SyncBack V9

In this update, we have made a few fixes to SyncBack V9 and FindOnClick. We've also published new articles on Backup and Recovery Plan When Working from Home and Continuous Data Protection.

For the full changes list, visit our SyncBack and OnClick changes page online. Visit our downloads page to get the latest versions now.

Business As Usual

Fortunately, the current pandemic has had no operational impact on our business. 2BrightSparks employees have always telecommuted.

We continue to provide the same high level of service that our customers expect. Our employees and business partners, web-site, web-store and support site are all unaffected.

Stay safe everyone!

Latest Articles

Backup and Recovery Plan When Working from Home

When employees work remotely, they will usually use laptops or mobile devices to access, update or change business-critical data. However, many companies do not implement a backup system on mobile devices, meaning that remote employees often have problems syncing data automatically to their organization file servers from their laptops. As a result, the data stored on the file servers may not be up-to-date and may cause further disruption to business activities. Therefore, a proper backup and recovery plan is required to ensure the business continuity for enterprises, small and medium-sized companies when disaster occurs.

Continuous Data Protection

Continuous Data Protection, or Real-Time backup (or continuous data backup), is the process of automatically capturing file changes on a source drive (file creation, modification or deletion) and replicating the changes to a backup drive. With a Continuous Data Protection strategy, you can ensure that every version of a file is backed-up and can be restored at any point in time. SyncBackPro, and SyncBackSE, provide a reliable and efficient solution to back up your documents, pictures, music, videos and other important files in real-time.

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