First, we hope everyone had a happy new year and wish everyone health and happiness for 2022!

In this update, we have released a new version of SBMS and talk about some new features introduced in SyncBack V10. For the list of SBMS changes, see our server changes page and console changes page. Visit our downloads page to get the latest versions.


The SyncBack Management Service (SBMS) is designed to manage and monitor multiple remote installations of SyncBackPro. The latest version includes numerous updates to improve its performance and stability. We also added two new features: automatic database backups and automatic trimming (purging) of old status and history data.

SBMS is free to use with SyncBackPro V10. You just need to enter your SyncBackPro V10 serial number into SBMS.

New V10 Features

SyncBackPro V10 includes support for two new cloud storage services: Citrix ShareFile and pCloud. ShareFile is primarily targeted at businesses. pCloud offers lifetime storage with a single payment. SyncBackPro supports many cloud storage services, so you can use it with the one that is right for your needs and budget.

With the V10 release we also improved the restore process. Now, when a profile is run as a restore, you can choose the files and folders you want to restore before the restore process is run. Previously you could only choose the files to restore via the Differences window. This change makes it much simpler to choose exactly what you want to restore. Remember, you can also run a simulated restore first to be sure you are choosing the correct files before anything is actually restored.

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