1st January 2011.

We know times are hard, and that's why we wanted to give you the news before the price increase comes into force. Not only can your business enjoy great volume discounts today, you have the opportunity to save your company a considerable amount. If you're buying just for yourself or a friend, you can also take advantage of the US$10 Festive Coupon Offer.

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InfoHesiveEP Free Update

Enjoy the latest update to InfoHesiveEP.

InfoHesiveEP V3.3.0.0 is a digital publisher providing rich import and export functionality, an easy to use authoring and editor environment, and can export to PDF, Windows Help File, iPhone, Web Page, Mobile Devices, and eBook - what's more, it's completely free!

InfoHesiveEP is one of the great freeware releases of 2010. The program can import your HTML, Rich Text, Windows Help Files, PDFs and more. Once imported, you're ready to fine tune your message and re-purpose your existing materials in a new format. Let's say you have some PDF guides about your products and services!

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If you have any suggestions on what you might like to see in future issues of this newsletter, drop us a line with your suggestions.

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